Teenage cosmetic surgery pros and cons

Teenage cosmetic surgery pros and cons

Teenage cosmetic surgery pros and cons

Plastic Surgery for Teens

The teenage body is a work in progress, a major concern when it comes to plastic surgery on adolescents. As some girls mature, the need for breast implants may diminish. The FDA has approved saline breast implants for women 18 and older; silicone gel breast implants were approved by the FDA, but only for women 22 and older, reflecting the FDA’s concerns regarding the risks of implants, and the ability of teens to fully comprehend the risks. Teenagers are often oblivious to the well-documented long-term health consequences of tanning, smoking and other risky behaviors, and would likely pay less attention to the risks of cosmetic surgery.

It's important to consider that as a teenager, not all aspects of development are fully in place, making surgery premature, dangerous, and perhaps even unnecessary. For instance, a 13-year-old interested in a nose job or rhinoplasty - should wait some years before the nose is fully shaped and matured.
Teens are often chasing false perfection. They base their decision to have fuller lips, perfect noses, larger breasts or a flatter stomach by looking at celebrity images or photos in magazines, which are often airbrushed, photoshopped or enhanced.
Complications can arise with plastic surgery, including death, infection and scarring.

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Teenage cosmetic surgery pros

One of the greatest pros of cosmetic surgery is that it can build self-esteem and confidence. Teens can feel like they can fit in with others socially, they might feel like their clothes look better on them, and their enhancements can make them feel more confident.

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Teenage cosmetic surgery cons

The cons are that while a plastic surgeon can do his best to give you the physical look you have always imagined, they cannot fix who you are on the inside. And never do plastic surgery just because someone else told you to do so. The decision has to come from you. It can also be painful and sometimes the desired results can take quite a lot of time, and even several surgeries.

What Cosmetic Surgeries Performed on Teens?

Cosmetic surgery can be appropriate in selected teenagers and can be safely done. In 2013, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) published data showing that number of cosmetic surgeries done for the teens has actually come down progressively over the years, in contrast to the media reports suggesting otherwise.

For example, in 2013 the ASPS reported that members performed 63,600 surgeries on patients between 13-19 years of age. The most common surgeries included:

  • Breast augmentation (breast implants)- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers aesthetic breast augmentation for patients less than 18 years of age to be an off-label use. The FDA has not approved breast augmentation in patients younger than 18. According to the ASPS, over 8,000 surgeries were performed in 2013 on 18-19-year-old girls.

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  • Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)– This is the most requested aesthetic surgical procedure by teens. It can be performed when the nose has completed 90% of its growth, which can occur as early as age 13 or 14 in girls and 15 or 16 in boys.

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  • Breast reduction– Frequently, this surgery is performed on girls with overly large breasts that may cause back and shoulder pain, as well as restrict physical activity. Breast reduction usually is delayed until the breasts have reached full development. In some boys, excessive breast development (gynecomastia) can become a significant problem. In those cases, the excess tissue can be removed.

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  • Otoplasty (ear pinning)– This surgery is recommended for children as they near total ear development at age five or six.

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  • Liposuction

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10 common questions about teenage cosmetic surgery pros and cons

1What are the disadvantages of plastic surgery?
Medical Risks Some of the most common risks associated with plastic surgery are infection, severe bleeding, nerve damage that may lead to numbness, tissue death (necrosis), fluid collecting around the site (seroma) and bruising in the area (hematoma).
2Can you have plastic surgery 13?
2015 Plastic Surgery Statistics: Cosmetic Patients Ages 13-19. ... According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) statistics, 64,470 cosmetic surgical procedures were performed on people age 13-19 in 2015, while 161,700 cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures were performed.
3Can I get cosmetic surgery in the military?
However, unlike our civilian counterparts, limitations exist for military personnel seeking cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is considered a type of elective surgery—one that does not treat a medical condition or improve function or overall health. ... As a rule, cosmetic surgeries are not covered by Tricare
4What are the benefits of being a plastic surgeon?
Reconstructive plastic surgery helps patients that have suffered physical deformities as a result of a birth defect, traumatic accident or injury. In some instances, it helps with overall health. Nose jobs, for instance, aren't always about beauty. They sometimes help patients breathe, and therefore sleep, more easily
5Why cosmetic surgery is dangerous?
Possible complications for any surgical procedure include: Complications related to anesthesia, including pneumonia, blood clots and, rarely, death. Infection at the incision site, which may worsen scarring and require additional surgery. Fluid build up under the skin.
6Is plastic surgery painful?
All surgeries involve a degree of discomfort and, in many cases, pain. Some surgeries, though, are more painful than others. There are surgeries that may leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable only immediately after the surgery. In other cases, the discomfort lasts for several weeks or longer as you recover
7Can a 14 year old get plastic surgery?
Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) – This is the most requested aesthetic surgical procedure by teens. It can be performed when the nose has completed 90% of its growth, which can occur as early as age 13 or 14 in girls and 15 or 16 in boys
8Can a 15 year old get plastic surgery?
For rhinoplasty, that means about 15 or 16 for girls and about a year older for guys. Girls who want to enlarge their breasts for cosmetic reasons usually must be at least 18 because saline implants are only approved for women 18 and older.
9Can a 13 year old get a nose job?
Surgeons used to wait until patients reached age 17 or 18 before reshaping a nose for fear that if they did it any younger, the child's nose would keep growing and end up in an odd shape. But they have found that nose growth ends earlier, and now do nose jobs, known as rhinoplasty, on girls at age 13 and boys at 14.
10How many cosmetic surgeries go wrong?
According to a 2018 review of over 25,000 cases, complications occur in fewer than 1 percent of outpatient surgeries. As with most surgeries, plastic surgery complications are more common in certain people



  1. Idris says:

    An easy to understand guide.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Claire Masters says:

    It’s amazing to know that even breast augmentation is already allowed by the FDA for those of legal age, from 18 years old and above. I think if my daughter would like to have this procedure to feel more confident, I could see why not. But it’s always good to make sure that it is done by an expert.

  3. Émile Lachapelle says:

    I realy want to get a good nose. It is just that my parents tinke it is so soon for me to do it and here is very bexpencive also and I have heard that people go to other places for surgery ai srearched you and I realy want to can I get a rhinoplasty there? im 15 and my parents say i have to be older, is that true? I already deel I dont fit in. is there any asurance? is realy my age a factor?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Hello, Iranian Surgery speaking or writing. Well, to be honest, teenage cosmetic surgeries do have pros and cons. Why it is not possible to determine a definite age for plastic and cosmetic surgeries, and this is the task for an experienced surgeon. Sometimes some of these operations are done at a young age to correct congenital defects that help a teenager not to suffer mental damage in the community, and sometimes cosmetic surgeries are performed in adulthood to eliminate the defects created in the body due to aging. Our country and our company are one of the most skill fulled in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery in terms of quality and the ability of the medical staff. Rhinoplasty in Iran is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Timing is important in rhinoplasty, and premature rhinoplasty can lead to an abnormal appearance in adolescents. In this regard, it is necessary to consult a skilled rhino surgeon to ensure that the growth of the skeleton and bones of the nose and face is complete and can get good results from rhinoplasty.(Read more about : Best age for rhinoplasty)

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