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iran visa

All you need to know about Iran visa

Documents The required documents are all the same for different nationalities, but most importantly you need to make your request through a valid travel agency.
Having a passport with at least 6 months validity since the arrival date or starting time of your travel is necessary. You need to upload a colored scan of main passport pages in PDF/ JPEG format, the passport codes at the bottom of the passport page must be clear.
Visa Application Form: The form is available on the agency’s website which should be filled out based on your personal information. Please also be careful to write the spelling of your name correctly. If you have had a trip to Iran before, you should note its exact date. Your full name, passport number, expiration date and na­tionality are among the most important pieces of information which should be written down carefully. Your occupation is important too, because tourism agencies can just issue touristic visas and if your travel purpose is business trip, political travel and press (news}, the tourism agency cannot proceed to issue visas for you. If you are a phtographer and you have a professional camera with you during your trip, please definitely men­tion it in your request form.
Note: Iran Traveling Center agency can apply for your business visa as well as touristic visas.

Iran Visa Cost:The cost of Iran visa is 60 US $ per each passport. Please pay attention that this expense is just the price you pay the agency for the visa authorization code and it is apart from the visa stamp cost that you will need to pay at the embassy or consulate of your country, which is a different fee depending on your nationality. Another point is that if you book a full tour with our agency, the visa cost will be free of charge.

Receiving the authorization code and Collecting the visa from the embassy:

The next step is obtaining visa authorization code which is an 18-digit number which the agency will send you by email on behalf of Iran MFA (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). By having this number after 3 working days, you will be able to refer to your chosen Iranian embassy or consulate (which you have already submit­ted as expected embassy for visa collection) and get your visa stamped in your passport. Please pay attention that the validity duration of your visa code or the time of visa stamp collection completely depends on your country’s embassy, but on average 25 days is the time you have for referring to your embassy after obtaining your authorization code. The validity time of Iran visa is 90 days.
 American, British and Canadian passport holders:
Based on the regulations, American, British and Canadian nationalities must have an itinerary that doen not need any changes in its tour services. These three nationalities should definitely apply through a valid travel agency in Iran, note that a Solo Visa is not possible to apply for, a full Tour with a Guide/ Hotels and a driver is a must. Please also note that after the process of your ap­plication starts, it is not possible to make any changes unless it is necessary to do so. The process time for receiving an authorization code is up to 30 days, and in majority of cases the visas will be approved.

Some Points to Mention

When choosing the place for obtaining your visa, make sure to certainly mention your final destination. In addition to the fact that by each change you must pay extra money, this will postpone your visa collection process as well. And for American, British and Canadian nationalities, it is impossible.

After obtaining the visa stamp, please inform the agency and your correspondent in the agency. If any problem happens, they can recommend you the best solution.

Thursdays and Fridays are the weekends in Iran, so MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is off on these days. Please take the holidays in Iran into consideration that no govern­mental offices (MFA, etc.) are by no means responsive, so choose your travel time pre­cisely.

The validity of airport visa or VOA is at most 30 days which is possible for certain nation­alities. In this type of visa, you can receive your visa directly when entering into Iran at the main airports. Another way we can suggest to you would be to apply through the agency and write your Visa Issuance place for one of the main airports as your arrival.

Kish Island and Qeshm Island belong to the Free Commercial Zones of Iran, so no Visa Vis needed to enter these two Islands, even for the American, British and Canadian trave­lers, and it is possible to stay for up to 15 days.


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