what not to do after rhinoplasty?

what not to do after rhinoplasty?

kissing after rhinoplasty

when can i touch my nose after rhinoplasty?

When can I kiss after rhinoplasty? is kissing after rhinoplasty dangerous? when can i kiss after rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty procedure can give you results that are dramatic, satisfying, and very positive. But the surgery is just half the battle. Once you’ve left the operating room to head home and begin your recovery, maintaining these new changes and actualizing these results will be all up to you. While each person will recover at a different pace, you have a hand at making your road to recovery much smoother, without any complications, unwanted side effects, or delays. Learn about the things you must avoid in order to achieve the nose job results you truly desire and to feel better as quickly as possible.


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Things not to do After Rhinoplasty                                            

12 Things to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery

To lower your chances of bleeding or swelling, and to ensure an incident-free recovery process, your surgeon may require you to avoid the following things.

1. Strenuous activities

Your surgeon will explicitly tell you to ditch the gym and avoid exercising over a few weeks after surgery. All strenuous activities, including lifting heavy weights, jogging, aerobic exercises, running, and high impact walking should be avoided. Intense physical movements such as pulling, bending, pushing, and anything that exerts pressure should also be avoided over the first 2 weeks following nose reshaping surgery. Beginning the third week, most patients are feeling well enough to start resuming physical activities. However, this should strictly be subject to inspection by your plastic surgeon. Swimming should be avoided for around 6 weeks following nose reshaping surgery. The cast that’s placed on your nose needs to stay dry until it is removed. If you’re into contact sports such as basketball, you need to stay away for 4-6 months.

  1. Sexual activity

Although it may sound off, many rhinoplasty surgeons request that you keep sexual activity to a minimum within the first 3 weeks following surgery. However, you’re encouraged to take light walks within the house in order to prevent dangerous blood clots from forming.

  1. Blowing your nose

Blowing your nose becomes necessary when you catch an allergy, cold, or the flu virus. Because this can be downright dangerous for patients who’ve just received a rhinoplasty, you’ll need to wash your hands regularly and stay away from anyone who might be ill. Some patients feel more comfortable carrying a hand sanitizer around so they can kill germs in their immediate environment. Take utmost care of yourself so you do not catch an illness during the early weeks of recovery.

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  1. Taking a shower

The cast on your nose will need to be kept dry at all times until it is removed (about a week after surgery). For this reason, you should stay away from the shower. Still, you can wash the rest of your body and use a damp cloth to clean parts of your face. Whatever you do as far as cleaning is concerned, just make sure that you keep the nose area dry.

  1. Wearing glasses

If you wear glasses, you’ll need to get them off for a while during rhinoplasty recovery. Glasses rest on the bridge of your nose and can have a negative impact on the softened tissue and cartilage there. If it’s necessary, consider trying out contact lenses for a while.

  1. Staying out in the sun

Feeling like you need to catch a little sun? Well, not after you’ve had a nose reshaping surgery. Even after your bandages have been removed, your nose is still sensitive and exposing it to the sun may lead to discoloration or increase the risk of certain complications. Make sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen and cover up with a hat to protect your surgery site from the sun during recovery.

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  1. Smoking or drinking alcohol

Most surgeons consider smoking and drinking to be high-risk activities for patients who are recovering from any form of surgery. Nicotine in cigarettes has been known to restrict blood flow and impede proper healing. On the other hand, alcohol interferes with medications and thins out blood, which can lead to excessive bleeding. So make sure that you stay away from these substances for the first 3 weeks after rhinoplasty.

  1. Touching or bumping your nose

It’s only natural that patients get curious about how their nose looks and feels like after rhinoplasty. Nonetheless, it’s not a good idea to poke, push, or touch your nose during the healing process. This may misalign the nasal tissues, hurt, or even undo the results accomplished from the nose job surgery. It’s very important that you keep the area of the surgery protected from anything that can add pressure to it or cause injury.

  1. Wearing makeup

Some patients – especially women – may feel the need to wear makeup in order to cover up the bruising around the nose and eyes. To give time to heal over the first few weeks after your rhinoplasty, you should stay away from your makeup bag. Makeup applied to healing skin can trigger complications as well as increase your risk of suffering an infection.

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  1. Lying Flat

Lying flat on the back might be comfortable for some, but it’s a dangerous activity for nose job patients. With the head at the same level as the heart, the blood flow to the face and nose will be increased. This can encourage excess bleeding, increased swelling, and even greater pain. What position is best? Prop your head up with a pillow or sleep on a reclining chair at an angle.                                                                                     

  1. Eating Hard or Chewy Foods

Especially for the first few days when facial movement must be minimized, avoid foods that need a lot of chewing. Avoid munching on fruits like apples and pears, as well as raw vegetables like carrots. Gums and steaks can be harmful too since they put a lot of pressure on the jaw.

  1. Getting Constipated

Bowel movements are typically irregular right after your surgery. The condition can be quite uncomfortable, so the best way to reduce this risk is to consume foods that are rich in fiber. For the first few days, you can have oatmeal or blended smoothies made of high-fiber fruits and vegetables. If after a couple of days, you still have not had a bowel movement, you may ask your doctor about taking a mild laxative.

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10 common questions about what not to do after rhinoplasty

1Can I sleep on my side after rhinoplasty?
After having your rhinoplasty surgery, to minimize swelling, it is best if your head and nose are above the heart, at least for awhile after surgery. You can also sleep on a reclining chair for about a week as well.
2Can I kiss after rhinoplasty?
For the first two weeks following surgery, avoid pursing the lips as in whistling, applying lipstick, kissing, or sucking on a straw. Allowing the nose to heal with as little movement as possible will improve both your cosmetic and functional results.
3How should you sleep after rhinoplasty?
Apply these gently to your closed eyes four to six times a day for the first twenty four hours after surgery. Sleep with the head elevated for the first week after surgery. You should not blow your nose for two weeks after surgery as it can disrupt proper healing and cause bleeding.
4Can you shower after rhinoplasty?
When can I shower after rhinoplasty? You can shower the day after your surgery as long as you avoid getting your nose and packing/splint wet. Take care when rinsing your hair, and use a washcloth to cleanse and rinse your face. You should also use warm water instead of hot water, as steam will likely increase swelling.
5What is a nose job sexually?
Nose job: Slang for plastic surgery on the nose, known medically as a rhinoplasty. This is a facial cosmetic procedure, often performed to enhance the appearance of the nose. During rhinoplasty, the nasal cartilages and bones are modified, or tissue is added.
6Can I yawn after rhinoplasty?
Contact lenses may be inserted the week after surgery. No strenuous exercise for at least two weeks. Avoid yawning or wide mouth opening for two weeks. Avoid nose blowing or sniffing through the nose for two weeks.
7What does it feel like after rhinoplasty?
Your nose will be bruised and swollen, and you may get dark bruises around your eyes. The swelling may get worse before it gets better. Most of the swelling should go away in 3 to 4 weeks. You will have some pain in your nose, and you may have a headache
8Does nose get bigger after rhinoplasty?
During a rhinoplasty your plastic surgeon permanently removes cartilage, bone, soft tissue and fat cells, but the cartilage that's left behind will continue to grow slightly over the years as the natural elastic qualities of the skin and cartilage diminish. The older you get, the bigger your nose will get.
9How much does swelling go down after rhinoplasty?
Taking Care of Your Rhinoplasty. Be patient. Minor swelling and slight pressure may still be present for more than one year following the procedure. The visible swelling is gone within a few weeks, but it may take several months or longer for all swelling to completely resolve.
10Will the tip of my nose get smaller after rhinoplasty?
Classify skin in the upper half and lower half of the nose. ... Very thick skin in the nasal tip means you should never perform a rhinoplasty. No matter what you do to the cartilage, the tip will be bigger after surgery, not smaller! Try explaining that to the patient after surgery!


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