Blepharoplasty in Iran

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April 10, 2019

Blepharoplasty in Iran

cost of blepharoplasty iran




Cost of blepharoplasty Iran

The minimum cost of blepharoplasty in iran(eyelid) is about $680.
In comparison to more major forms of plastic surgery in iran(facelift ), blepharoplasty in iran can be done in low price.  On average, upper and lower blepharoplasty in iran will cost around $950.

The different types of blepharoplasty carry various price tags as well.

On average, lower eyelid surgery cost start from $600, while the price of upper eyelid surgery is usually around $ 680_800.

The cost of blepharoplasty surgery is typically higher than that of conventional blepharoplasty and can be anywhere between $800 and $1000.



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cost of blepharoplasty iran

Blepharoplasty in Iran(Eyelid surgery)

Blepharoplasty, also known as eye lift or eyelid, is a plastic surgery operation performed to remove excess skin and fat deposits in eyelids, to fix droopy eyelids causing vision problems and to remove or tighten the excess in muscle layers. It is a surgery that gives your face a dynamic and younger look.

4 types of blepharoplasty surgery in Iran:

1.Lower blepharoplasty Surgery:

An incision is made under your eyelid towards your crow’s feet. Excessive fat pads in your lower eyelid are removed reducing the baggy look. If there is excess of skin, this is fixed by removing under eye bags.

2.Upper blepharoplasty Surgery:

An incision is made in your eyelid contour. Excess skin tissue and fat pads on your upper eyelids causing bags and sagging are removed bringing your face a younger look. Upper eyelid surgery is mostly performed to deal with vision disorders caused by excessive sagging of upper eyelid.

3.Laser blepharoplasty Surgery:

Laser technique is used to fix problems of sagging eyelids, under eye bags and especially wrinkles without any incision. This technique is suitable for those who doesn’t want to have an operation with incision or are not able to undergo a procedure with anaesthesia.

4.Asian blepharoplasty Surgery:

Asians and people with Asian roots generally have single eyelids, so they don’t have visible folds and creases in their upper eyelids. This feature causes eyes look smaller, puffy or the face look tired. Asian eyelid surgery generally includes a small incision made in the upper eyelid from which the excess tissue containing fat and skin will be removed. With this incision, an eyelid fold is imitated. Asian eyelid surgery is designed to keep ethnic origin and glamorise the face and eye shape at the same time.

Cost of blepharoplasty in Iran

Blepharoplasty is one way of many to look younger and it is one of the most preferred cosmetic surgeries all around the world in spite of hardly affordable prices. However, nothing should stop you from having the face of your youth.

3 Factors of blepharoplasty cost in iran:

1.your problems
2.the number of surgeries you need
3.the type of surgery to be performed

The different types of blepharoplasty carry various price tags as well. On average, lower eyelid surgery cost start from $600, while the price of upper eyelid surgery is usually around $ 680_800.

The cost of blepharoplasty surgery is typically higher than that of conventional blepharoplasty and can be anywhere between $800 and $1000.

Blepharoplasty before and after in Iran


Before blepharoplasty in Iran

Blepharoplasty is usually done in an outpatient setting. Your surgeon injects numbing medication into your eyelids and administers intravenous medication to help you relax.

During blepharoplasty in Iran

On the lower lid, the surgeon makes a cut just below the lashes in your eye's natural crease or inside the lower lid. He or she removes or redistributes excess fat, muscle and sagging skin, and closes the cut.

If your upper eyelid droops close to your pupil, your surgeon may do blepharoplasty with a procedure called ptosis (TOE-sis) that provides additional support to the eyebrow muscle.

After blepharoplasty in Iran

After surgery you spend time in a recovery room, where you are monitored for complications. You can leave later that day to recuperate at home.

After blepharoplasty(eyelid surgery) you may temporarily experience:

Blurred vision from the lubricating ointment applied to your eyes

  • Watering eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Double vision
  • Puffy, numb eyelids
  • Swelling and bruising similar to having black eyes
  • Pain or discomfort

Blepharoplasty Surgery Iran Shiraz

Surgeons based in Iran Shiraz that carry out eyelid surgeries are highly qualified specialists within their field – you will only be treated by surgeons of the highest prestige. Our surgeons have high levels of experience within the field and have performed surgeries on people from all ethnicities, skin types and with all levels of need, giving you the peace of mind that you need when undergoing major blepharoplasty in Iran.

In spite of this, all surgeries carried out are specific and personalised for the person undergoing them – meaning that you will receive an individualised approach to your eyelid surgery in Iran Shiraz that has been perfectly tailored to your needs and focuses specifically on the results that you want to see. As is the case in the UK, dedicated aftercare is provided to all recipients of surgical procedures, ensuring that the results that you envisioned before going under the knife are the results that you see in the aftermath of your procedure.

Blepharoplasty Surgery In Iran Tehran

Tehran is a popular medical tourism destination for not just people from the Canada & Europe but from other parts of the world as well. You can find a range of cosmetic treatments here at low prices. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on quality or safety. Even the top clinics keep the cost of blepharoplasty in Iran Tehran low in a bid to attract more patients.



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10 Common question about blepharoplasty in iran

1. Can you exercise after blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery?
However, no heavy lifting or strenuous activity should be attempted during your first week of recovery. You can usually return to a desk-type job within 72 hours, physical exercise generally can be resumed 2-3 weeks after surgery.
2. How long does an upper eyelid surgery last?
Upper eyelid surgery can last at least five to seven years. Lower eyelid surgery rarely needs to be repeated. Of course, your eyes will still age after the procedure. If your lids sag again, a forehead lift rather than another eye lift may be the preferred procedure.
3. I decided to do Blepharoplasty in Iran. What should I do?
You do not need to worry about Blepharoplasty surgery until you pay more attention to all these issues before proceeding. The important thing is to find a Blepharoplasty clinic and Blepharoplasty specialist. If you are looking for Blepharoplasty cost in Iran , you can contact us and Get free consultation from Iranian surgery.
4. How long does it take to recover from blepharoplasty?
Recovery from eyelid surgery generally takes several weeks. Within two days to a week, the stitches will be removed. In the first week, patients will want to make sure that their eyes receive plenty of rest. The redness and swelling occurring after the blepharoplasty procedure will fade with time.
5. When can you drive after blepharoplasty surgery in Iran ?
How soon after the surgery can I drive or do my usual bending over and such? Answer: In general, one can drive the day after droopy eyelid surgery. However, we suggest that one does not bend or perform any heavy lifting for a week to 10 days after surgery.
6. When can I wash my face after blepharoplasty?
This is usually 5 days after surgery. You may gently wash below your eyes with wipes or a soft washcloth. You can use dry shampoo for your hair.
7. How dangerous is blepharoplasty ?
As with any surgery, there are potential risks and complications of blepharoplasty. The major risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, inability to close the eyes, dry eye, abnormal eyelid position, double vision, and loss of vision.
8. When can I start wearing makeup after blepharoplasty?
I advise my patients to wait for a full recovery to start wearing makeup again. This will take at least 10 days; however, it's safest to wait at least 2 to 3 weeks before wearing eye makeup so your incisions can completely heal.
9. When can I wear my contacts after blepharoplasty?
For most patients, contact lenses can be worn again 10 days after cosmetic eyelid surgery. This is subject to the surgeon's assessment of the patient's recovery as well as the patient's rate of recovery. Even at 10 days, you may want to wait a bit longer before you wear contacts again
10. Who is a good candidate for blepharoplasty?
The best candidates for an blepharoplasty are people who are in good health and who have realistic expectations. Most are 35 years or older, but if baggy eyelids or droopy eyelids run in your family, you may decide to have the surgery done sooner. Eyelid surgery can enhance your appearance and help build your confidence.


  1. karen says:

    Can I put to sleep for eyelid surgery?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      If you need general anesthesia, you will be given an intravenous (IV) injection that willput you to sleep for the duration of the procedure(eyelid surgery), which lasts from 20 minutes to two hours, depending on the complexity of the surgery and whether both upper and lowereyelids are involved.

  2. debby@23 says:

    Am I a good candidate for plastic surgery and is it important to give my doctor the list of my medical history?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Individuals in good general health are typically good candidates for plastic surgery. It is very important for prospective patients to have realistic expectations for their surgery results. During your consultation with your plastic surgeon, it is important to openly discuss your previous medical history, plastic surgery goals and any concerns you have so that your surgeon can make an informed and realistic assessment about your candidacy for cosmetic surgery.

  3. anjella says:

    How much does a blepharoplasty cost? is it contain anesthesia or not?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      The average cost of cosmetic blepharoplasty(eyelid surgery) in iran is $680, according to 2018 statistics from the Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Blepharoplasty costs in iran can widely vary. The average fee referenced above is only part of the total cost – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses

  4. Alena says:

    Is it really important to waer contact after blepharoplasty?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      For most patients, contact lenses can be worn again 10 days after cosmetic eyelid surgery. This is subject to the surgeon’s assessment of the patient’s recovery as well as the patient’s rate of recovery. Even at 10 days, you may want to wait a bit longer before you wear contacts again.

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