Body sculpture in Iran

Body sculpture in Iran

Body sculpture in Iran


In Iran, surgeons only rely on procedures that can secure an optimal outcome. That's why BODY SCULPTURE is widely practiced in Iran. Because it provides better results in a more efficient way. Iranian plastic surgeons excel at what they do because they believe in providing high-quality medical service. Body sculpture surgery is a beautiful procedure to get rid of excess body fat. The procedure is performed in an outpatient clinic and does not require anesthesia. This removes a lot of fat from the body. Those who do this claim that size reduction will continue for a long time and will kill cellulite. Body sculpture surgery eliminates fat physically. These fats are removed from the body without pain or bleeding. The purpose of this surgery is to change the size and shape of the body. Recovery after body sculpture surgery is also 3 to 7 days.

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The Benefits of Body sculpture

The Benefits of Body sculpture surgery The subcutaneous fat is uniform and does not come off like other subcutaneous fat suction devices. The number of days of using a Shipper in this type of operation is very short and only takes 2 weeks. Gathering and shaping the skin is much better than other procedures. Topical anesthesia is used in this type of surgery. There is very little swelling and discharge in this surgery. The probability of infection is very low. Fat embolism is very low and so far no cases have been reported. There is no need for hospitalization and the patient is discharged after surgery. Fatigue and bodily injury are rare in this surgery. So it's much easier than other weight loss surgeries.

Body sculpture and its problems

Body sculptures and Problems Although localized slimming has been confirmed, it has its own problems, some of which are listed below:

Your doctor should take the time to treat this because it is based on vibration or vibration and the doctor may be tired.

  • So make a mistake.
  • Severe vibration can harm the patient and the surgeon
  • Suitable for thighs, arms and abdominal area
  • Local anesthesia for the surgeons
  • Surgery infection
  • A kidney or heart problem
  • Allergic reaction
  • Skin burns
  • Skin elongation
  • skin itching
  • Raising body temperature
  • nausea
  • Inflammation
  • Feeling weak and dizzy

 Where can BODY SCULPTURE be done on the body?

  • Waist abdomen
  • hip
  • Chest
  • Inside the knees
  • Pelvis
  • The flanks
  • Neckline and lower thigh (outside and inside thighs)
  • Arms

How is Body sculptures Performed?

Using a 2 to 5 millimeter diameter, a hole is created in the parts of the body that are supposed to be body sculptureally operated. The device then enters the adipose tissue through a hole created by ultraviolet waves, eliminates adipose tissue, and is injected into the body for anesthesia and bleeding prevention. Eventually, the fat and the anesthetic solution are removed by the holes. It has an active immune system that stops when it comes to adipose tissue, so the line of tearing and burning of the skin reaches its lowest point.

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Am I a good condidate for body sculpture?

Weight loss surgeries will instantly remove a lot of fat, but that may be a miracle, but you have to look more closely. Body sculptures and other surgeries that remove fat by suctioning focus only on the subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is actually the safest type of fat in the body and the main problem for those who are overweight is visceral fat, which we unfortunately do not know about. Visceral fats are fats that surround the vital organs of the body. A balanced amount of these fats is not bad and protects vital organs, but the overweight person certainly has a lot of visceral fat. Visceral fat is known to cause inflammation and increase the risk of chronic type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancers.

How to prepare for body sculpture surgery

  • Have enough information about this type of surgery.
  • Visit a certified center.
  • Be sure to have some counseling before doing anything.
  • Tell your doctor if you are taking any medicines.


The best thing about undergoing a BODY SCULPTURE surgery is the fact that it is painless and you will feel minimal soreness and discomfort after the surgery.

 What are the side effects of body sculpture surgery?

As simple as lipomath surgery is, it is still an invasive procedure and has its own side effects, including:

  • Severe bruises: They appear on the skin for weeks.
  • Inflammation: Inflammation and swelling from this surgery may continue for up to 6 months and fluids will be released from the punctured areas.
  • Thrombophlebitis: The formation of a blood clot in the vein that causes inflammation and subsequent problems.
  • Contour Irregularity: If the skin's elasticity is poor, or if the wounds heal abnormally, or if the removal of the fats is done in an uneven fashion, the skin may appear curled or raised.
  • Anesthesia: The part of the surgeon may be numb for a while, but this is usually temporary.
  • Infection: Rarely does it occur after body sculptureskin infection. Sometimes these infections need to be treated through surgery that can cause magnesium ulcers.
  • Perforation of internal organs: This is very rare.
  • Heart or Kidney Problems: Liquids are injected or sucked. Therefore, changes in body fluid levels can cause heart or kidney problems.
  • Lung embolism: Fat enters a blood vessel and goes to the lungs. It then blocks the flow in the lungs. This problem endangers one's life.
  • Pulmonary Swelling: Sometimes, when the solution is injected into the body, it accumulates in the lung and causes swelling.
  • Allergic reaction: Patients who may be allergic to medications or substances during surgery may develop an allergic reaction.

That is why counseling is important before performing body sculptures.

  • Skin burns: Movement of the vibration device during body sculpture surgery may damage the skin or nerves.

Final word

So surgeries such as body sculptures will only rid you of subcutaneous and superficial fats, while the problem remains. You may look better after a body sculpture operation, but you haven't removed the main risk yet. Another drawback to body sculptures and other weight loss surgeries is that a person loses a lot of weight without any effort. This means your lifestyle and eating habits have not changed. The goal of a healthy diet and exercise program is to change lifestyle rather than lose weight. The problem for many who are overweight and obese is the lack of patience.  Losing weight with diet takes a lot of time and patience, but you have finally learned how to manage your eating and physical activity and most importantly reduce the amount of visceral fat in addition to subcutaneous fat.

Never forget the overweight you are grappling with overnight that you want to get rid of in a matter of hours, so be patient and keep going. In weight loss surgeries, the likelihood of losing weight is very high because one does not know how to change their lifestyle and eat. Therefore, it may be possible to repeat unhealthy eating habits, but with a good diet and exercise program, it is possible to lose weight.


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