Medical tourism in shiraz

medical tourism in shiraz

Choosing your surgical service in Iran


Medical tourism in Shiraz

The best medical tourism company in Shiraz

Iranian Surgery Platform offers Medical tourism in shiraz and has been chosen as one of the Best Medical Tourism Componies in Iran and the World.

Medical tourism is rapidly becoming a worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry. Iran is one of the countries that has witnessed a growing trend in this field. In recent years, the privilege of traveling to Iran and specifically Shiraz for health care services has become accessible to many people benefiting them in variety of ways. The reasons patients travel to Shiraz for treatment vary, one of the most important factors is the low cost of treatment stemming from a sharp decline in the Iranian currency in recent years.

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About Iranian Surgery

Iranian surgery website is an online medical tourism company in Iran aiming to help people all around the globe to receive quality healthcare services as well as offering patients its medical consultation. In fact, it is a user-friendly online website providing people from all walks of life with lots of useful information about the best hospitals and professional surgeons in Iran.

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Benefits of medical tourism in Shiraz

There are many benefits to choosing Shiraz as a medical tourism destination, from the affordable treatments and high-quality customer services to a wide range of tourist attractions. There are many experienced and skilled surgeons as well as professional service providers (medical tourism companies) preparing the ground for high quality treatments.

Why medical tourists come to Shiraz

Shiraz located in the southern part of Iran, is considered as a medical hub in the south and a popular destination for medical tourists due to many reasons including its cultural and historical attractions, mild climate, large number of public and private hospitals equipped with diagnostic and medical facilities as well as experienced and reputed physicians and medical staff and quality of services.

Treatments in Shiraz are comparable with those offered in advanced countries for health tourism and have specialists for orthopedics, cosmetic surgery and dental treatments with prices far lower than other countries. It is estimated that by travelling to Shiraz, patients can save up to 50%.

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Why is medical tourism important?

Factors highlighting the significance of medical tourism are the high cost of healthcare in industrialized and developed countries, the increased ease of international trips, favorable exchange rate of currency in the global economy, rapid advances of medical technology and healthcare standards in most countries, internet access, inaccessibility of specific services in the country of origin, paucity of insurance coverage for certain services in the country of origin, waiting lists, confidentiality and privacy pertaining to services such as cosmetic and plastic surgeries, infertility treatment, trans-gender surgery, family visit, affordable international shipping costs, emergence of new companies. Medical tourism services bring significant benefits to the destination countries.

medical tourism in shiraz

Different sectors of medical tourism in Shiraz

  1. Travel agencies
  2. Medical tourism companies
  3. Hospitals and surgeons

Sectors of Shiraz healthcare

Healthcare in Shiraz be split into two sectors:

  1. Public healthcare in Shiraz

Shiraz’s extensive network of public clinics and hospitals are considerably cheaper than other cities of Iran. Most public hospital facilities in Iran are operated by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Although waiting times are often long, public hospitals provide an acceptable standard of service.

  1. Private healthcare in Shiraz

Wealthier Iranians and tourists use private clinics and hospitals in Shiraz which offer a higher quality of care and better facilities while it is very cheap in comparison to other cities of Iran.

Although there is a marginal difference between the quality of healthcare offered by private and public hospitals in Shiraz, private hospitals are known to have better facilities and faster services. English-speaking staff is available in both private and public hospitals.

The most famous public and private hospitals in Shiraz

Some of the most famous public and private hospitals of Shiraz are as follows:

Public hospitals:

  1. Faqihi Hospital
  2. Namazi Hospital
  3. chamran Hospital
  4. Khalili hospital

Private hospitals:

  1. Dr. Khodadoust Hospital
  2. Doctor Mir Hosseini Hospital
  3. Ordibehesht Hospital
  4. Dena Hospital
  5. Shiraz Apadana Medical Complex
  6. Markazi Shiraz Hospital
  7. Kowsar Hospital

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