Nose Tip Lift

Nose Tip Lift

Nose Tip Lift

What is Nose Tip Lift?

Rhinoplasty suspension, also known as nose suspension or a nose lift, is a minimally invasive nasal reshaping procedure which uses threads to lift the tip of the nose.

The operation is most suited to patients who have good bone structure who do not want to drastically change the appearance of their nose but instead are seeking slight improvements. This includes lifting the tip of the nose, correcting deformity or addressing the length of the nose.

Performed under local anesthesia in a clinic environment, nose suspension is a painless procedure which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The patient is left without scarring and full healing time is expected within three weeks, making it a popular choice for anyone seeking to improve the appearance of their nasal tip.

Suspension techniques have been effective procedures used in cosmetic surgery operations for many years.  The nose suspension surgery is based on vertical suspension where tiny holes are created within the skin using injections and the nose is lifted using a special surgical thread.

This is different to the technique used in non-surgical rhinoplasty. This procedure uses injectable fillers to alter and shape a person’s nose without invasive surgery and without the use of threads. Fillers can lift the tip of the nose if desired, but the results are temporary, lasting up to 12 months. Rhinoplasty suspension is a permanent solution to a drooping nasal tip or an over-long profile.

Surgical rhinoplasty is a much more invasive procedure than both the rhinoplasty suspension and non-surgical rhinoplasty. A particular rhinoplasty technique called rhino-tip surgery changes the shape of the nose by modifying the structure of the underlying cartilage, creating the perfect nasal tip. However, this is expensive, invasive and involves more downtime than a nose tip lift. A nose suspension is also a much quicker procedure than nose surgery, which can take upwards of an hour.

Why Do People Have a Nose Tip Lift?

A nose thread lift is a popular choice for people who are looking to change the appearance of the tip of the nose. There as several reasons for this:

. Convenience – A nose tip lift takes just 15 minutes, which means the procedure could be done in your lunch break.

. Safe – Complications are unlikely.

. Effective – Produces noticeable improvements to the tip of the nose.

. Immediate results – Your new shape will be evident straight away.

. No downtime – Day-to-day activities can be resumed immediately.

. No anesthesia – There is no risk of complications associated with anesthesia.

How Does It Work?

A nose tip lift is a straightforward, yet effective, procedure to lift a drooping tip, shorten an overly-long nose or generally improve a person’s profile. It is minimally invasive and involves no incisions, leaving no scars behind. Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, a nose lift requires no broken bones or nose splints.

Before undergoing rhinoplasty suspension, you will be shown 3D simulations to illustrate the new shape and results of the procedure.

The surgeon will create tiny holes in the treatment area using double tipped needles. A special surgical thread is then used to lift the nasal tip, securing it in place with tiny sutures. The best way to describe this technique is it is like plastering a broken bone. The nasal tissue is supported until it finally sets into its new position.

The nose requires three weeks to set into its new shape. As part of the healing process, you will be asked to wear dressings covering the nose which should be kept in place for four to five days after your nose lift. These dressings help to protect the new shape of the nose.

It is highly unlikely that you will experience any swelling of discomfort following your nose tip lift. In the case of any minor to moderate pain, you may take over-the-counter painkillers. It is vital that you follow all aftercare instructions issued by your surgeon to help aid the healing process and to keep your nose tip in its new position.

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