Patient stories Christina from USA for facial feminization surgery

For you our dear American visitor, we ensure the best results and most economical prices for Facial Feminization Surgeries

For you our dear American visitor, we ensure the best results and most economical prices for Facial Feminization Surgeries.Every year, many Americans find their way to Iran to undergo Facial Feminization Surgeries which include operations like Rhinoplasty, Hairline lowering, Forehead reduction, Face and neck lift, Brow lift surgery and Jawline contouring. And, in addition to their surgeries, they have enjoyed the abundance of spectacular natural and historical sites in Shiraz which has more than helped them to speed up the healing process and reduce the stress and anxiety they might be going through.
These surgeries cost about 50,000$ in the US but Iranian Surgery has managed to get the most desired results with some of the best surgeons in the field such as Dr. Abdolahi with just 7000$.
Iran is one of the top centers for cosmetic surgeries in the world and has attracted many patients from all over the world offering top-notch quality medical services and unbelievably economical prices.
Another reason why patients feel totally content and experience a stress-free recovery is the environment they find themselves in, before and after the surgery. There are just so many tourist attractions worth visiting in Iran that can easily fill them with positive vibes and sensations boosting the healing process.
Offering high quality services to patients who are satisfied with the medical staff and more than that with their surgery results has led to so many of these patients returning to Iran for more cosmetic surgeries.
Our team here at Iranian surgery is ready to answer any and every question you might have.
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  1. athena says:

    hello I’m 36 years old, I have a healthy body and I do daily sporting
    I want to have Facial Feminization Surgery(ffs) and breast implant
    would you kindly let. me know how much it would be?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      hello Athena, hope you are good. we can have Both surgeries operated with Highest quality, your Facial feminization surgery gets done with 7000 usd and your breast implant with 2000 usd.
      you can contact our agent to get more information on this number via what’s app(+989019290946)

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