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What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that works to remove excess fat from the body. This method is also known as plastic suction or suction or organ structure. The cosmetic surgery method has come to fruition and has become popular for shape and shape better and more beautiful. Liposuction Fat can be lost with different areas such as the abdomen(abdominoplasty), the two vertebrae, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck and waist eliminated.

Usually when people conclude that they can not get rid of excessive body fluids through exercise and diet, they become obese and will inevitably go to liposuction . But keep in mind that liposuction therapy is not excessive and has special complexity and may put your health at risk for severe risks! Therefore, before taking any action about liposuction surgery, you should consult a qualified and experienced physician to know the problems and consequences of this method. .

Liposuction cost

Liposuction Cost in different countries?

What factors affect of full liposuction cost?

how much is liposuction cost in Iran?


Liposuction cost is an important factor when you decide to perform liposuction surgery. However, the quality of liposuction is important too.
How much is the cheapest liposuction?
On this page. The liposuction cost in different country start from $2,000( iran,india, mexico) and comes to $20000 (USA, Canada, UK) per treatment region, not including the cost of anesthesia and other fees. Liposuction, or the surgical removal of fat deposits, is one of the most common plastic surgery treatments performed today.

Factors of Liposuction Cost

1) The size of the patient
2) location
3) Cost of stay in hospital
4) Operating room fees and drugs after liposuction surgery
5) Preoperative laboratory fees
6) cost of drugs after liposuction surgery

Liposuction in Iran

how much does liposuction cost in iran?

Is Iran cheapest country for liposuction surgery?

Yes.Iran is the cheapest country for liposuction surgery with same quality that USA or UK.
The liposuction cost in Iran start from $800 (For same area) and comes to $4,500 (Full liposuction), it's not including the cost of anesthesia and other fees.

What Does a liposuction Surgery Package In Iran Include?

Liposuction Surgery Packages in Iran usually include the following: consultation, medical tests, anesthesia, surgeon’s fee and hospital fees.
Typically, the cost of travel and personal expenses are borne by the patient. Most of the centers include transportation and accommodation while others do not. It is important to carefully review your treatment plan and what's included and not incldued in the cost before booking your treatment.

Liposuction cost in iran shiraz:

people come in droves because while a Full liposuction cost up to $20000 in the US and Europe, in shiraz, it ranges from just $1500 to $3000. In part that's because competition between the city's clinics is intense.

liposuction in iran tehran cost

In contrast, the average cost of liposuction in iran tehran is between $1900_3500.
You can perform the liposuction surgery in iran tehran 200% less than the price in the world. Even with the cost of travel and accommodation, you'll still be saving money.

liposuction cost in iran mashhad

The average cost of liposuction in iran mashhad would range from 1800to $3500. At Care Well Medical Centre the surgery is done at a very economical cost with good results by plastic surgeon (Cosmetic Surgeon).

شفط الدهون

What can I expect from liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck. Liposuction also shapes (contours) these areas. Other names for liposuction include lipoplasty and body contouring. Liposuction isn't typically considered an overall weight-loss method or a weight-loss alternative. If you're overweight, you're likely to lose more weight through diet and exercise or through bariatric procedures — such as gastric bypass surgery — than you would with liposuction. You may be a candidate for liposuction if you have too much body fat in specific spots but otherwise have a stable body weight.

good candidate for liposuction

are you a good candidate for liposuction? Who is a good candidate for liposuction? In general, good candidates for a liposuction include: Adults within 30% of their ideal weight who have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone. Healthy individuals who do not have a life-threatening illness or medical conditions that can impair healing.

What are the risks of liposuction?

The process of liposuction surgery serious and very important has many risks and risks. Before taking any action, talk to your doctor and ask him to tell you all these risks and risks. Risks during surgery:

These risks include the following: Wounds and internal organs Wounds Complications and problems caused by anesthesia burns due to equipment such as ultrasound investigations (ultrasound) Damage to nerves Death shock Risks and risks that you must deal with after surgery.

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ما هي مخاطر ومخاطر شفط الدهون؟

risks of liposuction


long term effects of liposuction

What are the long term liposuction effects? Complications of long-term liposuction are variable and different. Liposuction removes excessive fat in the treated area temporarily. Even if you wake up again, fat is stored in different parts of the body. New fats are hidden in the deep layers of the skin. If these fats come to the tissue around the heart or liver, it will be fatal and dangerous. Some people after surgery destroy their liposuction forever and their skin is less sensitive. Others see drowning or mouth opening of the suction area, and some people may become torn or drooping. All these complications are permanent and life-threatening and can not be restored to the first place.

Liposuction Surgery

Surgeons perform liposuction to prevent skin problems after removing fat. In fact, in this procedure, the surgeon makes a little catheter under the skin in the tissues to appropriate temperatures and short injuries because it stimulates the body will review the new collagen, tighten the control more smoothly. Minor changes will occur after 6 to 8 weeks and major changes after 6 months.Preliminary research in this area shows that laser liposuction causes skin loss by 17% compared to conventional liposuction.

This method is really a proven method The idea of ​​sending a hot rod to the body may seem very serious, however, it can be done to prevent burns. The tip of the catheter contains a temperature sensor in this way and the infrared camera controls the temperature of the skin, so the doctor can monitor what happens inside and outside the body.

Of course, any powerful tool, if a person is caused by non-experts to be able to risk associated with them, so you should try to have cosmetic surgeons have a completely expert, and see some before liposuction which will show you.

Can not say that this method is a therapeutic method of mineral water springs if I will do this during anesthesia, I would go to sleep deeply, but I preferred to take a local anesthetic. I have a valium eat tablet feel less aggressive, but almost sober, I often felt burning needles that were supposed to be anesthetized and injected with such a strange feeling as if the arms were the same as the zip closes, just like a bag full of things that are supposed to force the zippe.

Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” Fat builds up in more than one place in the body, in the chest, buttocks and thighs, but abdominal fat is a difficult problem to solve, because it soon turns into tricholism. The remaining fat in different places in the body is easy to burn through healthy food and exercise.

Getting rid of belly fat is not easy, especially in some cases such as cesarean delivery or obesity. In these cases, we resort to liposuction , which ensures that each woman dissolves abdominal fat and is finally disposed of.

Fatigue builds up because of excess obesity, which sometimes results from eating greedily. Sometimes the craving for food sometimes reaches the stage of food addiction. The obese person must go to nutrition clinics to follow specific diets to help get rid of these fats.

You can now take a food addiction test to see if you are moderately eating or whether it is time to visit your obese doctor to maintain your health and your life.





Liposuction device The liposuction device is made using a small steel tube called canniola. Canola is installed with a strong suction pump and inserted into the skin through a small incision. Fat is removed as a cannula to suction the small tunnel through greasy layers. Liposuction can be performed in both sexes for men and women. Liposuction is the traditional way to reduce and remove large amounts of excess local fat in diff.

Types of liposuction

Liposuction is supplemented with local anesthesia or with injection is the most common type of liposuction procedure.

In this way, before removing the fat, a large amount of the drug solution is injected for the first time into the body areas where excess fat must be removed. Sometimes it is sometimes possible to have a solution volume of more than three times the amount of fat that is removed from this position.

The process of liposuction way too wet is a method similar to the process of liposuction in Tomcent, but the difference is that the size of the injected solution in the process site less than that which was injected into the way Thomsent. It is often necessary to perform this procedure under mild anesthesia (an anesthesia during which the patient becomes sleepy during operation) or general anesthesia (anesthetic that the patient does not feel painful during doing so).

Device liposuction(liposuction device) ultrasonic (UAL) is another way of liposuction uses ultrasound to break down fat cells and turn them into a liquid state. In the next step, these cells are removed from the site by vacuum suction.

The suction device is assisted by ultrasound and can be done in two ways which include an external method (from the surface of the skin via an ultrasound emission device) and the interior (subcutaneously via a small tube and heated to the name of canola) is. This type of liposuction work can be used to remove fat from the dense and fibrous areas of the body, such as upper shoulders or swollen breasts of men.

جهاز شفط الدهون بالليزر (LAL

liposuction device


laser liposuction

Laser Liposuction (LAL) A method that uses the energy of laser waves for the fatty fatty cells. After the fatty cells become watery, they can be removed by vacuum suction from the workplace, or they allow spontaneously through small tubes placed in this area, may come out. Since the tube used in the laser canola is smaller than that used in conventional liposuction , surgeons prefer to use liposuction in sensitive and sensitive areas of the body. Use this method. These areas include chin, jaw and face. One of the other advantages of a laser assisted liposuction device is that in this way, the energy of the laser waves stimulates the production of collagen in the tissues. Collagen was built to promote skin texture and prevent loss after liposuction . Collagen is a fibrous protein that helps maintain the structure of the skin.

Liposuction cost in iran

IRANIAN SURGERY tries to cover all issues about Iran and provide Iran visitors with all information they need for their travel to Iran. So, if you are looking for the best country for plastic surgery, Iran can be a good choice, as it is both safe and cheap. Here we are going to have a brief review of liposuction in general and then we will specifically talk about liposuction in Iran for those who like to have this cheap surgery in Iran. Follow iranian surgery to get all you need


Dena Hospital
Kosar Hospital

liposuction in iran

Improve your appearance with liposuction in Iran Some people, despite their health and well-being, have a disproportionate body shape due to local fat accumulation. These areas are likely to result from family characteristics of underweight or health control. Liposuction reduces body shape and proportion, and ultimately improves self-esteem (image of the individual) by reducing some parts of the body and remodeling by removing excess fat. Liposuction can be used in Iran to reduce the accumulation of fat in the following areas. Liposuction of beauty thighs, bass, wings, abdomen(abdominoplasty), lower back, upper arms, back, inside of the knees, chest area, cheeks, chin, neck, legs are used. In some cases, liposuction is performed in Iran alone and in other cases, along with other cosmetic surgeries such as face lift, breast augmentation, or abdominal surgery. What liposuction can do: Liposuction is not a cure for obesity and does not replace diet and exercise. In addition, liposuction is not an effective treatment for cellulitis (skin dangling on the thighs, buttocks and wings) or skin suspension.
What should I do during counseling? The success and integrity of the surgery greatly depends on your sincerity and clarity during the counseling session. Questions about your health, your wishes and your way of life will be asked. Ready to discuss the following. Why would you want to do this? What are your expectations and desired outcome? Medical conditions, drug sensitivities, and medical treatments Current consumption of medicines, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs History of previous surgery In addition, your surgeon can: Check the state of public health, medical conditions and risk factors for you. Take photos of your medical records. Make your choices and recommend a therapeutic approach. The possible outcome of liposuction is explained and potential risks and complications can be seen. Preparation for surgery Before surgery, you may be asked to: Tests or medical assessments. Take special medications or change your current medications. Leave smoking at large intervals. (2 weeks) Avoid taking aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding. The commands you give include: What to do on the day of practice. Use of anesthesia during surgery Post-operative care and follow-up treatment In addition, the plastic surgeon tells you where the procedure will take place. Liposuction can be performed in surgical centers or in hospitals. If your practice is performed in an outpatient clinic, you will need to accompany it. Arrange that someone takes you home after surgery and stays with you at least the first night after surgery.
Chamran hotel Shiraz

liposuction in shiraz

Liposuction in Shiraz for different areas of the body Liposuction is performed in Shiraz by different doctors in beauty centers and hospitals, a beautiful work for different types of body. The neck, the arms of the neck and the chest, and the lateral liposuction tend to contract better. The sub-umbilical cord is better than the navel above. Inside and outside the knee, it is better at home and behind the foot. It is also involved in genetics, age and number of pregnancies in skin lesions liposuction surgery. The amount and amount of fat, high proportion of fat causes a lot of skin to stretch. In subsequent contraction, liposuction has a negative effect. Renew lines between eyes and nose with liposuction

Liposuction without surgery

Non-surgical liposuction is one of the most popular methods, and smoking cessation is a high frequency ultrasound that generates heat and vibration. This tremor of 40,000 barrels per day, along with heat, moves the movement of fat cells and dissolves them to allow easier passage through the lymphatic system. To help this fast lane, you should undergo lymphatic massage so that toxins can be removed more easily from the body

After liposuction

After the first session, most customers will feel the change in the treated areas, and this change is quite obvious after the third meeting. Just like any other treatment, depending on age, tissue structure, site treatment, individual metabolism, current medications and changes in hormones, the results may vary from person to person. A healthy diet and increased physical activity will make the treatment more effective. After the last treatment session, the results will last for a few weeks. The body continues to metabolize fat up to 12 weeks after treatment, which means that treatment will always be. This process will make your skin stricter and smoother than before

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جهاز شفط الدهون في الوجه

Liposuction device in the face

Using a facial liposuction device to get a bony face, liposuction can be a very fast way to smooth your face and thin your face. With exercise and dieting, this goal can be achieved, but the time may possibly reach out to your bosom. But with the help of surgery, this is done using a liposuction machine in the shortest possible time. What is the facial liposuction? The facial liposuction is the device used by the orthopedic surgeon. By removing the adipose tissue between the skin and the muscle, it improves shape and shape. Some people, despite their proper health and adequate health level, have a disproportionate form of face and neck due to the accumulation of local fat. Which can be the result of inherited traits or lack of weight control and an inappropriate way of life. The liposuction device is a device for shaving, reshaping certain areas of the face and neck and removing the double chin by removing excess fat, in cases where a normal diet and exercise may not respond, resulting in improved shape and ultimately improved individual image. Liposuction in the neck and shoulders makes the neck look more slender and slim, creating a smaller look. This surgery is an acceptable result for patients with excess neck fat and high quality skin.

liposuction pain management

liposuction pain management erate localized deposits of fat. It’s also called suction lipectomy, lipoplasty, liposculpture, or simply lipo. Pain After Liposuction After a liposuction, you will be given a series of post-operative instructions. The type of anesthesia and the amount used determine the level of pain experienced during the first few days after liposuction. Liposuction performed with intravenous sedation (IV) will result in less post-operative pain and rarely requires medication other than acetaminophen. Liposuction performed under general anesthesia usually results in pain that is more intense that requires prescribed pain medication.

Vaser Liposuction in iran

Vaser Liposuction in iran or Z-Lipo is an advanced and specialized body sculpting procedure which removes fat and improves body proportions by defining underlying muscles. This minimally invasive procedure effectively removes fat deposits from the buttocks, chest, arms, abdomen, upper legs and back and the result is a perfectly sculpted figure.

Vaser or Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance is a cutting edge ultrasound technology used to breakdown fat cells which are removed from the body through a suction process.


Body sculpting methods include Imbding, Mazutrabi, LPG, C, Cavilation, and RF, which describe this method and say:

Methods of body sculpting The latest fat discharge that safety problems in traditional liposuction solved in this way is completely destroying the fat cells physically by the canola vibratory movements come freely inside and slowly fat, without pain and bleeding. Get out of the body with the device. Therefore, due to the non-use of laser and heat in adipose tissue, the risk of cirrhosis in the skin under the skin is very low, which leads to the tightening and lifting of the skin surprisingly. The purpose of this method is to change the size, size and model that helps to remove the cellulite. This method takes a short time to recover from 3 to 7 days, and the use of the gene is about two weeks.

One of the misconceptions faced by the mentality is that many users believe that this technique is done only by a particular device, while this is not the case. In fact, because of the appearance of their members, different people need specific changes in order to achieve fitness. Meanwhile, for the purpose of building the body, it may be necessary to use different techniques, most of which are known to people.

Ordibehesht Hospital Shiraz

Body sculpting in Iran

Body sculpting in Iran Body sculpting in Iran is one of the fastest ways to eliminate fat that eliminates body fat such as the side, abdomen, groin and thigh. Body sculpting in Iran is very safe and can be used to remove accumulated fat from the body and use it elsewhere in the body. People who have topical obesity, fat accumulated in parts of their bodies, are scattered throughout the body. Body sculpting machine in Iran This machine contains a compressor that moves the compressed air to the canola. Canola also creates vibrations and vibrates under the skin, which is separated from the structure of the fat cells and then empties them. Before using the body sculpting slimming method, anesthetic drugs are injected into the desired part, which reduces the pain during the operation.


coolsculpting-vs-liposuction lpting and liposuction are both used to reduce fat. Safety: CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure. Side effects are usually minor. You may experience short-term bruising or skin sensitivity after CoolSculpting. Side effects usually resolve within a few weeks. Liposuction is an invasive surgery done with anesthesia. Side effects may include blood clots, negative reactions to anesthesia, or other serious complications. You should avoid liposuction if you have heart problems or blood clotting disorders, or are a pregnant woman


CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, is a nonsurgical body contouring procedure. A plastic surgeon uses a device to freeze fat cells under the skin. Once the fat cells have been destroyed, they are gradually broken down and removed from the body by the liver. Most CoolSculpting sessions take around an hour and cost about $1,000 per treatment area. CoolSculping is a fairly new technique, only approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012. CoolSculpting and cryolipolysis are registered trademarks of Zeltiq Aesthetics.

How much fat can liposuction remove

How much fat can liposuction remove What you lose during liposuction does not depend on what you already have. People with heavier weight can not exceed the allowable amount of weight lost during each procedure.Generally, each procedure removes four to five pounds of fat cells, no more, no less. This amount will not drastically change your body type, but will help do away with fat in stubborn areas.

consultation in iran

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