Hair Transplant in Tehran

What is included?

Hair Transplant

Medical package (Pre-op tests, doctor’s appointments, medication, Hair Supplements and Shampoos for 3 months)

Visa and tourism

Medical Interpreter

24/7 online consultation

3 nights stay in a 3/5-star hotel

Free SIM card and internet access

Airport pick-up and transportation (transfers between the airport, hotel and clinic)

$902 - $1650

Since Tehran is the capital of Iran, it may be easier to find a direct flight from the city where you live to Tehran.

Tehran has excellent clinics with a clean and hygienic environment. Hair transplant clinics in Tehran can provide the most up-to-date hair transplant methods at a reasonable price for each person and according to his characteristics and wishes.

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Before and After Shots

Take a look at ‘before and after’ photos of people who got their nose jobs done in Iran.

Day to Day

After you have gathered the necessary information regarding hair transplant in Iran, you have already contacted our cosmetic consultants and booked the procedure, Iranian Surgery will apply for your E-visa/Medical-Visa, and book your hotel and the clinic for your hair transplant based on the package you have chosen.

Once your visa is issued, you can purchase your tickets. Here are the steps that will enlighten your hair transplant journey in Tehran:

The information you need for follow-up care will be given to you at the last appointment so you can go home knowing what to do next. In addition, you should be aware of hair growth after the transplantation process. We will always be with you.


Medical Tourism in Tehran

As a Capital, Tehran is known for its political features; Tehran officially became the center of arts such as theater, cinema, television, and sports.

In addition to the successful surgery experience, you can visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Golestan Palace).

Tehran is very close to the northern cities of Iran, which have very different climates. Therefore, Tehran can provide you with the opportunity to benefit from various options.