ICSI side effects on mother

ICSI side effects on mother

ICSI side effects on mother

Couples with fertility problems often worry about IVF risks or dangers to the mother and the baby. In fact, some risks are reduced, some are increased, and some are inherent in that a woman needing IVF for a particular condition may have a higher risk pregnancy in any case. Damage to embryos. Fertilization rates with ICSI range from 50 to 80 percent. However, not all fertilized eggs develop into healthy embryos. Unfortunately, some eggs and embryos do become damaged during the ICSI process.

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 There is no clear evidence that IVF babies are more at risk from abnormalities, or that women undertaking IVF are at higher risk of certain cancers.

 Chromosome problems are actually less common with IVF.

 IVF produces more multiple births – and these are higher risk.

ICSI can increase IVF success rates but the procedure is not perfect.

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