Ms. Wasan al-Talqani 56 years old from Qatar -– came to Iran to have a 360-degree lipo and an early cataract operation

Wasan al-Talaqhani from Qatar contacted me and said that she was interested in having a full body lipo operation in Iran, which we call 360-degree lipo and includes extracting fat from the stomach, hips, sides and thighs. She also needed eye treatment. Here is how I explained things to her:

First of all, she had a certain doctor in mind about whom she had heard good things. I told her “That’s fine. We can arrange for you to see this doctor and talk to him. Then you can decide yourself whether you want her to do your surgery.”

I explained everything in detail. I told her about our packages and their prices. Regarding her eye treatment I recommended Basir Hospital which operates under the supervision of Dr. Khodadoust Eye Hospital. But I reminded her that until a diagnosis is made by our doctors about the problem her eyes have, I can’t tell her about the exact costs of the treatment. Whether she needs LASIK, or cataract surgery will mean a different price.

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After I sent her complete information, she was very pleased and agreed to come to Iran. Because I fully explained everything. I also let her know that if she wants her surgeon of choice to do the surgery it’s fine. but she should know that in that case it’s her doctor who will choose the hospital which could be either a public or private hospital. but in any case, we will check to see if the hospital is well-equipped and all the necessary pre-op steps will be taken.

One of her requests was related to anesthetics. She said that she didn’t want general anesthesia and preferred to do the surgery under partial or local anesthesia. which was probably because she was afraid or something and the fact that she saw travelling alone had intensified that fear. But I managed to talk to her and give her some peace of mind letting know that we are going to be there with her every step of the way.

I explained to her that the particular surgery she wants to do is not possible under local or partial anesthesia but that she could discuss this further with her doctor and she is going to have the final say about this.

After she arrived, we took her to the hotel which she didn’t quite like and asked us whether we could get her a room in a more traditional and cozier place in the middle of the market. Fortunately, the Iranian Surgery team managed to get her exactly what she wanted. Apparently, she was an architect and that was the reason for her particular taste. so, I found her a nice traditional residence which was really clean and stylish with facilities, Wi-Fi, breakfast and everything. She loved the new place and so we booked a room for two weeks. That same evening, we went to see the doctors.

First, we went to see the doctor of her choice. She talked to the doctor and said that she wanted full body lipo but with partial anesthesia. After the doctor the session was over, she decided that she wants another doctor to do the operation. of course, the doctor also said that he can’t perform two procedures at the same time, i.e. lipo of the thighs and lipo of the abdomen.

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I said, well, if you want, I will take you to the doctor of our choice which is Dr. Javid who operates in Kowsar Hospital. All the while we tried not force anything on her and let her make the final decision with an open mind. we aimed to present her with the best options. so again, I told her we will go and talk to Dr. Javid but it’s you who has to decide whether you want her to do the surgery.

I took her to see Dr. Javid on the same day. The good thing with Dr. Javid is that he has completed his education abroad so he can speak English quiet well. Therefore, aside from the interpreter he himself talked straight to the patient. One point he focused on was that doing just the liposuction was not such a good idea because the result would not be very aesthetically pleasing and he suggested that they combine the procedure with abdominoplasty. otherwise, she would have to live with droopy skin. of course, if she were younger that wouldn’t be a problem but at the age of 56 there were valid concerns

Anyways, she said she didn’t want to have scars on her skin and didn’t care about the droopy skin afterwards so just lipo it was. The doctor obviously had the patient’s best interest at heart, but said that if she insists on solely getting liposuction, he had no problem with doing it for her. But he would do it on the condition that she wears double compression garments instead of single. And she would have to do so right after the surgery to decrease the sagging as much as possible.

So, it was decided that she would get a full lipo on his sides, stomach, hips and thighs. Unlike, the other doctor who said he couldn’t perform two operations at the same time. regarding the kind of anesthetics to be used the doctor managed to convince her that using partial anesthesia was not an option since the operation was supposed to be done both on her back and on her stomach. He explained that with childbirth, it’s possible to use partial anesthesia since the surgery deals with the waist down but with a full liposuction procedure that wasn’t the case.

In short, we talked to the doctor and the patient agreed to the terms. And in terms of the price, the patient had no complaints the price we gave her was in line with the price of the doctor she was considering in the beginning and Dr. Javid’s asking price was even lower than that (almost two hundred dollars).

After that, we took care of everything. arranged for the surgery, ordered the compression garments and also procured a nurse as per the doctor’s instructions who had said that a nurse has to be by her side for 5 days to tend to her needs and give her frequents massages.

The next morning, we took her to the hospital to go through the pre-op process which included ECG test, blood test, chest X-ray, etc.

I forgot to mention that before seeing Dr. Javid. We went to see Dr. Makateb for her eye surgery.

After talking to the patient and checking the condition of her eyes here is Dr. Makateb’s diagnosis: She is older than fifty, so she is not a good candidate for LASIK and she is under 60 so she is not a good candidate for cataract surgery either. His solution was an early cataract surgery which would rid her of her glasses and correct her eyesight. He would also use the best type of lens in the market which are currently from the Alcon brand. She agreed with the price and so it was decided that she would undergo the surgery in Basir hospital.

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Her first surgery which was liposuction was planned for the next day but a patient had cancelled that day so the doctor said move up the schedule and carry out her surgery the same day. So, I took her to the hotel so that she could take a shower and get her things. the surgery was to begin at around 3 in the afternoon.

The operation took about 7 hours. She was completely fine. Following the operation, since she had travelled to Iran on her own and didn’t have a companion, we got her a nurse at the expense of Iranian Surgery, to keep her company through the night and get her anything she might need.

It was almost eleven o’clock when she was brought out of the operating room. We got her medications, including a spray, and gave them to the nurse to use.

The next day, after the nurse left, there was another injection she had to receive before being discharged. Afterwards, they changed her dressing and cleaned her whole body. And finally in the afternoon, after getting all her medications for her I took her to the hotel.

I fully explained to her how to take her medicines. I told her that she should not take a shower for a few days and that starting tomorrow, a nurse will visit her and give her a full massage for two hours, she will change her dressing and clean her body from blood.

Three days after her first surgery, I brought her to the hospital to undergo her eye surgery. the doctor saw her again. checked her eye number, eye pressure, and all that and said that she could have the surgery that day. which the patient also agreed to.

the surgery was performed at around 1pm. She went through the pre-op process without any issues and we had her check and confirm that lenses we had bought for her were the same kind and brand that the doctor had recommended. Everything was fine there too. she took the lenses with her to the operation room. There was obviously no need but we mentioned the liposuction she had had and explained that it made sense to do the lipo first considering how delicate eye surgery is and requires the patient to be much more careful during recovery.

The buying price of the lenses were higher than initially estimated which the patient gladly paid for knowing that they were top of the line products.

After they took her into the operation room, she was asked what kind of anesthesia she would prefer. For this particular surgery it could be either a mild sedation or moderate anesthesia which meant to her the surgery would feel like going to sleep and waking up. She decided to go with the mild sedation. The surgery took about 30 minutes.

she came out of the operation room with bandage and eyepatch on her eyes. I (Zahra Abyat, medical consultant) was given the necessary instructions. I got her eye drops and medications she was allowed to eat after an hour and start taking her pills. the bandages were to be taken off after seven hours so that she can start taking the eye drops. Hopefully, by the next day, she would be able to fully open her eyes. on the same day, she had an appointment with her doctor at 4pm.

An important part of cataract surgery recovery was to avoid exposure to sunlight (or any light for that matter) for the next 24 hours.

After her doctors’ visit the next day, she would continue to use the eye drops, one drop for a week, and another one for a month.  The number time she had to take the latter would decrease every week as in: 4 times a day for the first week, three times for the second week, twice for the third week, and once for the last week.

Aside from taking the eye drops another important matter during her recovery was to avoid washing her face or taking showers for a week. of course, she was allowed to wash her body but she had to keep her face and eyes dry. And also she was supposed to avoid sunlight. She could wear sunglasses when going out but inside the house she didn’t need to cover her eyes. Only at nights and while sleeping itr was better to wear glasses and that was to avoid putting pressure on her eyes or prevent dust from entering the eyes. mainly due to the lenses that were put in her eyes. She could start taking full showers and wash her face after 5-7 days and get back to her normal routine.

After the operation, the patient was really stressed because she couldn’t open her eyes on the first night. And of course, this was completely normal. Because they had just performed a surgery on her eyes. to improve her condition and for her to be able to open her eyes her eyes had to be cleaned regularly so I got her a nurse to do that during the night. The ophthalmologist at the hospital came to see her as well and cleaned his eyes. The next day, I cleaned her eyes again and gave her the eye drops regularly.

Later when the doctor saw her, he said the result was wonderful. There were problems at all and the surgery had been successful. she only had to keep taking her eye drops regularly. And that evening we went to see Dr. Javid. He visited her. And he too said everything was great and she should only use the abdominal binder for two months and the compression garment for four months. He insisted that she wear two compression garments on top of each other for two weeks so to reduce the sagging to the minimum. other than the that the patient could go back to her normal life.

After the doctor visited her and made sure that everything was fine, we returned to the hotel. For five days, the nurse came to the hotel and gave her a two-hour massage, changed her dressing, helped her take a shower, etc.

After this period, the Iranian Surgery team arranged a sight-seeing tour for her. we took her around the city and showed her the attractions of Shiraz. And one day before she left the country, we took her to Persepolis, which she absolutely enjoyed.

Overall, she was really happy with her experience in Iran and the services of Iranian Surgery and more importantly the results of both her operations. Finally on Saturday we took her to the airport at around 3 o’clock in the evening for her flight home.

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