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Individuals who are considering bariatric surgery for weight loss have multiple options. From traditional gastric bypass surgery to laparoscopic band surgery to gastric sleeve, each type of surgery has its own benefits and risks. When deciding which surgery is right for you, it is essential to compare your options
Cystoscopy (sis-TOS-kuh-pee) is a procedure used to see inside your urinary bladder and urethra — the tube that carries urine from your bladder to the outside of your body

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure in which the uterus is removed. There are several types of hysterectomy.

Knee replacement surgery also known as knee arthroplasty, or knee resurfacing restores the weight-bearing façade of a damaged, worn, or diseased knee joint. The aim is to remove pain and restore mobility.

A heart transplant is an operation in which a diseased, failing heart is replaced with a healthier donor heart. Heart transplant is a treatment that’s usually reserved for people whose condition hasn’t improved enough with medications or other surgeries.

Surgery that involves incision in the skin can lead to a wound infection. A surgical wound infection can develop at any time from 2-3 days after surgery.

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