Rhinoplasty in Iran marina from Australia

I had always been self-conscious about the shape of my nose, and I knew that the only way to truly feel confident in my own skin was to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery. However, the cost of the procedure in Australia was just too high for me to afford.

That’s when my brother suggested we look into medical tourism, and after doing some research, we came across Iranian Surgery. From the very beginning, their team was incredibly helpful and supportive, answering all of our questions and concerns. With the help of Dr. Rashki, their medical director, everything happened quickly and smoothly. Plus, having access to before and after photos as well as detailed information about surgeons’ experience and academic background made it easier to choose one.

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My Treatment visa was issued only 6 days after I submitted my initial application. When we arrived in Iran, we were greeted by our assigned representative who took care of everything from transportation to accommodation to appointments with my surgeon. The entire process was seamless and stress-free.

My plastic surgeon was amazing – he listened to my concerns and worked with me to create a nose that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The results exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come to Iran for the surgery.

In fact, I was so pleased with my experience that I decided to have a breast implant surgery as well. Once again, Iranian Surgery took care of everything and made the process as smooth as possible.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the services provided by Iranian Surgery and would highly recommend them to anyone considering medical tourism. Thanks to them, I now feel confident and beautiful in my own skin.

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