My experience with scoliosis treatment in Iran

Before I came to Iran, I had suffered from scoliosis for years. The symptoms began when I was 3 and they kept getting worse until about 4 years ago when my last child was born. It got to a point where I had to use a walker if I wanted to go anywhere. I am 42 and I couldn’t live with this condition anymore. I had seen many doctors in Oman and even talked to a few doctors overseas. But they were either too expensive or they thought the surgery to fix my back would require a difficult and complex procedure with a low success rate; which meant they were not up to the task. at this point, I had completely lost hope. but then I heard that there are doctors in Iran that might be able to help me. that was when I came across the Iranian Surgery website. I contacted them and explained my situation and I was given a step-by-step description of the whole process and what it would be like to travel to Iran, receive the treatment, and return back. when I was told about the price I was genuinely surprised because it was really cheaper than Oman or other countries. I send them my files, MRIs, and records of my previous treatments. And they asked me to get there as soon as possible because their doctors had analyzed my condition and they were sure that they could help me. So I got on the first flight to Shiraz which is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The Iranian Surgery team picked me up from the airport and took me to a very nice hotel. I was supposed to see a few doctors the next day. I was both hopeful and anxious about the future. The next day I saw Dr. Amini who promised to help with the pain and he kept his promise. He gave me an injection which he said will be effective for 6 months. The pain started to fade away gradually. But the twist in my spine was still there and I was really hoping they could do something about that.

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The first surgeon we saw was Dr. Khazaei who said the surgery was doable but it wasn’t his job. We received a similar response from the next doctor who saw me but then he referred us to doctor Dr. Amirreza Mesbahi 
who he claimed was the best in the field. He prescribed CT scans and specialized MRIs. I had photos taken of my body part by part. After I did all that, the doctor said that he will perform the surgery; however, he warned me that it is going to be a difficult surgery and that it would last around 10 hours. He also said that I would have to spend a night in ICU and be hospitalized for 2 days following the surgery.
Well, all that was done and everything went great. My doctor said that the surgery was a success and I believed him because I was able to put my walker away just a few days after the surgery. He also said that I had to wait for 2 weeks before I can get back to my daily routines and that I had to wear the belts and braces for 3 months. I had lived with this condition for so long that being able to walk normally without any pain now seems like a dream. I am forever grateful to the Iranian Surgery team who were so kind and supportive and accompanied me every step of the way. And I have to thank Dr.Mesbahi more than anyone because he performed a surgery that no one else would.

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