Type of face lift

Type of face lift

Facelift Types Facelifts have been around for decades, but medical innovations and technology mean that today, we have many types of facelifts available. Today’s facelifts range from non-surgical facelifts to minimally invasive, to full surgical options. Your priorities in terms of facelift scars, recovery time, and facelift results will help guide the decision for which […]

Mini Facelift

mini facelift recovery pictures day by day

Facelift Recovery Day by Day Mini Facelift Recovery Day by Day pictures When we age, we lose bone and soft tissue and our facial skin begins to lose elasticity. These changes to our face, is what makes us appear older. It is important to understand that the face is broken down into several different components: […]

Facelift Surgery in Iran

How much does Facelift Surgery cost in Iran? On average, facelift surgery cost in Iran is around $2000 (With best plastic surgeon). The minimum face lift cost in Iran is $ 1000  and the maximum face lift surgery cost (full face lift surgery) is $ 4000. The cost of a facelift Surgery in Iran is […]