Rhinoplasty After 20 Years

Rhinoplasty After 20 Years

Rhinoplasty After 20 Years

Rhinoplasty and 20 years post-operation

Getting a plastic surgery hinges on the results that it can deliver. For rhinoplasty, it’s a facial balance and an improved nose shape. However, there’s more to a rhinoplasty than just the immediate results. A common worry that could be leading to hesitation is how a rhinoplasty will age.

Facelift, another cosmetic procedure, can remove several years from the face, but it can’t stop the aging process forever. At some point, the face will begin to get new wrinkles and lines. This may lead you to question whether rhinoplasty results will age well. In this article, we’ll describe what you can expect from a nose job and how these results will hold up over time.

Is a Nose Job Permanent?

A nose job is permanent. Where a facelift deals with skin and muscles, a nose job focuses on the actual structure of your nose. Rhinoplasty procedures typically involve the alteration of bone and cartilage. While bone doesn’t regrow or change over time at all, cartilage can grow, but at such a slow pace, you likely will never see any drastic changes in your appearance. This means that if you have a dorsal hump and get a rhinoplasty for a straight bridge, the bump won’t return.

How Rhinoplasty Results Age

The nose is made up of soft tissues in addition to bone and cartilage. This soft tissue is what will age over time. This means that, like other parts of the face, aging will result in collagen breakdown and droopy skin. 20 years after your rhinoplasty, you may notice small alterations to your nose, but these will be with the skin, not the actual structure of your nose. The new shape that rhinoplasty creates lasts a lifetime.

While most changes to the nose are subtle as you age, some factors play a bigger role in the alteration of your appearance than others. Below we’ll outline some of the top factors that impact the aging quality of your rhinoplasty.


Factors That Impact Rhinoplasty Aging


1.Rhinoplasty Technique

The rhinoplasty technique you receive goes hand in hand with the quality of your plastic surgeon. It’s no secret that some people aren’t happy with their rhinoplasty for one reason or another. This often comes down to what surgeon you trust to reshape your nose. It’s important to find a board-certified surgeon who has experience performing your exact rhinoplasty technique.

There are many different types of rhinoplasty procedures, so if you find a surgeon who only ever does bulbous tip rhinoplasty, they may not have the necessary experience to give you your ideal results for dorsal hump removal.


Just as genetics play a role in the nose you want to reshape; they play a role in how you age. Some people have little to no significant change to their facial features as they age. Others may experience more significant changes, ultimately impacting how their nose looks.


While genetics can make subtle changes to rhinoplasty after 20 years, trauma has the potential to drastically change how your nose looks. However, this is no different than if you got in an accident before your rhinoplasty. If there’s trauma to your nose, the bones, cartilage, and tissue can be damaged, leading to an altered appearance.

Following trauma, cartilage can grow back as scar tissue which can continue to change the shape of your nose as you age.

4.Skin Thickness

As mentioned before, skin loses collagen as you age and becomes loose. If you have thick skin on your nose, this sign of aging may be more prominent than for others with thin skin on their nose. While it may sound backward, thick skin rhinoplasty involves adding cartilage to the nose to add definition rather than removing it. This means that while your skin may alter, the new structure of your nose should still be pronounced through the skin.

When Should You Get a Revision Rhinoplasty?

While most people experience mild changes in their rhinoplasty after 20 years, others may have more noticeable signs of aging. This leads to the question: when should you get a revision rhinoplasty?

If you are no longer happy with your nose after 20 years, you will need to get what is called a revision rhinoplasty. It isn’t just a regular rhinoplasty because your nose already has scar tissue, which is normal, from your past procedure. Instead, this new procedure works around that scar tissue to improve the appearance of your nose.

You should start considering a revision rhinoplasty if the following changes in your nose are prominent and you are unhappy with your appearance:

. The tip of your nose droops

. You’ve experienced significant trauma to your nose

. Cartilage in your nose has grown weak, and you’ve lost definition

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