Bader Saleh's experience with disc pain treatment in Iran

I’m in my mid-thirties and at such an age back problems can be especially problematic. since it’s a time in your life when you need to be most active. so, I’m happy to say that after my visit to Iran, my struggle with spinal disc pain (I had pain in my neck, back and left leg) is over. As soon as I got in touch with the Iranian Surgery team, they took care of everything. they booked me a hotel, picked me up from the airport, made appointments with doctors and… I went to Iran expecting to undergo a tough surgery but both of the doctors I saw, said I don’t really need one and a …. injection would relieve the pain. and that’s exactly what happened. my pain is almost completely gone now and there are just some exercises that I have to do for a while as per the doctor’s instructions. I have to thank my doctors and especially the Iranian Surgery team for their care and support.

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