Enny from Nigeria’s experience with lipomatic surgery

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Enny from Nigeria’s experience with lipomatic surgery

Six months ago, a patient came to us for a gastric sleeve surgery. After she sent us her details, we realized that she wasn’t a good candidate for this procedure because her BMI was below 35. Due to the dangers that sleeve gastrectomy poses to those who are not very overweight, we recommended not to do this procedure. And we suggested that instead she choose a cosmetic procedure to shape her body.

After she sent her photo, we found that her interest in undergoing a surgery is mostly due to her big breasts. And she needs her breasts to be smaller, be lifted, and after we explained her options to her, she decided to go with lipomatic surgery.

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We told her about the doctors we work with and the costs of our packages. But we didn’t hear from her for a while. Until she called one day and said that she herself had found a doctor in Shiraz. And the doctor had told her that he would perform the surgery for her without a need for intermediaries or medical tourism agencies. Well, she asked us about the doctor. That doctor was a good doctor. But I advised her to stay with Iranian Surgery, but she decided to do everything herself.

The packages we provide include visa, nursing services and translators, and we cater to all the patient needs.

And further talks with the doctor, she learned that this doctor is only going to handle the surgery and she has to take care of everything else herself.

And this made the situation a bit difficult in Iran. because that would mean the patient, while being in pain and having limited time, also has to deal with people whose language she doesn’t understand. So, she definitely needs someone to be there for her through the process.

And considering that the patient wanted to take the trip on her own, after consulting with her sister and mother, they had encouraged her to pay the extra cost, but in return enjoy the full support we provide.

The amount that the doctor had asked for was less than the amount we were asking. And obviously it should be. Because the patient is paying for a package with full services, such as nursing services, medications, translators…, and more importantly, from the moment she arrives at the airport until the moment she leaves the country the patient does not need to do anything.

Since she had a limited window, the patient decided to come to Iran in March. but we informed her in advance that March is a busy month. And because of Norouz holidays most doctors are not available.

we also told her that the holidays begin on March 20th and last for two weeks. and doctors use this opportunity to take week long trips. The patient was scheduled to come to Iran in early March. But unfortunately, being Nigerian, her visa was rejected. We tried to get her a visa, but unfortunately it was not approved.

We had to cancel the operation and return the amount that the patient had paid as an advance payment.

We told her that in the future, if she was able to take time off work, she should contact us so that we can arrange another operation. One day the patient called and said that fortunately she had been able to get her visa. The patient was Nigerian but, she actually lives in Oman. She works there. so, she was able to go directly to the Iranian embassy to get her visa. She was going to come to Iran, but unfortunately the conditions were not ideal. All the hotels were fully booked and I was on vacation myself. But she had already gotten her ticket and really wanted this to be done. So, despite all that, our team canceled their vacations, gathered together and got to work. And luckily, we managed to make her wish come true and she got her surgery.

The surgery was performed on time and the patient was very pleased with the results. The changes in her appearance before and after the operation were so great that even we were very happy for her.

Following the surgery, she was hospitalized for a night and was taken back to the hotel the next day. A nurse visited her every day and changed her dressing and administered her injections.

We learned that she was going to be in Iran for her birthday. So, we thought since she was far from home and her loved ones, she might feel lonely and homesick on her birthday. that’s why we decided to throw her a small surprise birthday party. We invited her to a nice café and together with all the Iranian Surgery team and the company’s management had a small and friendly party.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the patient had a lipomatic surgery which includes performing procedures on her abdomen, sides, and back, fat injection to the sides of the hips plus breast reduction and lift. on the day of the surgery, in the operating room when she was talking to the doctor and they were doing the pre-op preparations, the patient told the surgeon “I wish you could do something about my hands” because she thought that her hands were too thin and wrinkled for her age. and we are happy to say that our doctor gave her a fat injection for her hands and did so free of charge and as a gift. Although it was not in the package.

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