Abu Fares from Kuwait

Abu Fares and his wife’s experience of cosmetic surgery in Iran, under the supervision of Iranian Surgery Company.

The experience of facelift, silicone, and rhinoplasty by Abu Fares and his wife under the supervision of Iranian Surgery Company.

Abu Fares and his wife came to Iran from Kuwait and chose the Iranian Surgery company. Before making the final decision, they had corresponded with other companies in Turkey and Tehran. Finally, they chose the Iranian Surgery Company due to the clear and complete answers they received. The prices offered by Iranian Surgery Company were also very affordable compared to other companies. Abu Fares and his wife’s surgeries were performed by Dr. Javid, a specialist in cosmetic surgery. They were very happy and satisfied with the results of their surgeries.

Stay with us to know the details of this experience. You can also see the opinions of Mr. Abu Fares and his wife about Iranian Surgery services in the following videos.

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The first measures before coming to Iran

In the first step, Abu Fares corresponded with the Iranian Surgery Company. At first, he wanted to have a facelift. The main question of Abu Fares from the medical consultant of Iranian surgery was: How are face and forehead lifts performed? He also asked us about the filler procedure and after learning how fillers work, he said he was not interested in doing that and was interested in facelift surgery instead.

In addition, he shared his concern about drooping eyelids with the doctor. He wanted to solve this issue as well. The type of silicone he considered for this procedure was American silicone, which he liked to use for the cheeks, jawline, and chin.

Abu Fares wrote all his requests in a written list and the Iranian Surgery team gave these requests to Dr. Javeed. Dr. Javeed provided us with his opinions, details, and important points. And then Zahra Abyat, a medical consultant and assistant physician of Iranian Surgery Company, presented these details to the Abu Fares family. These details included the possibility of preparing the surgical process with American silicone. The price list was also provided. After the initial examination of the photos sent by Mr. Fares and his wife, the doctor determined that there is no need to treat drooping eyelids separately, in fact, the source of drooping is eyebrow drooping, which can be solved with facelift surgery.

After these explanations, the medical consultant of the Iranian Surgery Company provided Abu Fares and his wife with other details, including the name of the hospital, which is Kowsar Hospital, the name of the surgeon, Dr. Javeed, who is a specialist in cosmetic surgery, and the length of stay in the hotel, which is ten days. Abu Fares expressed his satisfaction at receiving complete and clear explanations from the Iranian surgery team. Due to the fact that the explanations were very clear, complete, and detailed, there was no need for further questions and follow-up.

The difference between other companies and Iranian Surgery was in the rates of the packages that they offered to patients, which were completely appropriate and of the highest possible quality. When the Abu Fares family compared the prices of Iranian Surgery Company with other companies in Turkey, Jordan, and even Tehran, they decided to make the necessary arrangements with Iranian Surgery Company to come to Iran and visit the doctor.

Abu Fares sent the necessary documents, including copies of tickets and passports. He also asked for the final price of the service. Iranian Surgery Company confirmed that the offered prices will remain fixed and unchangeable. It is worth mentioning that after the Abu Fares family arrived in Iran, doctors diagnosed the need for a forehead lift. Abu Fares also requested to undergo a Texas jawline procedure, which raised the price by two hundred dollars. This slight increase in price was calculated by applying discounts for Abu Fares and his wife, otherwise, the actual rate of adding two operations was more than 200 dollars. Abu Fares and his wife were completely satisfied with this price increase.

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Flight to Iran

Finally, Abu Fares and his wife came to Iran from Kuwait with the support and supervision of the Iranian Surgery team to have cosmetic surgery. Abu Fars was fifty years old and his wife was forty-eight years old. They underwent facelift surgery, silicone, and rhinoplasty.

Friendly welcome at the airport

Abu Fares and his wife were warmly welcomed at the airport. Bouquets of roses were presented to them and they were fascinated by this wonderful, unique, and special welcome that was far beyond their expectations. They expressed their satisfaction with this hospitality and warm welcome. The reception was so great that it aroused the curiosity of the Abu Fares family. The Iranian surgery team gave clear explanations about this type of hospitality and said that Iranians, especially Shirazi people, are very hospitable and welcome their guests from all over the world with open arms. Abu Fares and his wife also expressed their satisfaction with the kindness and respect of the flight crew.

Preliminary measures before the operation

After arriving in Shiraz, two members of the Iranian team took Abu Fares and his wife to the hotel. The hotel was one of the best and most luxurious five-star hotels in Shiraz. After a few minutes of rest, Mrs. Zahra Abyat, a consultant and medical assistant, came to take them to Dr. Javeed. The doctor explained all the necessary details to them and told Abu Fares’s wife that after the operation, 90% of the symmetry on both sides of her face would be corrected.

In the case of Mr. Abu Fares, the doctor diagnosed the need for a forehead lift. Abu Fares also requested to undergo a Texas jawline procedure, which raised the price by two hundred dollars. Abu Fares’s wife had heard from her friends that the Texas jawline procedure is only performed in Turkey and does not exist in Iran, but Dr. Javeed explained that the Texas jawline also exists in Iran. In addition, Dr. Javeed showed American silicone to Abu Fares and his wife. Silicone size and other necessary information were also explained to them. Abu Fares and his wife chose the size and type of silicone they wanted and were relieved.

In the hospital, they visited Mr. Rezaei for pre-op tests, including blood tests. Two days before the surgery, they had to take pills to prevent swelling and inflammation of the face after the facelift surgery. Swelling and inflammation of the face are among the complications that appear after facelift surgery. Therefore, we had to wait 2 days until the pills prescribed by the doctor were taken and then we started the surgery.

This was a good experience for the Iranian surgery team for the benefit of the patients. From now on, we suggest patients who want to have a facelift or similar operations take these pills in their own country and reduce the length of stay in Iran. Basically, cosmetic procedures are performed in two days, not more. One day for the blood test and the next day for surgery.

The Abu Fares family was impressed by Dr. Javeed’s up-to-date information and knowledge and thanked the doctor. Before the operation, they paid all the costs and received their receipt, and after that, they had a blood test in the hospital. The same night, Mr. Rezaei called and informed the Abu Fares family about the results of the blood test. Abu Fares’s test showed a lack of hemoglobin in the blood, but his wife’s test was good and there was no problem. Abu Fares had to undergo a blood transfusion due to a lack of hemoglobin. In addition to that, a part of the surgery had to be removed.

Abu Fares had to choose between a full facelift or silicone (a mid-facelift without a forehead lift). That night we went to the hospital and stayed there all night for the blood transfusion, which took about 9 hours. Abu Fares injected two bags of blood and the blood test was done again. After the injection, his blood hemoglobin reached 10. So, Dr. Javeed confirmed that everything went well and Abu Fares was ready for surgery. But at one stage and not as he had initially requested, he wanted to have several surgeries at the same time.

Entering the operating room

Abu Fares and his wife stayed in the hospital to prepare for the surgery. Abu Fares’s wife entered the operating room around 12-13 and left the operating room around 20.00. She underwent mid-facelift and Rhinoplasty. After Abu Fares’ wife entered the recovery room, Abu Fares entered the operating room. Before entering the operating room, Abu Fares insisted that all requested procedures be performed, but the Iranian surgery team and the consultant and medical assistant explained to him the possible risks of performing several cosmetic procedures at the same time for those with hemoglobin deficiency. And they said that this increases the possibility of coma and fainting in patients with hemoglobin deficiency.

Abu Fares had full authority, he could cancel the surgery completely or have one of his requested operations. Abu Fares chose a full facelift and requested that at least silicone be placed on his chin, and decided to have the rest of the cosmetic procedures in the coming months.

And then they talked to the anesthesiologist and told him that the operation became one-stage and not two-stage anymore, so the doctor agreed to perform Abu Fares’ operation. After the doctor’s approval, Abu Fares entered the operating room around 9 o’clock and left the operating room around 2 o’clock. Zahra Abyat, the medical consultant of Iranian Surgery Company, attended the recovery room and took all the necessary post-operative measures for Abu Fares and his wife. Nurses did other necessary post-operative tasks, such as injecting painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.

Abu Fares consulted with two internists to find out the cause of low hemoglobin in his blood. The doctors asked him to do a complete examination and endoscopy of the stomach to determine the exact cause of the hemoglobin deficiency. However, Abu Fares was sure that the cause of this deficiency and weakness was the strict diet he had followed in the past few years to lose weight and reduce body fat. He insistently said that there is no need for a complete examination or endoscopy of the stomach and other examinations. Anyway, Dr. Javeed and other experts told Abu Fares to follow up on this issue after returning to his country to avoid possible problems.

After surgery

The operation was done successfully and Abu Fares and his wife did not feel any pain. The doctor visited them and checked post-operative examinations. Everything was perfect and there were no problems. They were in the hospital until the next day. Dr. Javeed wrote prescriptions for the necessary medicines and explained how to take them, and then they were discharged from the hospital. Their general condition was excellent, they did not feel pain, weakness, dizziness, or headache. They used creams and shampoos approved by the doctor. They visited the doctor four days after the operation. The doctor removed the bandages wrapped around their faces. They could see the result of the operation to some extent with their own eyes, but the swelling and bruising prevented them from seeing the result clearly.

What was clear at that moment was the small and beautiful nose of Abu Fares’s wife, which had completely changed and become more beautiful than before the operation. The most important change was the jaw deviation of Abu Fares’s wife, which was corrected by about 90% and was no longer visible. Abu Fares and his wife were completely satisfied with what they saw.

Regarding the stitches on their faces, Dr. Javeed said that ten days after returning to Kuwait, they should send a video of their faces to be examined, and if necessary, write a letter to the Kuwait hospital to remove the stitches.

After returning to Kuwait

After returning to Kuwait, Abu Fares sent a video of himself and his wife. The doctor told them to wash the scar with baby shampoo for a few days and then go to the hospital to have the stitches removed. However, regarding the silicone and chin surgery that Abu Fares agreed not to do due to his health conditions, Dr. Javeed wrote a certificate according to which Mr. Fares can come to Iran whenever he wants (for ten years) and have the remaining cosmetic surgeries at the same cost and without increase. Therefore, Abu Fares decided to come to Iran in four months and have silicone surgery on his cheek and jaw.

After completing all the steps, Abu Fares showed his satisfaction with the Iranian Surgery by sending a video. He said that everyone around him was surprised to see him and his wife. He thanked the Iranian Surgery team, especially Zahra Abyat for her sincere and unreserved efforts. And they added that the Iranian Surgery Company is one of the best medical tourism companies not only in Iran but also in the region.

. The success story of Abu Fares from Kuwait 5 days after a facelift surgery in Iran with the support of the Iranian Surgery Company.

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. The success story of Abu Fares from Kuwait 15 days after a facelift surgery in Iran with the support of the Iranian Surgery Company.

. Video of Abu Fares, our Kuwaiti guest, while staying at the hotel and receiving the services of the Iranian Surgery Company.

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