iran health tourism guide

iran health tourism guide

Every patient across the globe has a right to seek the highest level of quality medical treatment at the most affordable cost, no matter whether they have to travel abroad for it. Iran has evolved to become one of such top-notch medical tourism destinations which boasts to provide affordable yet qualitative treatment, thus scoring high on several aspects, including patient satisfaction, quality of hospitals and renowned doctors to name a few.

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  1. Avatar ashly says:

    i decide to have rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty in iran on august?
    at first i need to know how plastic surgery cost in iran and what medical document should i sent you before travel to iran?
    iam from u.k
    how can i get visa?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      You would pay something between $800 and $1,800 for blepharoplasty procedure in Iran depending on whether you want to have both upper and lower lids corrected and the doctor you choose and the average cost of rhinoplasty in iran is $2200,


      Rhinoplasty $2200
      Tummy Tuck $3000
      Arm Lift $1400
      Body Lift $3500_4500
      Breast Lift $2000
      Brow Lift $2200
      Chin Augmentation $1500
      Labiaplasty $1300
      Lip Implants $1000
      Neck Lift $1600
      Breast augmentation $2000
      Gynocomastia $1500

      American, British and Canadian passport holders:
      Based on the regulations, American, British and Canadian nationalities must have an itinerary that doen not need any changes in its tour services. These three nationalities should definitely apply through a valid travel agency in Iran, note that a Solo Visa is not possible to apply for, a full Tour with a Guide/ Hotels and a driver is a must. Please also note that after the process of your ap­plication starts, it is not possible to make any changes unless it is necessary to do so. The process time for receiving an authorization code is up to 30 days, and in majority of cases the visas will be approved.
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  2. Avatar janatan says:

    how can i find an orthopedic surgeon in iran?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      please write about your illness
      we will introduce orthopedic surgeon in iran to you.
      send your medical document on what’sapp

  3. Avatar ernie says:

    is price of iran health tourism less than medical care in turkey?
    and please tell me about quality of iran hospital.

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      The cost of iran health tourism lower than medical tourism in turkey.
      iran vs turkey in plastic surgery
      the cost of rhinoplasty in iran is about $1700 but the cost of rhinoplasty in turkey is about $3000.
      the cost of hair transplant in iran is about $1200.but the cost of hair transplat in turkey is about $2000.
      the average cost of liposuction in iran is about $2200 but the cost of liposuction in turkey is about $3500.
      the average cost of tummy tuck in iran is $2200 but the average cost of tummy tuck in turkey is about $4000.
      the average cost of facelift in iran is $2400 but the average cost of facelift in turkey is about $4500.
      sectors of Iran health tourism
      Healthcare in Iran be split into two sectors

      1.Public healthcare in Iran:
      In line with the national constitution, Iranians are entitled to basic healthcare and most receive subsidized prescription drugs and vaccinations. This healthcare does not extend to expats. However, Iran’s extensive network of public clinics and hospitals are considerably cheaper than in Western countries.

      2.Private healthcare in Iran:
      Wealthier Iranians and tourists use private clinics and hospitals which offer a higher quality of care and better facilities.
      hospital and clinic in iran

      The quality of hospitals varies according to location, but in all big cities in iran such as Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, peaple can find hospitals that meet international standards with well-trained medical staff.Although there is a marginal difference between the quality of healthcare offered by private and public hospitals in Iran, private hospitals are known to have better facilities and speedier service.
      English-speaking staff should be available in both private and public hospitals.

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