Surgery price in Iran

We have prepared this page considering the high requests of patients and based on the most surgeries performed in Iran.
If the price of the surgery you want to undergo is not on the list, please send us your medical records so we can send you the price of the surgery.
In addition, the listed prices are approximate prices and vary up to 10%. The exact price is determined by the doctor after a face-to-face examination.

iranian surgery

Iranian surgery company offers these procedures

Opthalmology Treatments

Cataract surgery for one eye600-900$
Cataract surgery for both eyes1000_1300$
Glaucoma surgery800 _ 1100 $
One muscle strabismus surgery800_1100 $
Two muscles strabismus surgery700_1000 $
Three muscles strabismus surgery600_900 $
Corneal transplantation1300_1600 $
Extract silicone600_900 $
Silicone injection500_800 $
Lasik eye surgery1100_1400 $
Eye lens implantation900_1400 $
PRK surgery400_600 $
Correction of corneal rupture800_1200 $
DCR surgery600_1000 $
IOL  exchange700 _1000 $

Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgeries

Rhinoplasty1200_1800 $
Revision rhinoplasty1500_2000 $
Liposuction1300_3500 $
Tummy tuck1500_3500 $
Face lift1300_2000 $
Eyelid700 _1200 $
Male hair transplant600_1000 $
Female hair transplant600_1000 $
Breast augmentation with silicone1600_2300 $
Breast implant1900_2500 $
Breast lift1100_1800 $
Breast augmentation with fat transfer900_1400 $
Ear pinning1000_1300 $
Gynecomastia surgery900_1600 $
Forehead reduction2000_3500 $
Neck lift800_1300 $
Chin surgery800_1300 $
Labiaplasty600_900 $
Arm lift800_1300 $
Butt lift700_ 1400$
Brazilian Butt Lift1000_1900 $
Cat eye surgery1200 _1700$
Jaw surgery1700_3000 $

 Infertility treatment

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection2500 $
ICSI (Egg Donation)3500 $
ICSI (Embryo Donation)3500 $
ICSI (Sperm Donation)3000 $
Freeze Embryo Transfer800 $
Freeze Annual Fee( Embryo/Egg/Sperm)200 $
PGS1000 $
PGD1000 $
PGS + PGD1600 $
Hysteroscopy800 $
Laparoscopy2500 $
TESE800 $
Prolapse of the uterus and bladder550_1000 $
ovarian cyst500_1000 $
IVF2500 $
Total abdominal hysterectomy750_1200 $
surrogacy & IVF12800 $

 Cardiovascular disease treatment

Full cardiac check up200 $
PET Scan700 $
CT. Angiography350 $
C.A800 $
By pass .Angiography1150 $
Angiography and angioplasty1800_2550 $
Brain .C.A950 $
Catheter ablation(2800 k)2200 $
Catheter ablation(4500 k)3000 $
Implantation pace maker With machine1900 _2200 $
CRT D With the machine5800 $
CABG4000 _5500 $
AVR OR MVR4500_6000 $
CABG & AVR4500 _5500 $
TAVI6000 $

Oncology treatment in Iran

Ask our experts to get the exact price of your treatment.
Testicular tumors treatmentstart from 80 $
Treatment of stomach tumorsstart from 80 $
Colon tumors treatmentstart from 80 $
Treatment of brain tumorsstart from 80 $
Ovarian tumors treatmentstart from 80 $
Treatment of cervical tumorsstart from 80 $
Treatment of skin tumorsstart from 80 $
Treatment of lymphomastart from 80 $
Treatment of kidney tumorsstart from 80 $
Treatment of pancreatic tumorsstart from 80 $
Treatment of laryngeal tumorsstart from 80 $
Treating bone tumorsstart from 80 $
Treatment of hematomasstart from 80 $
Lung tumors treatmentstart from 80 $
Liver tumors treatmentstart from 80 $
Bladder tumors treatmentstart from 80 $
Treatment of gallbladder tumorsstart from 80 $
Breast tumor treatmentstart from 80 $
Prostate tumors treatmentstart from 80 $
Treatment for metastatic tumorsstart from 80 $

Orthopedic Procedures

Spine surgery2500_3500 $
Shoulder and hand surgery2250_3000 $
Knee replacement3000 _4500 $
Leg lengthening7000_8000 $
Pelvic surgery2500_4800 $
Foot and ankle surgery2700_3900$
Wrist tunnel release operation(CTS)400_700 $

Urology Treatments and Procedures

Kidney transplant11000_13000 $
Intestinal transplantation18000_20000 $
Excretion and breakage of kidney stones1000_1500$
Prostate surgery2500$
Bladder surgery3500$
Treatment of impotence850 $
Unilateral varicocele350_700$
Bilateral varicocele450_950 $
Prostate surgery without open surgery750_1100 $

General surgeries in Iran

Gastric sleeve surgery2500_3200$
Gastric bypass surgery2800_3500 $
Gastric banding surgery1800_2500$
Hernia operation500_950 $
Gallbladder removal (open operation)750_ 1050 $
Gallbladder removal (laparoscopic)1100_1580 $
Appendectomy600_1100 $
Thyroid surgery950 _1400 $

Cost of Brain and bone treatment in Iran

Treatment of Parkinson’s by DBS12000 $
Spinal cord4000_5500$
Brain tumors5000_7500$
Spinal disc herniation2500_3500$
Peripheral nerve severance3000_4000$

Cost of Cell therapy services in Iran

Knee arthritis2500_3200 $
Muscle control treatment2600_ 3200 $
Diabetes2500_3200 $
Treatment of blemishes and pimples2900_3500$





  1. joelle pepin says:

    hello I am a 67 year old lady I want to do an ivf I already had 4 ivf but I had fibroids and I had everything removed and I am all ok now can you accept my request please I do not have child i am from belgium how much does the ivf treatment or suggaracy cost at your place thank you

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Dear Joelle , Thank you for contacting Iranian Surgery.
      With the recent advanced infertility treatments, everyone couple can experience parenthood.
      and in Iran with professional medical team and affordable treatment expenses, you can achieve your dream of being a parent.
      Surrogacy and IVF with donor egg and all infertility treatments are legal and available in Iran.
      To start your treatment, please send your medical documents via Whatsapp number +98 922 176 2312 and our consultant team will guide you through the whole process.

  2. Maria says:

    Hi I am a Austrian, I am single and was wondering if, through surrogacy, it would be possible to beget a child. If yes, what are the costs involved and procedures? I am fully fit, healthy. Would I be eligible? I am now 45, and marriage unfortunately hasn’t happened. Thank you.

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Hello Gerrit,
      To apply for surrogacy in Iran you need to have marriage contract or legal papers that prove you are married. so unfortunately no chances for single parents.

  3. Chantel Renee Addison says:

    I am interested in

    BBL body inculpating for butt and hips with implants

    Arm lift

    breast implants 1500cc

  4. Dylan says:

    Hi Team,
    Could you please give me a name of a doctor who does rhinoplasty’s for 1500 USD or under? thank you.

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Dear Dylan, thank you for contacting Iranian Surgery. I see you are interested in Rhinoplasty in Iran. Iranian Surgery offers you the best doctors in this field. This brings us to the cost of Rhinoplasty, depending on what you need and the doctor you choose, the prices vary. Also, we work in multiple cities in Iran, this factor also affects the price of Rhinoplasty. What I could tell you is that you can count on this surgery to be roughly between 1200-2500 USD. Iranian Surgery also offers packages, like hotel, transfer, visa, medication, medical pre or post-ops, an English interpreter, airport shuffle, and upon your request sightseeing.

    • Hanan says:

      Hi ,
      I am living in Doha Qatar with Pakistani nationality . I am sending this email to know more details about the amount of surgery and others more .
      I am 120KG , and previously in 2018 i have done Bariatric surgery from iran . I have done my surgery when i was 152KG and then i lost 32KG , and i didnt continue with my diet and exercise . I am planning again to make an bariatric bypass but this time with a different Dr and i have herd very good review of you Drs . I kindly want to know the total amount of surgery if possible . Looking forward for the reply . Thank you .

  5. Farah says:

    Hi team ,
    I am from Qatar , I have already been in Iran in 2018 and i had a gastric sleeve surgery were my weight was 152KG and now i am 120KG , I didnt continued with my proper diet . I am planning again to have a bariatric bypass surgery from shiraz with an different Dr , Before that i would i would like to know the charges for the Dr , including full packages like the test , surgery fees and etc . please .

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Dear Farah,
      Bariatric surgery could be a miracle if you change your lifestyle to match with the change in your digestive system. but unfortunately it happens sometimes that people don’t follow it.
      Please do not blame yourself and instead, start your journey from today: message our consultant team on whatsapp +989221762312 to help you with arrangements immediately.

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Hi Farah
      Thabk you for your email.
      If you would, please contact our consultant Sama Zandi on WhatsApp at +989221762312 , she will provide you with the information you need.

  6. Shahzad says:

    I am from Pakistan
    Searching for hair transplant Dr in Iran

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Dear Shahzad…. we do perform hair transplant in Iran, for further information you should contact our consultants via WhatsApp in the cosmetic department. We need some information from you also that we have to examine your hair. Hair transplant in Iran is a very common procedure, we offer our services in both Tehran and Shiraz. Thank you from Iranian Surgery for leaving a comment.

  7. Loren Hodson says:

    Please can you give me an estimate price for testicular implants,
    Thanks Loren

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      The cost varies in different clinics and cities, the average for OPG is 13$.
      To have the more precise quotes, please contact our consultant team via Whatsapp number +989221762312 .

  8. Kerry wasswa says:

    Hello Iranian Surgery … I so want to do my second rhinoplasty. I was not satisfied with the first. I do not like my nose and I have heard that Iran is very good in rhinoplasty so what can you offer me? do you just do the surgery and I should get my own hotel and everything else? Because of your name I think you do not offer anything else adn just the surgery.

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Hello to you too. Thank you for leaving a comment. No, we offer a full package and it is up to you to decide which item you’d like to take of yourself. The best thing is to contact our consultants and ask them for all the details. In general, a Revision Rhinoplasty package with Iranian Surgery includes a Visa, Airport shuttle, 5-star hotel, first Dr appointment, Scans or Xray Photos of your nose to see whether you suffer from a deviated septum sinus infections or breathing problems, Pre and post-op checks and Meds, The Surgery (Secondary Rhinoplasty), From/to hospitals and hotel, An interpreter and finally Tourism.

  9. Jacob says:

    Hello, I heard there is a lower cost of Joint Replacements Surgery in Iran.
    Could you give me the price of Total Knee Replacement for reference?

    Thanks a lot.

  10. Linnea says:


    I read about a laser treatment (Laser CO2 cryptolysis) against halitosis, on which they have been scientifically studied in Iran (see link below for more information about the study). It is more specifically a laser for the tonsils. Is it a treatment you offer? Doy you also offer laser surgery against bad breath for the tongue? Maybe you offer this treatment in another country also? Thank you!


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