A patient who came from kuwait to Iran for 5 major surgeries

It is unbelievable, I had five successful surgeries in Iran by paying only $ 4,700.
Fahd, a 32-year-old Kuwaiti patient, came to Iran for 5 major Surgeries, including septorhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty and septoplasty), liposuction, male breast reduction and LASIK eye surgery.
During his two-month stay in Iran, three surgeons performed his surgeries and he is very satisfied with the Iranian Surgery medical services.
By choosing Iran over Turkey, the patient also saved about $ 15,000 and paid $ 4,700 instead of $ 20,000.

My name is Fahad and I’m from Kuwait. I have had a couple of surgeries. Liposuction(Liposuction and male breast reduction), Rhinoplasty(Rhinoplasty and septoplasty) and Lasik eye surgery. The surgeries were pretty effortless and convenient and all the doctors were professionals. It all was over really soon and I didn’t get tired.

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My first surgery was Liposuction. First thing they did was take a blood test. My second surgery was Lasik which required a few other tests. The tests did take some time but the surgery itself was over in less than 20 seconds. It was over before I knew it.

Rhinoplasty was the last one. It was a straightforward procedure. They did plenty of test to make sure the surgery would be successful. 15 years ago, I did a nose job Kuwait which did not yield the desired results. I was young, I had problem breathing and it didn’t look good. But now, after this surgery, I feel like I can finally breath normally and without any issues.

About the prices I can say that they were pretty low and reasonable. Compared to other countries they were nothing really. That’s why I decided to have 3 surgeries while I had initially intended to just have one. I underwent 3 surgeries in one month, But I don’t recommend having 2 surgeries at the same time because it might inconvenience you.  The procedures were not the hardest part, but rather the time you have to spend at home and take care of yourself. All in all, the decision is yours but doing the surgeries one at the time would be much easier. Since after on of the surgeries they will take off the bandage after 4 days while after Rhinoplasty for instance the bandage must be take off after 2 months.

And regarding Shiraz, I can tell you that it’s an old city ripe with historical sites and beautiful places. For instance, the hotel that I’m staying in right now is a hundred years old and belongs to Abbasid period. Shiraz is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has plenty of places worth visiting and also has many poets. It has a great weather. Not too cold or too warm. There are many cars on the streets but the air is quite clean. I didn’t go to Tehran. The reason why I liked Shiraz was its historical heritage and the myriad of tourist attractions.

– Will you visit shiraz again in the future? Sure. I will come back again. Because I’ve been to many historical sites. For example, there is an old mosque just behind this restaurant called Nasir al-Mulk Mosque; which is an old mosque with eye-catching stained-glass windows.

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