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Fat transfer in iran

Fat transfer iran

For body,butt,face and breast

LargeFat Transfer, otherwise known as fat grafting or fat injection, is a natural, minimally invasive treatment. Fat transfer is an upcoming trend for those wanting augmentation (breast, buttock) or replacing fat loss due to ageing (face, hand). By moving fat, you can increase the volume of that particular area, smoothing lines/wrinkles, and more.

Areas of the Body You Can Transfer Fat to:

Scars (including Acne)
The best areas of the body to harvest fat from are the knee, inner & outer thigh and abdomen. The success rate depends on both removals of the grafts and subsequent injections.
This procedure is perfect for making breast or buttocks look fuller and more round. It is also good for those who are older and are losing volume in their face or body. By transferring fat, a surgeon can sculpt a more youthful body or face. Fat transfer has dramatically transformed the confidence and look of many patients.


What 's fat transfer?

How fat transfer perform in iran?

Fat transfer is a highly complex procedure involving a board-certified surgeon using special equipment to fat graft cells. The complex part of the process involves using only ‘viable’ fat cells that can live in a different part of a patient’s body.

Fat transfer in the breast area is controversial as it can result in calcifications formation and may interfere with mammography in cancer detection.
Only certain parts of the body have shown that they take the transfer the best, areas that are vascularized. Meaning the fat will need its supply of blood to thrive and produce great results. This will require a surgeon who is meticulous and has the all the necessary training.


Benefits of fat transfer:

Reduce the appearance of thinness and sunken areas
Add ‘curvier’ shape to body
More permanent than temporary fillers
Uses your fat, other than injectable fillers
Results later than popular injectables, but are not permanent

DIisadvantage of fat transfer procedure: 

Results last a while but are not permanent
May need multiple sessions for larger areas
One of the most frequent complaints of fat transfer is the when the fat grafted areas will give an inconsistent or unusual appearance. When choosing a qualified fat transfer surgeon, it’s important to review all the before and after photos with a discriminating eye. A lot of photos can be doctored or altered to give a better result.


Which type of surgeon can perform fat transfer in iran?

Fat grafting is most commonly performed by Plastic Surgeons, as liposuction is a primary component of the procedure. Plastic Surgery residents get comprehensive training in the standards of care for the liposuction procedure and are fluent in managing complications.



Type of fat transfer in iran

Fat Transfer to the Breasts and Buttocks in iran

how perform fat transfer from stomach to buttocks in iran?

Fat Transfer procedures offer a viable and more ‘natural’ alternative to breast implants. We offer breast augmentation via implants procedures at Plástica Tijuana Surgery so feel we are in the best position to advise you over the pros and cons of each procedure. Finding the right procedure for you is our priority. If you are looking for the kind of boost that feels completely ‘natural’ and, in contrast to breast augmentation via implants, is minimally invasive, Fat Transfer could be the body contouring procedure for you. For those of you who would like to add volume to your buttocks, the procedure can really help shape the area to your desires safely and effectively.

Fat Transfer to Face and Hands in iran

Our face and hands are the first things people see and present a significant challenge for anyone trying to prevent fat loss which can leave our faces looking sunken and aged, while our hands look brittle with protruding veins, bones and tendons. Until recently, dermal fillers presented a temporary fix but with Fat Transfer procedures booming and offering patients the permanent results they’ve been looking we are spending more and more time treating patients with long-lasting results.

Ageing has its effects on everyone’s skin, and unfortunately due to nature’s way of tell us that we are advancing in years, skin, all over your body, can lose its volume and become loose and relaxed. Medical and scientific advancements have paved the way for natural alternatives to synthetic fillers and implant procedures.


Fat transfer cost in iran:

Cost of Fat transfer in iran depends on:

1.Areas in which you want to fill
2.The geolocation of the surgeon
3.Cost of local anesthesia or general anesthesia
4.The surgeon’s fee.
Overall, fat transfer cost in iran is between $1,200 to $3000.

Fat injections procedures will typically involve the face, lips, breasts or butt. Many patients will combine areas they wish to perform fat grafting. This will increase the costs that patients are expected to pay.


1What are the side effects of fat transfer?
What are the risks of buttock enhancement? Anesthesia risks. Bleeding (hematoma) Infection. Poor wound healing. Fluid accumulation (seroma) Numbness or other changes in skin sensation. Fatty tissue under the skin might die (fat necrosis) Pain, which may persist.
2What are fat grafts?
Fat grafting, also referred to as fat transfer or fat injections, is the surgical process by which fat is transferred from one area of the body to another area. The surgical goal is to improve or augment the area where the fat is injected.
3Can I transfer fat to my breasts?
Fat transfer breast augmentation essentially uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts. This is a breast augmentation option for women who are looking for a relatively small increase in breast size and would prefer natural results.
4How long is recovery from fat transfer face?
Fat transfer recovery time varies from patient to patient, but most people should arrange to take at least 7-10 days off from work and other social activities. Initial healing takes a few weeks, after which the swelling will gradually subside before the final results are apparent.
5Is natural breast augmentation safe?
Natural breast augmentation risks While fat grafting is typically safe, surgery in general comes with set complications, including infection and scarring.
6What is the procedure of fat transfer?
In fat grafting, fat tissue is removed from other parts of your body -- usually your thighs, belly, and buttocks -- by liposuction. The tissue is then processed into liquid and injected into the breast area to recreate the breast.
7What are fat reduction injections?
Injection lipolysis chemically reduces the number of fat cells around the injection site. The chemical, called deoxycholic acid, results in fat cell disruption and death. Currently, it is FDA-approved for treatment of the area underneath the chin to eliminate what is known as a "double chin."
8What is lipofilling breast?
Lipofilling (also called fat grafting) is often used to fix minor flaws after breast reconstruction. ... In the study, the researchers identified more than 1,024 women who had had mastectomy and then breast reconstruction that included lipofilling: 719 of the women had mastectomy to remove breast cancer.
9Can you move fat from one part of your body to another?
A surgical fat transfer is cosmetic surgery to move fat from one part of the body to another. ... The aim is to remove unwanted fat from one area (such as the tummy or thighs) and use it to smoothen or increase the size of another area (such as the breasts or face).
10How long do breast injections last?
The women were advised that the aesthetic result may be expected to last approximately six to 12 months for a 40 mL injection volume per breast, and 12 to 18 months for >100 mL injection volume per breast.

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