Lab Test Before Liposuction

Lab Test Before Liposuction

Lab Test Before Liposuction

Before you qualify for any surgery, your doctor will run different lab tests to make sure you are a good candidate for that specific procedure and to avoid any potential complication during or after surgery. The same is true with all types of Liposuction surgeries and here at Iranian Surgery we always take precaution measures to ensure our patients health and safety plus the success of surgical operation. In this article we will take a look at various lab tests that are usually done before liposuction procedures.

Face And Neck Liposuction Laboratory Tests

A urinalysis may be recommended should the surgeon wish to check glucose or bacterium levels. Another laboratory test which a doctor may recommend is a haematocrit (a blood test which assesses the amount of red blood cells in the total volume of the sample, measured as a ratio). Additional laboratory tests may be recommended by the doctor as he or she sees applicable to an individual patient’s physical condition.

Trunk / Abdominal Liposuction Laboratory Tests

A complete blood count (especially if a patient is intending to undergo a large volume liposuction), clotting analysis, electrolyte check and a urinalysis may be required. A urine cotinine test (nicotine testing) may be recommended for individuals who habitually smoke to assess tobacco exposure.

Thighs and Knees Liposuction Laboratory Tests

Complete blood count (CBC), urinalysis, electrolyte assessment (normally if indicated that a patient has taken diuretics recently), a pregnancy test (applicable to all women of reproductive age), HIV and hepatitis.

Breast Reduction Laboratory Tests

Complete blood count (CBC), haematocrit, platelet count, blood sugar levels measurement and a prothrombin time (blood test which measures how long it takes for a person’s blood to clot).

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