Pros And Cons of Under the Muscle Implants

Pros And Cons of Under the Muscle Implants

Pros And Cons of Under the Muscle Implants

If you’re considering breast augmentation or revision, one important decision you and your surgeon will need to make together is whether to place your new breast implants over or under your chest muscle. This placement matters for a number of reasons, and in case you are more inclined to go with the submuscular version here we have provided you with its pros and cons to help you with your final decision.

Under the Muscle Implants

Under the muscle implants, technically known submuscular implants, entail the implant being placed below the pectoral muscle. This procedure tends to be more common because it is best for women who have little natural breast tissue. Since a majority of breast augmentation patients who seek implants do so because they don’t possess this tissue naturally, this is often the recommended route.

By placing implants beneath the chest muscle, it offers additional coverage and support that won’t distort the breast or cause an unnatural look. However, a submuscular implant procedure requires a bit more work on the surgeon’s part than a subglandular implant procedure. This is because, as you may have already put together, they must go further into the breast and operate beneath the muscle. In a subglandular procedure, your pectoral muscle will not be as disturbed as it would be in a submuscular procedure. This results in a more lengthy and painful recovery time.

When making a determination for what placement is right for you, it’s important to consider where the natural breast tissue falls in relation to the pectoral muscle. The pectoral muscle sits high on the chest wall, spanning from the sternum to the shoulder. If your breasts fall much lower than the muscle, whether from aging, breastfeeding, or the like, under the muscle implants may not be advisable. This is because it can cause the implants to appear unnaturally high on the chest, making them appear unnatural and even distorted.

Under The Muscle Placement Pros and Cons

Pros of submuscular placement:

. Provides more tissue coverage over the implant in the upper pole.

. Creates a smoother transition from the chest wall to the implant.

. Achieves the most natural-looking result.

. Submuscular implants interfere less with mammography.

Cons of submuscular placement:

. Your surgeon will have to cut and detach your pectoralis major muscle.

. Implants may become distorted when the chest muscle contracts.

. Higher chance of the implant migrating upwards and towards the armpit.

. Higher chance of secondary deformities, such as “double-bubble” deformity, along the lower pole of the breast.

. Slightly longer and more uncomfortable surgery and recovery period.

. Diminished strength in the chest muscles after surgery.

Final Word

If you’re still unsure which implant placement option is right for you, don’t worry. During your consultation, our board-certified plastic surgeon at Iranian Surgery will measure your breast tissue thickness and help you understand your breast implant placement options in detail.

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