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April 16, 2019
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  1. Ania says:

    I am traveling in Tehran on August 18th. Would like to make an appointment for a consultation to meet cosmetic surgical dentists to do Veneer.
    Could you please help me with a clinic or hospital contacts information?
    Thank you!
    Ania A

  2. ayoub says:

    i’m planing to come to iran for dental implant,help me find a good dentist

    • Iranian Surgery says:

      hello ayoub
      please send us your phone number or send a message on whatsApp

    • ali says:

      Dear ayoub
      you have different choices for dental implant in iran . there are some centers which do it in low price that are related to government and also some doctors who do it private and betere but somehow expensive . there are so many implant centers in Shiraz,Isfahan and Tehran also due to Isfahan and Shiraz are beautiful and historical cities you can have good time here.

      best regards,

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