Relex Smile in Iran

Relex Smile in Iran

Relex Smile in Iran

Why Relex Smile in Iran?

If you decide to have a Relex Smile in Iran, reading this article can improve your knowledge about cost of Relex Smile to a great extent and help you to choose the best city and hospital to perform Lasik surgery in Iran.

In this article we provide you with a comprehensive description of Relex Smile in Iran, the cost of Relex Smile in Iran and the best Iranian eye surgeons.

General information about Relex Smile in Iran

General information
Relex Smile Cost for per eye$800-1100
AnesthesiaLocal anesthesia, general anesthesia
Back to workA week to several weeks
Duration of operationAbout 15 minutes
Minimum stay in Iran7 to 10 days

About Iranian surgery

Iranian surgery website is an online medical tourism platform where you can find the best eye Surgeons in Iran. So if you are looking for the cost of Relex Smile in Iran, you can contact us and get free consultation from Iranian surgery.

Relex Smile in Iran

Small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE), originally called Femtosecond lenticule extraction (FLEx), is a form of laser based refractive eye surgery developed by Carl Zeiss Meditec used to correct myopia, and astigmatism. Although similar to LASIK laser surgery, the intrastromal procedure is novel in that it uses a single femtosecond laser referenced to the corneal surface to cleave a thin lenticule from the corneal stroma for manual extraction. It has been described as a painless procedure. For candidates to qualify for this treatment, they have their corneal stroma thickness checked to make sure that post operative thickness won’t be too thin.

What is the Relex smile?

Relex smile is a breakthrough in laser vision correction offering a whole new level of precision, safety and comfort. In fact, you might just experience the world through a whole new lens-your natural ones.

Relex SMILE combines state-of-the-art femtosecond technology with high-precision lenticule extraction aiming at providing minimally invasive refractive correction in a single system.

Unlike the conventional procedures, Relex SMILE involves the creation of an extremely thin 3D layer in your intact cornea, corresponding to your refractive number that needs correction. This is then extracted out through a small keyhole incision of about 2-4mm only. As a result, the cornea gets reshaped to correspond to the ideal shape for correct vision. Entirely laser controlled, it is done in a few seconds- precise, safe and comfortable.

The minimally invasive incision also suggests fewer transacted nerves in the corneal surface and therefore to significantly reduced severity of dry eye syndrome. Another advantage: a small incision can further reduce the incidence of infection, epithelial in growth or flap complications- and help the epithelium heal much more quickly.

The Relex SMILE technique is performed using the highly precise and advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss AG, Germany. This laser system has impressed both the patients and the physicians alike with its sophisticated technology and its precision and reliability. Relex SMILE using VisuMax promises accuracy down to the nearest micrometer precision.

Before Relex Smile in Iran

  • Consultation with eye surgeon before traveling to Iran
  • Estimated cost of Relex Smile in Iran
  • Duration of treatment in Iran
  • Travel expenses to Iran.

The Relex Smile Process in Iran

Just like any other surgery, you should check your medical records with a professional doctor. To do this, you must send us all your medical files and medical IDs. We will connect you with the best doctors, hospitals and clinics in Iran, and then you can ask any questions you have in mind.

By traveling to Iran, you can save the most money and get the highest quality of Relex Smile.

Is the procedure painful or does it cause any hypersensitivity or redness in eyes?

Ans: SMILE is minimally invasive and virtually painless method that does not involve use of needles or surgical blades. The entire process is laser operated and gets over in few minutes.

There are no cases of hypersensitivity or redness reported with SMILE.

Ans: Unlike LASIK, SMILE is gentler to eyes hence you can start working on computers within a day of surgery. But you may need to go bit easy for initial few days by taking frequent breaks and by taking the prescribed eye drops regularly.

How long does the procedure take?

Ans: Short duration for surgery and early recovery are amongst the many benefits that come with the advanced procedure called SMILE. The entire procedure gets over in 10 minutes for both the eyes.

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SMILE Advantages:

The cornea surface is left untouched, preserving its biomechanical strength and stability better than other techniques.
Inflammation is reduced to negligible as the total laser energy used is up to 10 times lesser than an excimer laser.
Likeliness of dry eyes is significantly lowered, since no flap is created.
There is no use of surgical cutting instruments and involves no change of equipment during the treatment.
Since this procedure is minimally invasive, it involves minimum intervention and therefore less after care is required, enabling you to enjoy your new visual sensation right from day one.

Who is the best surgeon in Relex Smile in Iran?

Most surgeons in Eye in Iran have high experience in Eye surgery.

Most Iranian beauty surgeons graduate from reputable American and European universities and have enough experience to do so.

Eye specialist and surgeon in Shiraz, Iran

Dr. S.Namavari

(Surgeon and Eye specialist)

Dr. MB.Abtahi

(Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)

Dr. A.Rezvan

(Surgeon and Eye specialist)

Dr. Faghihi

(Surgeon and Eye specialist)

Dr. GH.Fili

(Eye specialist)

(Dr. A.Alavi)

Surgeon and Eye specialist, Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Fellowship

(Dr. Marzban)

Surgeon and Eye specialist, Cornea

(Dr. GH.A.Arzaghi)


( Dr. M.T.Nayini)

Surgeon and Eye specialist

Eye specialist and surgeon in Tehran, Iran


Dr. H.Hashemi, MD.

Dr.M.Taherzadeh, MD.

Dr. M.Miraftab, MD.

Dr. A.Habibollahi, MD.

Dr. A.Gholaminejad, MD.

Dr. M.R. Taheri, MD.

Dr. Sh.Ebadollahi, MD.

Dr. M.Naseripour, MD.

Dr. A.Farahi, MD.

Dr. K.Jalali, MD.

Dr. S.Tavakolizadeh, MD.

Dr. B.koochaki, MD.

Dr. F.Hajizadeh, MD.

Dr. A.Fahim, MD.

Dr. P.Pir, MD.

Dr. A.Eshghabadi, MD.

Dr. R.Erfanian Salim, MD.

Dr. E.Jafarzadehpour, OD.

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Does Relex Smile cost in Iran less than other countries?

Low price is one of the most important features of Relex Smile in Iran. This is because the cost is less than 100 to 300 percent of the price of Relex Smile in Europe, Turkey, Qatar and the United States, while maintaining the same efficiency.

10 common Questions about ReLEx smile

1How does ReLEx smile work?
How does ReLEx smile work? A Lasik procedure used to involve cutting a flap and folding it back to remove corneal tissue point by point. On the other hand, ReLEx smile eye surgery is minimally invasive and makes laser vision correction possible without the need for a corneal flap.
2What is ReLEx smile Lasik?
1. Method or technique- Flap (in LASIK) versus Flapless (in ReLex smile) In LASIK, the word “LASIK” itself means that a “corneal flap” has been made. It could have been made using an instrument called 'microkeratome' or by using a 'Femtosecond laser'- when it is commonly termed as 'bladeless LASIK'.
3Is smile Laser Eye Surgery Safe?
LASIK Downsides LASIK is an extremely effective, safe, and trusted option. Its one downside is it is a more complex procedure than its successor, SMILE, because it uses two lasers and creates a flap during surgery. Because of this, there is a potential for flap-related complications post-surgery.
4What is the difference between Lasik and smile?
SMILE is a one step, one laser, minimally invasive procedure. Compared to LASIK or PRK, SMILE is a less invasive laser eye surgery procedure. During LASIK, your doctor creates a flap in order to correct your vision. ... During a SMILE procedure, your surgeon only needs to create a 3mm key-hole incision in your cornea.
5Which is better Lasik or Lasek eye surgery?
LASEK stands for Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy. It's a better choice if you have a thin cornea or a medical condition that makes laser eye surgery more challenging to complete. During the surgery only one laser will be used to correct your vision— rather than the two that are used in LASIK.
6Which is better PRK or Lasek?
LASEK vs. PRK LASEK is very similar to PRK. Both involve lifting the extremely thin epithelium to access the deeper corneal tissues, instead of creating a thicker corneal flap as in LASIK surgery. ... Initially, many surgeons thought that by preserving the epithelium LASEK would have a faster recovery time than PRK.
7Do I have to be awake for Lasik?
There is not much benefit to general anesthesia during LASIK, which is why the vast majority of patients remain awake during their short surgery. If you are worried about your procedure, you will have the option to receive a mild sedative or take medication to help calm any fear you may have.
8Is ICL better than Lasik?
Both LASIK and ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) can be used to correct nearsightedness. However, ICL is frequently recommended for our Atlanta area patients with a very high degree of nearsightedness who may not be a good candidate for LASIK.
9Does Lasik last forever?
DONNENFELD: It is a very persistent myth, people thinking that LASIK is not permanent and that it may only last a few years. The reality is, LASIK permanently corrects the vision prescription – your nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism – that you come in with to have the procedure.
10How long does laser eye surgery take?
The actual procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes per eye. Depending on your prescription, and the amount of correction needed, the laser itself only takes 20-50 seconds to correct your vision. However, you should plan on being in the office for approximately an hour-and-a-half on your day of surgery.



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    Good morning please I need those lazy and your country-and your hospital so please I need check your prizes how much that ( ReLex SMILE Femto Lasik)

  2. KIM says:

    Hi,I dontt know what to do between smile and lasik, Is smile better than Lasik?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Smile is a less invasive laser eye surgery procedure than Lasik. During a Lasik procedure, your surgeon creates a flap that is 20mm in circumference. A PRK procedure creates an 8mm diameter surface removal. In comparison, SMILE creates only a 3mm corneal key-hole incision.

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