Ahawo saved about $ 20,000 and paid $ 4,700 instead of $ 25,000.

This patient came to Iran from Kenya for 4 major cosmetic Surgeries, including Brazilian butt lift(BBL in Iran), Buccal fat removal, Breast Lift and Liposuction in Iran. She has chosen the Iranian Surgery medical team for her operations and she is very pleased with Iranian surgery services. By choosing Iran over her country, the patient saved about $20,000 and paid $4,700 instead of $25,000.

Here is her story:

I had always wanted to get liposuction, but I was scared of the risks and the costs. I am from Kenya but I live in Qatar, where liposuction is very expensive and not covered by insurance. I also heard horror stories of botched surgeries and infections.

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Then I read an article online that changed my life. It was about medical tourism in Iran, a country that offered high-quality and affordable cosmetic surgeries for foreign patients. It said that Iran had some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, who used advanced techniques and equipment to perform liposuction with minimal pain and scarring. It also said that Iran was a beautiful and hospitable country, where patients could enjoy a relaxing and cultural vacation before and after their surgery.

I was intrigued by the idea of traveling to Iran for liposuction. But liposuction was not the only surgery I wanted to get. I also wanted to enhance my buttocks, my breasts, and my face. I did some research and found Iranian Surgery a reputable medical tourism agency in Iran. I contacted them online and sent some photos of my body. They replied with a detailed consultation and said that I can get Brazilian butt lift, buccal fat removal, and breast lift as well. I was amazed by how friendly and accommodating the Iranian Surgery team was and I couldn’t believe how affordable the surgery was going to be compared to countries like Turkey or the US. I decided to go for it. They arranged everything for me, from visa and flight to accommodation and transportation. They arranged for me to see a board-certified plastic surgeon who had excellent reviews and credentials.

I booked my trip and flew to Tehran, the capital of Iran. I was greeted by a friendly representative from Iranian Surgery, who took me to my hotel. The next day, I met my surgeon in person at his clinic. He examined my body and confirmed that I was a good candidate for all the surgeries I wanted to get. He explained the procedures and the recovery processes to me, and answered all my questions. He made me feel comfortable and confident.

The day of the surgeries arrived. I was taken to a modern and hygienic hospital, where I was prepared for the operations. I received general anesthesia, so I slept through the whole process. The surgeon performed liposuction on my abdomen, thighs, arms, and back; Brazilian butt lift by transferring fat from other parts of my body to my buttocks; buccal fat removal by making small incisions inside my cheeks and removing excess fat; and breast lift by removing excess skin and tissue from my breasts and reshaping them. The surgeries lasted about six hours in total, and I woke up in a recovery room.

I stayed in the hospital for three days, where I received excellent care from the nurses and staff. The surgeon visited me every day to check on my progress and change my dressings. He told me that everything went well and that I would see the final results in a few months.

I had an amazing time in Iran. I felt like a new person. I loved my new body and my new confidence. I was very satisfied with my decision and the results of my surgery.

I thank my surgeon and the Iranian Surgery team for making it possible. I would recommend Iran to anyone who wants to get liposuction or any other cosmetic surgery. It was the best decision of my life.

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