Satisfactory results of 4 specialized surgeries performed on an English patient:

Mr. Dexter, an English patient, came to Iran for 4 major Surgeries, including Calf Implant, Beard Transplant, Scar Revision and Dental Veneers. He chose the Iranian Surgery medical team for his operations to receive the best services. And then the most experienced surgeons in Iran performed his surgeries and he was very satisfied with the result of the surgeries. By choosing Iran over his country, the patient saved about $ 50,000 and paid $ 9,000 instead of $ 60,000.

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The excellent services of Iranian Surgery, including tour guide, translator, 4-star hotel, transfer, 24/7 support, have resulted in 100% patient satisfaction.
During his 10-day stay in Tehran, he benefited from the highest standards of medical services provided by Iranian Surgery and also enjoyed the beauties of Tehran and visited many historical sites, which increased his satisfaction.
As a result, he chose Iran and Iranian Surgery for all future medical services, and we are proud that we made the English patient satisfied.
The experienced team of Iranian Surgery is ready to provide you with medical services and answer all your questions.
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