Satisfactory hair transplant results of Filipino patient

This patient, Edward, came to Iran from Philippines for Hair Transplant (FUE Method). He chose the city of Shiraz because of the high quality of medical services and the beauty of its landscape. Besides, at the suggestion of the Iranian surgery team, he chose the 5-star hotel (Shiraz Grand Hotel) for his stay.
During his 3-day stay in Shiraz, 4000 hair grafts were extracted from the donor area, and then transplanted to the desired area in one of the well-equipped clinics in Shiraz.
Due to the fact that hair transplant did not cause any complications and fatigue for the patient, the Iranian surgery team set the early hours of the day for his medical services and the rest for visiting the beautiful places of the city.
The excellent services of Iranian Surgery have resulted in 100% patient satisfaction.
By choosing Iran over his country, the patient saved about $ 2000 and paid $ 900 instead of $ 2900.

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