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Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty cost in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran Shiraz


Rhinoplasty in Iran Tehran


Rhinoplasty in Iran Mashhad


If you decide to have a rhinoplasty in Iran, reading this article can improve your knowledge about cost of rhinoplasty in iran to a great extent and help you to choose the best city and hospital to perform rhinoplasty in iran.

In this article we provide you with a comprehensive description of rhinoplasty in Iran, the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran and the best Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons.

Further, this article will explain the cost of  the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran and the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran Tehran,cost of rhinoplasty in Iran Shiraz and cost of rhinoplasty in Iran Mashhad.


How can i find the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran

Best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran can make your face more appealing. The opportunity to improve your appearance through plastic surgery is exciting, in Iran, best rhinoplasty surgeons can also help you in making your final decision about what type of rhinoplasty surgery is more suitable for you.

It is important that you seek the assistance of experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran who have provided a suitable condition for people with limited budgets to do rhinoplasty in Iran easily. It is worth explaining that the quality that Iranian surgeons have offered are far more than other countries including Turkey and India.

If you are looking for rhinoplasty in Iran , you make a reasonable decision since you can easily find some of the best surgeons in Iran who are the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world, it is worth mentioning that Iran is one the best capitals of the rhinoplasty Surgery in the world .

  1. Experience

Because of performing a great number of procedures, they become knowledgeable and highly skilled which make them very famous worldwide.

  1. Expertise in different types of rhinoplasty surgery

It is of paramount importance that your surgeon be expert in various types of nose surgery including open rhinoplasty, close rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

We are happy to introduce a great number of Iranian surgeons who have all two above-mentioned features

About Iranian Surgery

Iranian surgery website is an online medical tourism platform where you can find the best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Iran. The price of a Rhinoplasty in Iran can vary according to each individual’s case and will be determined based on photos and an in-person assessment with the doctor. So if you are looking for the cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran, you can contact us and get free consultation from Iranian surgery. Get free online consultation.

Rhinoplasty in Iran Befor & After

Cost of rhinoplasty in Iran

Cost of best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran

Rhinoplasty cost

There are a great number of professional rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran making the operation costs lower than many other countries.

Cost of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran is started from $1300. However, there are many less experienced surgeons who usually receive lower prices. Thus, the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran can be varied accordingly.

Apart from surgeon’s fees, there are many other costs involved in a rhinoplasty surgery such as anesthesia and operating facilities, which make the total nose job cost something between $1300 and $1900.

Rhinoplasty cost in Iran in detail:

Surgeon’s fee is approximately $800_$1200.

Anesthesia fee is $200

Operating facilities fee is between $300 and $500.

Additional costs of rhinoplasty in Iran may include surgery garments, medical tests and prescription medications.

Other factors involved in final rhinoplasty cost in Iran:

There are many factors that determine the overall nose job cost, including:

  1. The surgeon’s skill: The most skilled and best rhinoplasty surgeons are in high demand.
  2. The type of nose surgery: Complicated procedures take longer time and therefore their cost is more.
  3. Geographical location: the cost rhinoplasty surgery is varied according to geographical location.

Shiraz is the fifth most populous city of Iran located in the southwest of Iran. It has a moderate climate and is known as the city of poets, literature, wine and flowers.

Furthermore, Shiraz is one of the most famous cities of Iran offering high-quality health services to the patients and their Rhinoplasty surgeons are very famous in Iran. The cheapest cost of rhinoplasty in Iran Shiraz is $1300 which is lower than other cities of Iran (Tehran and Mashhad).

Tehran is the capital of the Iran and their hospitals are well-equipped with modern and new medical facilities. So patients can benefit from these facilities to a great extent. Besides, the vast majority of best Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons are in Tehran making this city the hub of medical treatments and rhinoplasty in Iran. The cheapest cost of rhinoplasty in Iran Tehran is $1500.

Mashhad is Iran’s second largest city which was once an important transit city along the Silk Road. It is also known as the home of Iran’s largest religious shrine, it also has plenty of culture and food additive.

There are a great number of professional rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran Mashhad making the operation costs lower than many other countries. The cheapest cost of rhinoplasty in Iran Mashhad is $1600 which is lower than Tehran.

Rhinoplasty in Iran Befor & After


Rhinoplasty cost in Iran starts from $1300 while Rhinoplasty cost in the USA starts from $5000.


The quality of the US hospitals is better than that of Iranian hospitals while the quality of the surgeons’ work is the same in both countries.

Rhinoplasty cost in Iran starts from $1300 while Rhinoplasty cost in the UK starts from $4200.


The quality of the UK hospitals is better than that of Iranian hospitals while the quality of the surgeons’ work is the same in both countries.


Rhinoplasty cost in Iran starts from $1300 while Rhinoplasty cost in Australia starts from $ 6000.


The quality of both countries’ hospitals is the same while the quality of the Iranian surgeons’ work is far better than that of Australians.


Rhinoplasty cost in Iran starts from $1300 while Rhinoplasty cost in India starts from $ 2900.


The quality of both countries’ hospitals is the same while the quality of the Iranian surgeons’ work is far better than that of Indians.


Rhinoplasty cost in Iran starts from $1300 while Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey starts from $3600.


Both the quality of Iranian surgeons’ work and hospitals are far better than those of Turkeys.

According to presented costs, it is obvious that the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is at least %120 less than other similar countries.

From which countries do patients usually come to Iran for plastic surgery?

United States
United Kingdon
South Africa
Other Country

Ordibehesht Hospital Shiraz

Ordi Behesht hospital has been built with the help of many famous prroffessors and experts in Shiraz…

Mirhosseini Hospital Shiraz

It is established in 1995. With a successful history of healthcare services spanning several decades

Treata Hospital Tehran

Specialty and Subspecialty Hospital of Treata has been established in the land with area of about 6000 square

MRI Hospital Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the main centers of surgery and treatment in Iran. Not only does it host hundreds of patients from southern Iran


Pasteurno Hospital Tehran

Pasteur no Specialized and sub specialized hospital was found by Dr. Karim Ghiasi in 1974…

Kasra Hospital Tehran

Greetings dear civilians and those choose Kasra Hospital for their health care. Kasra Hospital..

Bentolhoda Hospital Mashhad

Bent-Al-Hoda private hospital & maternity, is the first private medical center in holy city of…

Imam Reza Hospital Mashhad

Under the blessings of God, the support of the great custodianship of Astan-e Quds…

A closed rhinoplasty is the most common type of rhinoplasty. All incisions are hidden inside the nose with no external scars.  Lifting the soft tissue slightly upward, the bone and cartilage is accessible to perform the necessary changes. The technical methods, once the inside structure of the nose is visualized for an open or closed rhinoplasty, are similar.  There are several advantages to having a closed rhinoplasty, due to its less-invasive nature:

. Reduced nasal tissue irritation (due to the lack of a columellar incision)

. Reduced likelihood of the nasal-tip support reduction

. Smaller likelihood of post-operative edema

. Lessened detectable scarring

. Less time spent in the operating room

. Faster post-operative patient recovery 

Read more about closed rhinoplasty surgery in Iran

An open rhinoplasty has historically been the rhinoplasty for patients who need extensive work done to the nose. Your surgeon will make incisions in the skin between your nostrils underneath your nose. This area is called the columella. Next, the skin is lifted to reveal the inside of the nasal cavity, giving your rhinoplasty surgeon access to perform the necessary reshaping. Where extensive grafting or when revision surgery is needed, you may require an open rhinoplasty. Some surgeons will choose open rhinoplasty as their primary method of surgery depending on the training and skill of the physician. Open rhinoplasty procedures are best for patients with the following issues:

. Collapsed valves from previous hump removal

. Genetic, structural deformities in the nose (i.e. cleft lip palate)

. Acquired deformities in the nose (i.e. severe trauma requiring grafting)

. Dissatisfaction with the cosmetic appearance of the nose after previous nasal surgery

Read more about open rhinoplasty surgery in Iran

A filler rhinoplasty is a less common type of nose surgery. It is non-surgical in nature and can be done by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, physician assistants as well as general plastic surgeons. No incisions are made, but rather, the injectable filler is used to correct minor imperfections in the nose. For example, a filler rhinoplasty is an option for those who desire minimal change to the nose. The most common types of “fillers” are Juvederm and Restylane. A drawback to choosing a filler rhinoplasty is that the results are not permanent. Scarring from fillers can be permanent and vessels can be obstructed causing necrosis of the nasal skin. Over time, the filler eventually absorbs back into the skin, effectively erasing the changes and requiring an additional procedure.

Revision rhinoplasty is a subsequent surgery after a primary rhinoplasty.  Typically patients opt for a revision rhinoplasty if they are unhappy with the results of the primary rhinoplasty or if they seek further changes not originally desired in the primary rhinoplasty. Breathing difficulties uncovered or created by the primary surgery are fairly common.  For most, a revision rhinoplasty is an option for those who desire a “touch-up.” Most surgeons have a revision rate of around 10-15%. If a doctor has no revision rate the patients are likely having another physician perform subsequent surgeries. The main reason for revision surgery is breathing difficulty or a bump or irregularity of the bridge of the nose. Because the complexity and time involved are more than your first rhinoplasty, it also costs more. Generally, revision rhinoplasty costs 50-100% more than a primary rhinoplasty.

Read more about revision rhinoplasty surgery in Iran

Before scheduling rhinoplasty in Iran, you should send your Medical records to rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran. The most important question your doctor will definitely ask you is about your motivation and goals of surgery. Your doctor will also ask questions about your medical history — including a history of nasal obstruction, surgeries and any medications you take. If you have a bleeding disorder, such as hemophilia, you may not be a proper candidate for nose job surgery in Iran.

What important factors should I notice before doing Rhinoplasty in Iran?

  1. Get lab. It is important that we ensure our patients are healthy enough to have surgery so we should ask our patients to have a hemoglobin test.
  2. Take certain medications or adjust your current medications.
  3. Stop smoking.
  4. Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding.

You do not need to worry about rhinoplasty surgery in Iran until you pay more attention to all these issues before doing rhinoplasty Iran. The important thing is to find a best Rhinoplasty Surgeon. If you are looking cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran, you can contact us and get free consultation from our company.

A patient must not fly for at least 5 days after the surgery. While unlikely, the possibility that you will have a nosebleed during the flight, which could be an emergency situation, is avoided. It is still not recommended to fly for an additional week (in total 2 weeks), but many patients cannot stay in town for that long of a period. If you must fly during the second week of your recovery, it is important to take Sudafed and spray a nasal decongestant (Afrin or other) prior to taking off. If not, the pressure changes during the flight may be very painful. It is also typical to have renewed swelling after the flight, which will last about 1-2 days. All of these issues are not concerning if you are planning to travel by car or train.

Out of town patients should plan to stay a few days after the surgery at a hotel. They can travel and fly back home after splint removal at 5-7 days.  Physical activity should be limited for 10-14 days. It usually takes about 6 weeks before the patient can exercise again without discomfort. High-risk contact sports should be avoided for 3 months.

Read more about flying after rhinoplasty surgery in Iran

Rhinoplasty surgery includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Step 2 – The incision

Step 3 – Reshaping the nose structure

Step 4 – Correcting a deviated septum

Step 5 – Closing the incision

Step 6 – See the results

Read more about rhinoplasty surgery steps

4 Ways to clean your nose after Rhinoplasty are as follows:

. Q-tip and hydrogen peroxide

. Saline rinse

. Removing blockages

. Use a moist towelette

Read more about How can I clean my nose after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery risks include:

. Anesthesia risks

. Infection

. Poor wound healing or scarring

. Change in skin sensation (numbness or pain)

. Nasal septal perforation (a hole in the nasal septum) is rare. Additional surgical treatment may be necessary to repair the septum but it may be impossible to correct this complication.

. Difficulty breathing

. Unsatisfactory nasal appearance

. Skin discoloration and swelling

. Possibility of revisional surgery

Approximate recovery after rhinoplasty is as follows:

. Day 1 Return home. Use cool compresses for 24 hours. Some swelling and bruising, mild discomfort. Change mustache dressing as needed (often 10 to 20 times).

. Day 2-3 maximum bruising and swelling.

. Days 5-14 External stitches removed or dissolving. Internal and external nasal dressings removed by Doctor. Bruising going away.

. Week 2-4 much of swelling has begun to go away. Breathing better.

. 1 Year Enjoy your final result

Recovery after septoplasty alone is as follows:

. Day 1 Return home. Nasal congestion mild. Change mustache dressing as needed (often 10 to 20 times).

. Day 2-5 Nasal stuffiness is main problem.

. Day 5-7 internal nasal splints removed by Doctor. Stuffiness and nasal congestion much better.

. Day 7-10 slightly worse nasal congestion.

. Week 3-4 Nasal breathing much improved.

In most cases, stitches on your nose will be removed 7 days after your rhinoplasty surgery. However, it doesn’t mean that your nose will be back to completely normal and natural condition after 7 days.  Rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran highly recommend you to stay at least 1-2 more days in Iran in order to double-check the result.

Best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran

  1. Dr. A. Mohammadabad Rhinoplasty/Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

(Rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran)

  1. Dr. O. Ebrahimi Rhinoplasty/E.N.T

(Rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran)

  1. Dr. M. Samavatifar Rhinoplasty Surgeon

(Rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran)

  1. Dr. B. Zamiri Clinic / Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

(Rhinoplasty surgeon in Shiraz)

  1. Dr. B. Khalatbari / Cosmetic Surgeon

(Rhinoplasty surgeon in Shiraz)

  1. Dr. Eyn Abadi Clinic / Plastic Surgeon

(Rhinoplasty surgeon in Shiraz)

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  1. Avatar aalleeya says:

    how long after nose job should i wear makeup?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      hello aalleeya
      Surgeons typically say not to apply any pressure to the nose for about three to four weeks after a rhinoplasty. The same idea goes for any eyelid or brow surgery, patients can typically wear makeup right away as long as they avoid the operated area. Then they can start wearing eye makeup again after about two weeks.

  2. Avatar Tom says:

    Hello. I am22
    Can i get nose job?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      hello tom
      best age for a rhinoplasty?

      Given that Rhinoplasty is about adjusting and refining the appearance of the nose, the best time to do it is early in life to have the maximum benefit. Before doing rhinoplasty it’s important that you’ve reached full growth of your bones, which is typically around age 18. Having said that, some people mature more quickly and it is possible to do rhinoplasty as young as age 16. This is surgeon dependent.

  3. Avatar Tom says:

    How can does it take for swelling to go down after revision rhinoplasty?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Revision rhinoplasty recovery timeline
      After enduring an unhappy outcome with their initial surgery, many patients considering revision rhinoplasty are concerned about the recovery timeline, and when they can return to normal activities. The good news is that patients will already be familiar with the healing process, the inflammation and the bruising.
      The first week post revision rhinoplasty is generally the most uncomfortable, when patients are advised to rest and avoid any sort of strenuous activity. How long does revision rhinoplasty swelling last? By day 10, most of the inflammation will be down and the majority of the swelling in the upper part of the nose will be gone within 3 months. However, it’s important to remember that it can take a full year for swelling to completely resolve.

      Those wondering how to reduce swelling after revision rhinoplasty( steps after bad rhinoplasty) will be counseled on appropriate steps, which may include elevating the head with pillows during sleep or applying ice packs to the forehead (but avoiding the nose). In some cases, nasal taping can help minimize swelling. This involves applying small tape splints to the nose that help reduce edema.

      In more complex surgeries entailing excess scar tissue-related swelling, steroid injections can help expedite the revision rhinoplasty healing process.

      Most patients will see visible improvements within a couple of months of their revision rhinoplasty, but the final result may take anywhere from one to two years.

  4. Avatar maria says:

    Hi what does it cost for revision nose plastic surgery please let us know?
    thank you

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      In reply to maria.

      hello maria
      Revision rhinoplasty costs more than primary rhinoplasty. If a primary nose job costs in iran $2000, a revision can cost $2500.
      it’s had better send us your medical ducument and get consultation with rhinoplasty surgeon’s in iran
      pleast send your document on what’sapp
      thank you

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      In a closed rhinoplasty all surgery is done through the nostrils so there are no external scars. In an open rhinoplasty the surgeon makes an incision at the base of the columella, the strut of tissue between the nostrils, and elevates the skin off of the cartilages. He or she then alters the cartilage shape. Open versus closed rhinoplasty is a matter of personal training and preference on the part of the surgeon.

  5. Avatar rossa says:

    how much nose job surgery in iran?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      nose job cost in iran

      The minimum rhinoplasty cost in Iran is about $ 1200, and the highest cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is $ 2500.

      According to statistics published by the Iranian Plastic Surgeons in 2018, the average cost of rhinoplasty in iran is $2200. However, this figure doesn’t include other expenses, such as anesthesia and operating facilities.

      Cost of rhinoplasty in Iran may include:
      The cost of a clinic or hospital
      Cost of surgeon
      Medical tests before surgery for Rhinoplasty
      Medications after Rhinoplasty
      The cost of traveling to Iran
      The duration of the patient’s presence in Iran.
      Patient’s place of residence in Iran (hotel or furnished house).

  6. Avatar elli says:

    Is it okay to fly on a plane after surgery? how long should you wait to be safe?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      hello elli
      when can i fly after rhinoplasty surgery?
      Flying After Rhinoplasty: What You Should Know An increasing number of people are undergoing rhinoplasty. In fact, it is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery in iran. In general, the recovery time for rhinoplasty is roughly two weeks and you can expect to return to your normal daily life at this time.
      If you are considering undergoing rhinoplasty or have recently undergone the procedure, you may have some questions regarding air travel. Here is everything you need to know about flying after rhinoplasty.
      Flying After Rhinoplasty
      How Soon Can You Fly After Rhinoplasty?
      In general, those who have undergone rhinoplasty should wait a minimum of one week (roughly 6 or 7 days) before flying on an airplane. The reason for this is that it gives your body enough time to heal. Ideally, however, you would wait ten to fourteen days until flying, but most patients can fly safely after one week.
      If you have travel plans, it is important to consult with your plastic surgeon before doing so to determine if you are fit to fly.Flying too soon is a concern for two reasons. The first concern is bleeding. Although the majority of postoperative bleeding occurs in the few days after rhinoplasty, a small percentage of people do experience bleeding up to three weeks after their surgery. If you started to experience a large of amount of bleeding while on the plane, the outcome could be very serious. Secondly, due to the pressure on the plane, you could experience a sinus blockage. While this is not serious, it could cause a fair amount of pain. You can also experience congestion and dryness during flight.
      Are Their Side Effects of Flying After Rhinoplasty?
      You may experience an increase in swelling during and after the flight which will last for a couple of hours. This is due to the lack of air pressure. In some cases, this swelling could persist for three months.Tips for Flying After Rhinoplasty:Nasal sprays and chewing gum can help minimize congestion in your sinuses and ears.Carrying a bottle of Afrin with you on the flight can help in the event that your nose begins to bleed.

  7. Avatar Mishen says:

    How much is a consultation with rhinoplasty surgeon in iran?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      In general, consultation fees rhinoplasty surgeon range from $10 to $25. but you can get free online consultation from nose job surgeon in iran with

      • Avatar Andro says:

        Can i have multiple plastic surgery at the same time? (rhinoplasty and facelift)

        • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

          Can I Have Multiple plastic Surgery Procedures at the Same Time?
          Combined rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery at the same time
          Structural defects that inhibit breathing frequently affect the appearance of the nose. For example, a deviated septum or fracture can create a prominent bump or give the nose a crooked appearance.

          Correcting structural issues within the nose to improve breathing can also improve the outward appearance, but this isn’t always the case. Combining functional surgery with rhinoplasty ensures that both issues are addressed.

          Facial Plastic Surgeons Often Recommend Combined Nasal Surgery
          The result of purely functional nose surgery can improve the appearance of the nose, but since aesthetics aren’t the primary objective of the procedure, patients may not get the look they’re after.

          The structures of the nose are interconnected, so making cosmetic enhancements through rhinoplasty at the same time as a functional nasal procedure is usually simple and straightforward. Often, rhinoplasty can be completed using the same incisions.

          For patients already having surgery to breathe better, correcting cosmetic concerns during the procedure often makes sense. In fact, waiting to perform rhinoplasty can be problematic, as scar tissue can make a nose job more challenging. Plus, having two separate surgeries means undergoing anesthesia and the healing process twice and will increase the cost significantly.

  8. Avatar emma says:

    i had rhinoplasty six month ago in florida, i had slightly wide,bulbous noise and i wanted a narrow and straight noise bau when i went for my bandage replacement in i saw my new noise is still crooked and asymmetrical it just had a lifted tip now..
    is this only a temporary change?
    willi getting noise that i wanted?
    what do i do if i’m unhappywith my rhinoplasty result?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      In reply to emma.

      If you feel you have received a bad rhinoplasty, first discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and allow him to make a diagnosis. At this point, the doctor might recommend getting a revision rhinoplasty. During this procedure, you might receive a closed rhinoplasty, which involves incisions on the nose’s inside, or an open rhinoplasty, which involves incisions between the nostrils on the bottom of the nose. An open surgery is ideal when the procedure is complex and would benefit from a more open viewpoint. Your surgeon might recommend a closed surgery, however, if you have a bad rhinoplasty scar from a prior operation. Another option is to undergo a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, which entails receiving an injectable filler. This may not be applicable in all cases, however, and your surgeon will discuss the best procedure for you.

  9. Avatar Emmili says:

    Please let me know about Risk of Rhinoplasty and
    Who Should Not Get Rhinoplasty?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      what are the risks of rhinoplasty?
      Risk No. 1: Bleeding

      Blood loss is perhaps the most common risk of rhinoplasty. Your nose is comprised of delicate blood vessels that may be damaged during surgery. Most patients lose approximately 50 to 150 mL of blood during the procedure, and a fraction of that group experience substantial blood loss after surgery.
      Your risk of blood loss also increases if you are taking certain medications. Be sure to consult with your doctor about any medications (whether prescription or over-the-counter) that you are currently taking. Certain medications such as Coumadin, Ibuprofen or aspirin act as blood thinners, which increase the likelihood of bleeding.

      Risk No. 2: Anesthesia Reactions

      Surgeons use anesthesia when performing a rhinoplasty to reduce pain and make the procedure safer. There are two types of anesthesia: local and general. The type of anesthesia your doctor will recommend depends upon the type of rhinoplasty you select and the preference of the surgeon.

      Risk No. 3: Nasal Obstruction

      Rhinoplasty changes the outward appearance of your nose, but what you may not know is that the procedure may also change the way you breathe. A rhinoplasty may also be performed to correct interior structural problems, like a deviated septum or other abnormalities. A rhinoplasty surgery can result in a smaller or collapsed nose, making it difficult to breathe.

      Risk No. 4: Unrealistic Expectations

      If you consult a doctor about a rhinoplasty, there is always a possibility that you will not be happy with the result after the bandages come off and the swelling has subsided. Time is always needed to allow the healing process to take place. The surgery is in control of the surgeon, but healing is something your body will do on its own. You can improve healing by taking care of yourself and following instructions.

      • Avatar Shahin says:

        I’ve read some articles mentioning open rhinoplasty and am curious about what it means. Aren’t all nose surgeries open? Is there a way for the doctor to manipulate the nose surgery without cutting the skin open?

        • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

          Open Rhinoplasty is the addition of a small incision in the columella of the nose allowing for the tissues to be elevated and in particular, the nasal tip exposed. This allows for the most accurate correction of multiple nasal issues many of which are not treatable with a closed procedure. The majority of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons or plastic surgeons in iran will predominantly use this technique- In our practice this is (95% or more. There are no significant negatives and the incision is virtually invisible in the vast majority of patients. There is if anything less bruising and swelling as one is able to be very meticulous and gentle with the procedure.

          difference between open nose job and close nose job in iran

          The difference between open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty is confusing to patients because the terms are not straightforward. What we really mean is “open tip” vs. “closed tip,” which means do we make an incision on the external visible skin at the bottom of the nose or not. Closed and open tip nose surgery both involve incisions on the inside lining of the nose (where you might pick your nose inside the nostrils), which allows a surgeon to do many maneuvers to reshape the nose and septum. Some surgeons use this approach in all rhinoplasties, but most plastic surgeon in iran believe we get better exposure and control over the tip cartilage and the overall shape by adding an incision across the columella (the skin and cartilage bridge between the nostrils), which allows us to “look under the hood” by pulling the skin of the nose up to reveal the cartilage from the front, as opposed to delivering it through the inside incisions for manipulation.

  10. Avatar limoova says:

    I have an experience about rhinoplasty, I was want to get this treatment again,please give me more information.

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      In reply to limoova.

      A nose job failure( bad rhinoplasty) sounds like a scary thing. But, before you determine that your rhinoplasty has failed, it’s important to know about rhinoplasty healing time and side effects. And, luckily, if you do experience a failed rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty is an option.
      please send your medical document on what’s app

      • Avatar Suzan says:

        I’m very unhappy with the outcome of my first rhinoplasty and I want revision surgery in Iran.Do I need to wait an entire year befor undergoing further surgery?

        • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

          In general, it is best not to re-operate in the first several months after a failed rhinoplasty since the tissues are still inflamed and less likely to heal favorably. However, the traditional recommendation to wait one year before undergoing revision rhinoplasty is a generalization that applies mostly to thick-skinned patients. Assuming that the nasal framework is sturdy, properly aligned and well-proportioned, waiting 12–18 months in thick-skinned patients is often beneficial since a favorable cosmetic outcome is usually evident once the swelling and inflammation resolve. On the other hand, many post-surgical deformities will not improve over time and may even worsen in the first year after surgery and make correction even more challenging. Obvious post-surgical deformities of the nasal framework, such as severe twisting, pinching, collapse or retraction, are all problems that are unlikely to fully resolve once swelling and inflammation subside. In those patients prone to progressive scar contracture, these deformities often steadily worsen over time, making definitive treatment increasingly more difficult or even impossible. Hence, prolonged treatment delays may be detrimental in select patients. Nevertheless, because re-operating on acutely inflamed tissue is far less precise and much less predictable, most patients are advised to postpone revision surgery at least until the acute swelling and inflammation have resolved, which varies considerably from patient to patient.

          In summary, each case is different, and although waiting for the nose to fully heal is generally wise, postponing revision rhinplasty surgery for 12 months is not always justified. The decision to re-operate should be made jointly between patient and surgeon after careful consideration of the risk factors and prospects for improvement. I have revised many suitable patients in the first 4–6 months following a failed rhinoplasty with excellent surgical results. On the other hand, I have also discouraged others from a hasty and impulsive attempt at a quick revision, only to eventually confirm that further surgery was unnecessary. A knowledgeable and experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon can usually determine the appropriate time for a successful revision rhinoplasty.

  11. Avatar raha.firoozi says:

    Im planning to do my nose surgery in Shiraz Iran, but I dont know any good doctors there with reasonable price. if anyone knows please suggest the name of the doctors.

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      In reply to raha.firoozi.

      if you looking for the best plastic surgery in iran or facelift surgery in iran ,shiraz is the best.
      but first of all you should tell us is this your first time for a nose job or it’s a revision rhinoplasty?
      after that you should mention your expectations about the result you want. You want it Natural , semi fantasy or fantasy ( Dolly nose). Then I should know type of your nose surgery. Is it bony , fleshy , crooked etc. After all of these Q&As then we could suggest the best rhinoplasty surgeon in shiraz for you. As you know rhinoplasty Iran(rhinoplasty cost) is the best destination you can have your surgery done.
      the cost of rhinoplasty in iran shiraz less than the cost of nose job iran tehran

  12. Avatar mike says:

    I am 14, I want to do rhinoplasty but my mom says she will let me do it if the doctor says I can. A doctor told me I can do it when I stop growing and a good way to tell is if my foot stopped growing(which it did) and I also have a really bad nose shape and I have trouble breathing. do you think the doctor will say I can? She wants to take me to Tehran, Iran to do it too by the way

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      When Can Teens Have Rhinoplasty?

      A prospective patient’s face needs to reach skeletal maturity — i.e., be fully formed — before they can get a nose job. For girls, this is generally ages 14 or 15 at the earliest. Since boys’ faces grow a little slower, age 15 is the minimum for males. But obviously, skeletal maturity varies from patient to patient. One way to tell if you’re ready: rhinoplasty surgeon(Plastic surgeon) assesses whether the foot is fully grown and hasn’t changed in size for a year. No matter what age you are, though, if you’re not emotionally ready for facial surgery, then you should consider waiting.
      When Can Teens Have nose surgery?
      Teens should not have a nose job until the nose has reached its adult size. This normally happens at about age 15 or 16 for girls. It usually happens a year or so later for boys.

  13. Avatar maria says:

    Hi guys, I’m seriously thinking getting a rhinoplasty in iran tehran, has anyone been before, had a nose job done in iran,does anyone know how much rhinoplasty price in iran tehran?
    was it worth it and prices, I can’t seem and find them online,

    • Avatar shawn says:

      My Experience Getting a Nose Job

      Several months ago, I was on my way to class early Monday morning when I slipped hard on the concrete outside my building. Within an instant, blood was pouring from my face onto my hands and my clothes. Needless to say, I was freaking out and didn’t bother making it to class that day. I realized later that I not only knocked my front tooth out of place and destroyed the skin from the bridge of my nose to my chin, but I also broke my nose internally and externally. This led me on the exciting journey of seeking rhinoplasty.

      I’ll be totally honest: I didn’t love the original shape of my nose. When I was younger it was an insecurity, but as I became older, I learned to embrace the bump and slope of my nose. My parents were always big advocates of accepting and embracing flaws rather than believing all should be fixed in the name of vanity and perfection. Because I already had to get internal surgery for my sinuses and septum, my family felt it was appropriate to seek rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job if I wanted that as well. With my family behind me, how could I turn down a fully functioning, straight nose?

      Smiling with my splint on after surgery

      The process itself consisted of one appointment before the surgery to discuss what would be changed. Right away the doctor noticed the bump in my nose, which would be the most noticeable thing to remove. He also planned to fix the tip of my nose to increase breathing room and improve the overall shape. This was all the information I had going into the surgery. There was no created image or model of what it was going to look like when it was finished. Some surgeons do give a “predictive” drawing or modeling to give you an idea of what the result will look like, but some (including my own) do not!

      The surgery itself was not strenuous or painful to recover from. I was under anesthesia several hours in the surgeon’s office, which was preferable to being in the hospital because it is less intimidating and less expensive. The pain I experienced after surgery is more like a dull pressure coupled with a stuffy, bloody nose.

      Like any other surgery, I recommend taking all medications as prescribed correctly and follow all post-op instructions carefully. Following instructions includes taking your doctor seriously when they tell you to avoid physical activity or alcohol for however many weeks. Although I had some complications unrelated to the surgery which made my first couple days of recovery difficult, overall it was very successful.

      Before Surgery
      After Surgery

      After all the bandages came off, I was so thrilled to see the final result! I loved how it made a positive difference to me, yet still fit my face well enough to look like me. When I showed my friends, the reactions ranged from “it changes your whole face in a good way” to “did you get it done yet?” Regardless of how subtle or obvious my friends found my new nose, I felt happy and confident with the change for myself. And although I never expected to get plastic surgery, I am glad that I could give a traumatic fall a cosmetic silver lining.

      Plastic surgery has a historical perception as trivial or even comical, as many advertisements would depict popular surgeries, such as nose jobs, liposuction and breast implants, as easy and “fun” to get. This is far from the truth as you are still getting very serious and very permanent surgery. If you are seeking a plastic surgeon, read all reviews and make sure your plastic surgeon is actually certified and experienced. Some strenuous surgeries, such as breast implants, can legally be performed by anyone with a medical license if it is within their own office. This means due to inexperience, the surgery could become life-threatening if performed incorrectly. You should also make sure, before seeking a cosmetic procedure, that you are ready for it mentally. It is important to have realistic expectations when meeting with a surgeon. No one cosmetic procedure is going “change your life,” but it can change how confident you feel regarding a personal feature.

  14. Avatar anna hashempour says:

    Why is chin surgery recommended with rhinoplasty surgeries?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Because of the balance, the appearance qualities are beautiful when fit together. Chin surgery adjusts the overall proportion of the face. In some cases, nose enlargement can be reduced by increasing chin size. If neck liposuction is also needed, chin can be done during surgery

  15. Avatar حنان says:

    hi iranian surgery
    I have nasal deviation along with sinusitis and severe headaches. I’ve visited some doctors but my problem have not been resolved by medication, but also it gets worse every day. The surgeons believed that there’s no need for the surgery, while I suffer from the nasal deviation, sinusitis, and severe headaches. Can the surgery be done with patient’s demand? Or should it be carried out with doctor’s diagnosis?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      in general, the rhinoplasty in iran is a voluntary surgery and your nasal deviation can be improved along with the rhinoplasty.

  16. Avatar lisa fur says:

    How long does it take to heal from a nose job?

  17. Avatar naan k says:

    Can I get rhinoplasty if I have a cold?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      You should not undergo nose surgery if you have a cold. Swelling of the nasal passages, a bronchial infection, and other common problems with respiratory illnesses can cause complications with your procedure. It is best to postpone your procedure until you are healthy.

  18. Avatar angella says:

    can i have rhinoplasty surgery with breast augmentation at same time?

  19. Avatar rhanspool says:

    Im interested in getting both procedures done at the same time, but in terms of recovery and health risks or infection is is better to do them together since I will be going through recovery once instead of twice or to separate the two proceudures. also how common is it to do them together? Also how much could I be saving in terms of cost if I do them together? and what are the health risks and recovery for doing them together vs separately ?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Thank you for your question. Generally, I would recommend doing both procedures at the same time, but safety is always the first priority, and not every patient is a candidate for combined procedures. A careful assessment of your health status and any risk factors for surgery is needed when combining procedures. As long as you are a good candidate for combined procedures, there are benefits to doing them at the same time.

      First, instead having two separate recovery times, your body will be recovering from both at the same time. Many patients find this preferable due to a busy schedule working, traveling or taking care of their families.

      Second, often times there are costs, such as medications, that you would only need to pay once if you do the procedures at the same time, whereas you would need to pay them twice if you were to do them separately.

      we routinely perform combination breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgery in Iran.

  20. Avatar ahmad says:

    I have to travel for my work and I wanna kn that Is it OK to fly after rhinoplasty?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      In general, those who have undergone rhinoplasty should wait a minimum of one week (roughly 6 or 7 days) before flying on an airplane. The reason for this is that it gives your body enough time to heal. Ideally, however, you would wait ten to fourteen days until flying, but most patients can fly safely after one week

  21. Avatar dirk says:

    Can I have nose surgery when I have perid? Will I have nosebleeds after surgery?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Due to hormonal changes during menstruation, the lining of the uterus falls and is removed by bleeding from the uterus. On average, about 2 to 3 cc of blood is excreted each month. That it bleeds during the period of the womb does not mean that at this time the person’s blood coagulation is difficult and the body is prone to bleeding in all parts. Therefore, during this period, nose surgery can be performed without having to worry about bleeding during or after the nose surgery. But in both groups of women it is best not to have nasal surgery during this period. The first group are those whose menstruation is very painful. This disorder is called dysmenorrhea. People with dysmenorrhea usually have severe painful contractions under the abdomen and lumbar and experience mood and physical disorders during the period. The second group are those who have a high rate of bleeding during the period. This is also called menorrhagia disorder.

  22. Avatar jully minro says:

    How do I find best rhinoplasty surgeon in iran when the all iranian web is full of fake before and after photo rhinoplasty surgery?

  23. Avatar says:

    hi jully
    that’s a good question
    Finding any best plastic surgeon in iran is a difficult task for someone doing their research on their own. And with the plastic surgery boom in recent years, there’s so many doctors advertising that they’re the best.

    It really depends on-the research you do and the questions you ask during consultation. Also, if you have friends or family who got rhinoplasty in iran, the best way is to talk to them and see if you can get a referral. That way, you can get a firsthand account of what the doctor is like and the type of results he or she can provide.

  24. Avatar john peter says:

    Expecting to reshape or change your nose is a restorative framework numerous individuals need. In any case, rhinoplasty surgery isn’t for everyone and you should consider a few parts to see whether this procedure is proper for you.

    One of the primary things need to be considered is your general physical prosperity. Getting rhinoplasty surgery isn’t just something you can do precipitously. It’s a honest to goodness operation which estimates that you will be sound with a particular ultimate objective to promise you have the best results. This suggests, you should light up your authority about your therapeutic history, inspect any present operations you may have had, and moreover if you smoke, you should stop in a flash. Talk with your master to choose to what degree you need to quit smoking before he or she can perform surgery. This is basic in light of the way that a man that smokes can encounter trouble repairing which could incite unsafe side effects.

    It’s not a brilliant idea to try to get rhinoplasty surgery if your body hasn’t finished the way toward making. Watchmen ought to evade getting this surgery for adolescents, paying little respect to the likelihood that they’re more than 16. That is due to the fact that kids develop unmistakably and the child could have one last advancement spurt that would unfavorably impact any kind of remedial surgery as time goes on. The enormous thing is that most pros won’t play out the surgery on kids underage and if you chat with an authority that will play out this technique on your child, you should diminish.

    Rhinoplasty surgery isn’t poor. you’ll need to comprehend how you will pay for this surgery since it isn’t covered by assurance. The good thing is that a couple of masters will empower you to pay in parts or experience a financing program. On the other hand there are various superior to normal masters that won’t allow this and in case you found an exceptional expert, however can’t stand to pay him or her out of pocket, by then getting this procedure may not be workable for you.

    Since your most cherished hotshot has a beguiling, get nose doesn’t mean yours will look a comparable way. Ensure you have commonsense wants when getting rhinoplasty surgery. While numerous experts can in every practical sense work extraordinary events, everyone won’t get comparable results. Be clear this is a danger you’re willing to take and be set up to deal with the outcome, or impressively consider a resulting surgery to urge get you to your pined for wants.

  25. Avatar Daniel says:

    When choosing a cosmetic surgeon, you should spend some time in research on the internet to make sure you find the best one. Looking at the reviews is not the most important. Look at the surgeons qualifications and training. Look at the years of experience and whether he or she is attached to a creditable hospital. Also important to see if he or she has memberships with national and international societies. Whether they attend conferences etc. to keep uptodate with the latest advancement in their field.

  26. Avatar liliana says:

    That is a great question,
    The obvious is the research. This is something that seems like you have done in great detail to get to the point of seeing the fake reviews. However, if you look closely at those that aren’t always self-promoting and show results you will see a few that stand out and let the work they do speak for itself.

    Next would be those before and after photos. The real photography of real patients where you can see the results based work that you may be looking for. Again and again I try to urge our patients to be 100% picky on this because it is YOUR nose. We show our patients hundreds of photos at times before they really nail down a decision.

    Yes, this takes time but if the surgeons you are investigating have continuously achieved the same outstanding results with each surgery then you have found a winner because that type of consistency is something to trust.

    Good luck on your search and I hope you make the best choice. If you need some more information about having your procedure done in Colombia I would be happy to help you out, it’s what we do daily.

  27. Avatar charles says:

    Well to start of About Rhinoplasty, I need to explain a few words regarding Plastic Surgery that you all should know. Plastic Surgery , the term defines the reconstruction of the parts of your body by the transfer of tissues according to the needs of the patients. No doubt Rhinoplasty is one of the procedures in Plastic Surgery.

    Rhinoplasty defines “nose molding” or “nose formation” in short, that means if you have certain inborn flaws & you are not satisfied with your feature then certainly you can give it a new appearance permanently. But before taking the risk of this surgery make sure you are in the right hands who is competent in the task. The best Surgeon will be the only one to give you a better look.

  28. Avatar freja says:

    When will my appearance be normal?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Experience has shown that most patients look normal within two weeks after surgery. You may feel that your nose is still swollen and the end result of your operation is not yet known. However, after two weeks you will notice that you’re well on your way to recovery.

  29. Avatar timap.13 says:

    Hi what does it cost for rhinoplasty surgery in iran? please let us know

  30. Avatar alicia says:

    Is there any instruction for daily activities after my surgery?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Use 2 to 3 pillows under your head.
      Sneeze with your open mouth and don’t blow your nose for at least 7 days. Nasal congestion, severe congestion, headache and interrupted sleep are very common symptoms after surgery and decrease as you begin to recover. Do not do activities that require bending, stretching and straining.

  31. Avatar Giotto says:

    I am a young girl with a big nose and a small chin. Can I have both surgery at the same time?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Yes. Some facial surgeries, such as chin implants, cheek implants, or eyelid surgeries, etc. are sometimes performed in conjunction with nasal surgery and, incidentally, because of the fact that it creates more balance in the face make the outcome of the nose surgery even more beautiful.

  32. Avatar mRRY says:

    How long does it take after nasal surgery to remove the nasal swelling?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Basically post-operative nasal swelling is caused by the reconstruction of tissues that are manipulated during rhinoplasty in Iran. Swelling caused by post-operative trauma to the nose usually takes three weeks to reduce, but restoration of damaged tissues usually takes 16 weeks to fully recover. So this time is the time for bad sores to show up and even the surgeon himself cannot judge what the outcome will be. After 16 weeks the healing process will ends and the nasal swelling disappears naturally. Usually, 6 months after rhinoplasty in Iran and 9 months to one year in revision rhinoplasty in iran can be said that the swelling is completely gone.

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