Rhinoplasty in Iran marina from Australia

I traveled to Iran with my brother and the medical services provided were excellent from start to finish. The most important reason for choosing Iran for rhinoplasty and breast implant is the Iranian surgery professional surgical team.

Everything was settled very quickly. They quickly sent me work samples of various cosmetic surgeons and resumes of cosmetic surgeons, and only 6 days after sending the initial application, my treatment visa was issued to travel to Iran. Communicating with them via WhatsApp was really easy because Dr Maryam Mosleh, Dr. Rashki, the treatment manager, and Mr jaafar zadeh, my receptionist, spoke English to me easily. I have never seen a group that feels so responsible! They really made me feel safe in Tehran.

In Iran, I am very satisfied with both rhinoplasty and breast implant surgery, and I am happy that I chose Iran for my cosmetic surgery.

Therefore, I recommend everyone to have their cosmetic surgery in Iran with a professional Iranian Surgery team.

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