A patient who came from Australia to Iran for Rhinoplasty

A Patient Who Came from Australia to Iran for Rhinoplasty

I’m so happy to share my success story with you all! I’m from Australia and I came to Iran to have rhinoplasty with the help of Iranian Surgery, a medical tourism website that connects foreign patients with the skilled Iranian surgeons and helps them feel comfortable every step of the way. I had always wanted to improve the shape of my nose, but I was afraid of the high costs and risks of surgery in Australia. I heard that Iran is famous for its nose jobs, and that Iranian surgeons are very skilled and experienced. I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did!

the professional team of Iranian Surgery took care of everything.  they got me a visa, booked my flight tickets and a comfy room in a nice hotel. I also had my own personal assistant who accompanied me throughout my trip and helped me with everything I needed. They were obviously really good at their jobs and were very friendly and caring. They made me feel comfortable and safe in a foreign country.

My surgeon was one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran. He was very patient with me. He listened to my expectations and explained the procedure in detail. He showed me some before and after photos of his previous patients and gave me realistic advice on what I could achieve with my nose. He also performed a 3D simulation of my nose on a computer, so I could see how it would look like after the surgery.

The surgery went very smoothly and painlessly. I was under general anesthesia, so I didn’t feel anything. The surgery lasted about two hours, and then I was transferred to a recovery room where I stayed for one night. The next day, my doctor removed the bandages and splints from my nose and checked the results. though it was too early to judge, but still, I was amazed by how beautiful my nose looked! It was exactly what I wanted.

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