Rhinoplasty in Tehran

What is included?

Surgery and hospital stay

Visa and tourism

24/7 online consultation

Free SIM card and internet access

Medical package (doctor's appointments, medication, pre and post-op tests and X-rays)

Medical interpreter

8 nights stay in a 5-star hotel

Airport pick-up and transportation (transfers between the airport, hotel and clinic/ hospital)

$3850 to $4750

Tehran is the capital and largest city of Iran. It is a modern, advanced city with high medical facilities at the same level as other European countries. Choosing Tehran to have a nose job in Iran is a conscious and reassuring decision. Rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran have a long history in performing cosmetic operations, have high skills and experience, and can answer your questions and needs, let alone your rhinoplasty in Iran.

Rhinoplasty is a case-dependent surgery, the exact cost will be known after the online evaluation of your nose condition and services you’d like us to arrange for you.

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Dr. Yahiavi

Otolaryngologist (ENT)
Facial Plastic Surgeon Specialist Since 2001
Assistant professor of the ear, throat, and vision department of Firouzgar hospital
Member of the Iranian Nose Surgeons Association
Member of the Association of Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeons of Iran
Member of the Educational Council of the Faculty of Medicine
EDO member of the Faculty of Medicine
Member of the evaluation committee of domestic and foreign assistants and graduates

Dr. Astaraki

Plastic Surgery specialist for cosmetic facial and body, nose jobs (Rhinoplasty), face and neck lifts, various breast cosmetic surgeries, and body shaping procedures such as liposuction, lipomatic, abdominoplasty, and belt lift

Dr. Amali

Plastic Surgery Specialist Since 2006
More than thousands of successful surgeries
Member of the Iranian Association of Plastic Surgeons
Member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons
Member of the faculty of Karaj University of Medical Sciences

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Tehran leaves you free to choose a hospital, and many hospitals in Tehran perform rhinoplasty. If the hospital is your priority, pay attention to its medical board, the surgeons who work there, the treatment staff, and the services and equipment of the hospital.

Before and After Shots

Take a look at ‘before and after’ photos of people who got their nose jobs done in Iran.

Steps of Rhinoplasty with Iranian Surgery

You have gathered your information about rhinoplasty in Iran (Tehran), read our website, and familiarized yourself with the packages and facilities of Iranian Surgery. What are the next steps? Who are the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran or Tehran? How to get the Visa? What will happen after the booking?
Here are the steps that will enlighten your nose job journey in Tehran:

Day to Day

After booking the package, Iranian Surgery will apply for your E-visa/Medical-Visa, book your hotel and the hospital for your nose job in Tehran, and above all, the surgeon you have chosen. Once your visa is issued, you can purchase your tickets, and we shall meet you on the other side:

Day 1

Airport reception, taking you to your hotel for a little rest, Receiving the Sim card, First Check-up with the surgeon, X-ray or scans (if needed) Blood test

Day 2


Day 3

Post-up, clearance by the Surgeon to discharge you from the hospital, returning to the hotel

Day 4

Recovering, in the hotel and follow-ups (taking medication and the diet)

Day 5

Open Plan Day (Tourism, souvenirs,…)

Day 6

Open Plan Day

Day 7

Second visit with the Surgeon, taking the cast off, Medical tape on the nose and you will be guided to do so on your own by the surgeon and receive medical instructions

*Seven days after the surgery

Day 8

Check out and Departure

You might think this is the end, you will leave Iran after the nose job and be done with Iranian Surgery, but, we will stay in touch with you. If there is any problem, or questions you have, we are only one click away…


Medical Tourism in Tehran

As a Capital, Tehran is known for its political characteristics; Tehran officially became the center of arts such as theater, cinema, television, and sports.

Its facilities in the medical field and well-equipped hospitals are high, but in addition to your successful surgical experience, you can visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites (Golestan Palace).

Tehran is very close to the northern cities of Iran, which have very different climates. So in a way, Tehran puts your diversified experiences together.