about us

The mission of Iranian Surgery is to put international patients in direct contact with Iranian based medical centers through a user-friendly online platform

We offer medical consultation to more than 1,500 people every month. Our website has more than 200,000 monthly visitors. We cooperate with top Iranian surgeons and hospital to find the best treatment for you.

Iranian surgery website is an online medical tourism platform in Iran aiming to help people all around the globe to receive quality healthcare services as well as offering patients its medical consultation. In fact, it is a user-friendly online website providing international patients with lots of useful information about the best hospitals and professional surgeons in Iran.

Aims And Objectives

Iranian surgery aims to inform patients about all the stages involved in their procedure and recovery timetable according to international standards. The mission of Iranian Surgery is to put international patients in direct contact with Iranian based medical centers through a user-friendly online platform. After online submission of medical records patients will receive feedback and treatment recommendations from medical experts inside Iran without the need to travel. Treatment plans will be finalized after the follow up physical examinations. We are proud to inform you that we provide free consultation for a great number of patients every day on a round-the-clock basis. We bring you the best health tourism services in Iran — with effective treatments, VIP services, transparency, and safeguarding the privacy of patients. Our goal is to give you a memorable experience that is beyond your expectations.

Who are the Iranian surgery team?

The Iranian Surgery platform is a collection of doctors, surgeons, tourism specialists, SEO experts, web designers, content providers, Arabic translators, English speakers, business and sales specialists. We all aim to provide quality medical services for international patients.

our team

Ashkan khavand

CEO and Founder

Dr. Hasan Rashki

Medical Director

Payam Rasouli

General Manager

Reza yazdian

Executive Manager

Saeed Mohseni

Graphic Designer And Web Developer

Sara Yazdani

Doctor Assistant

Hossein Hashemi

Doctor Assistant

The Main Responsibilities Of Iranian Surgery

One of the main responsibilities of Iranian surgery is to carefully examine patients’ concerns and try to mitigate them before entering Iran. Moreover, our responsibility is not only to select, introduce and connect you to the best Iranian surgeons and hospitals, but also to examine the type of illness and patient expectations case by case. We strive to have effective supervision over every detail of your treatment process even after your course of treatment will be completed and remember that our top priority is to offer high quality healthcare services to international patients. We just work for patients and do not belong to any medical center in Iran.

Before Travelling To Iran

  1. Proper consultation with the patients
  2. Estimating the approximate cost of treatment in Iran
  3. Accommodation and ticketing Treatment visa
  4. Estimating how long you need to be in Iran
  5. Choosing an appropriate medical center considering patients’ diseases/requests
  6. Providing medical tourists/patients with enough information about rules and regulations of Islamic republic of Iran.
  7. Trip planning
  8. Providing medical tourists/patients with enough information about risks and complications of the procedure.
  9. Examining your medical records/documents to make sure whether you are a right candidate for the procedure or not.

During Treatment In Iran

  1. Transfer between airport, hotel and medical centers
  2. 24/7 support
  3. Offering health insurance
  4. Providing patients with translators (tour guide)
  5. Making an appointment to see the doctor
  6. Pre op tests
  7. Surgery and medication during hospitalization
  8. Purchasing prescribed medicine for the patients after procedure
  9. Checkup
  10. Tourism-related services such as visiting tourist attractions, etc.
  11. Exchanging money

After Departure From Iran

  1. Making connection between surgeon/hospital and patient if necessary
  2. Proving patients with post-procedure recovery information
  3. Providing patients with all their medical documents in Iran
  4. Supporting patients after surgery