Rhinoplasty failure rate

Rhinoplasty failure rate

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Revision rhinoplasty success rate 

What is the success rate of rhinoplasty?

What is the success rate of revision rhinoplasty?
Can a nose job fail?
What percentage of nose jobs go wrong?

How many times can you have revision rhinoplasty?

The nose is a defining facial feature, so many individuals who are unhappy with some aspect of their nose turn to rhinoplasty (Nose job) for improvement. As a whole, most patients achieve wonderful results. However, the fact remains that rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that requires master knowledge of the anatomical structure of the nose as well as meticulous precision and skill. It is imperative to select a highly qualified, board-certified, and reputable surgeon to achieve the best outcome.

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Rhinoplasty failure rate

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Medical literature has suggested that the revision rate of Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is between 10 and 15 percent, therefore Rhinoplasty has about an 85 to 90 percent success rate, although this could be higher if the operation is performed by board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in this procedure.

If your initial rhinoplasty procedure did not meet your expectations, you will know after a year of healing. Only about five to ten percent of nose jobs fail.

Rhinoplasty failure rate

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Bad rhinoplasty results

Unsatisfactory plastic surgery results are always disheartening, but a less than stellar nose job can be extra disappointing. Your nose’s central position on your face can make its crooked, collapsed, or improperly angled appearance fairly obvious to the average observer. Your less-than-ideal rhinoplasty is sitting front and center.

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Worst of all, since it can take up to a year to see the final result of a rhinoplasty, you had to wait quite a while before giving up on the idea that your nose would look better once the swelling resolved. A year has passed. You now realize that you need a revision rhinoplasty, but you don’t want to be disappointed again.

The first step is to make a decision: Can you live with the nose that you now have, or does it need to be fixed? If it needs to be fixed, and you have a good relationship with your original surgeon, and he or she is an excellent rhinoplasty surgeon, it may be worth discussing the issue with that surgeon. Even excellent surgeons sometimes have suboptimal outcomes. If, however, you cannot or do not want to go back to your original surgeon, you should start to search for an expert plastic surgeon to perform your revision surgery.

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What are the common rhinoplasty problems?

Our doctors rectify common nose job problems, such as:

. Polly beak deformity

Over-rotated tip

Collapsed bridge

Valve collapse

Deviated septum

Disproportionate nose

Ethnically disharmonious nose

And the cosmetic concerns that weren’t effectively managed the first time, including:

Long nose

Wide nose

Bulbous tip

Nasal bumps

Crooked nose

Asymmetric nostrils

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The steps you need to take after a bad Rhinoplasty

As the central feature of the face, the nose is perhaps the most important component of facial aesthetic harmony. If you had rhinoplasty to improve your nose’s appearance but are not happy with the results, it’s understandable that you might be stressed out or unhappy. But before concluding that the outcome of your nose job is poor, it is important to give your body time to heal, because the appearance of the nose will change as the weeks and months pass.

First step after bad Rhinoplasty:

Your first step after bad rhinoplasty is to follow your surgeon’s postoperative advice. It is normal for your face to be puffy. By following your surgeon’s instructions, you should be able to reduce the swelling. Two weeks after rhinoplasty your appearance should improve, and after a month you will look even better. However, in some patients it can actually take up to a year for swelling to fully subside.

If after a year you are still unhappy with your appearance, it may be time to consider undergoing a secondary (revision) Nose job procedure possibly with a different surgeon.

Second step after bad Rhinoplasty

Should I ask my surgeon’s advice?

The answer to this question depends on the results of your procedure. If something is just a bit off, it might be OK to return to your surgeon and see if you can get a minor revision. However, if you are very displeased with the outcome and you think your surgeon may have contributed to the negative results, you should contact a second surgeon specifically, a facial plastic surgeon specializing in revision rhinoplasty.

 Nose surgery is possibly the most difficult of all cosmetic surgeries to perform, and revision rhinoplasty is particularly difficult. For this reason, should you need to undergo a secondary rhinoplasty, it is very important that you find an expert.

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Third step after bad rhinoplasty

Choosing a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Most secondary rhinoplasties are complex procedures involving an invasive method called the open approach. The procedure requires advanced surgical skill and may require harvesting cartilage for grafts from other areas of the body.

Many facial plastic surgeons in Iran are dual board certified in facial plastic surgery as well as otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat surgery). These surgeons have an in-depth knowledge of the nose’s internal structures and external appearance and are trained to know how to alter each, as needed, during rhinoplasty. Facial plastic surgeons typically complete a residency in otolaryngology or general surgery and then receive advanced training in facial plastic surgery.

Most general plastic surgeons do not receive as much training in each of these specific areas, as they also have to focus on plastic surgery procedures of the body.

One of the Iranian surgeons’ skills is a revision rhinoplasty technique that both improves his patients’ appearance and restores proper breathing. They have extensive experience dealing with functional problems as well as a multitude of aesthetic challenges.

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What is the success rate of rhinoplasty?

Medical literature has suggested that the revision rate of Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is between 10 and 15 percent, therefore Rhinoplasty has about an 85 to 90 percent success rate, although this could be higher if the operation is performed by board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in this procedure.

Can you ruin your rhinoplasty?

Good tissue and favorable healing responses are also necessary for a successful rhinoplasty. Bad genes can ruin even the most skillful surgery, especially when combined with weak cartilage and poor skin. … In most cases, surgical swelling will distort the nose for several months after surgery.

Do nose jobs last forever?

The results of rhinoplasty surgery will be long-lasting. While initial swelling subsides within a few weeks, it may take up to a year for your new nasal contour to fully refine. During this time you may notice gradual changes in the appearance of your nose as it refines to a more permanent outcome.

Does a nose job change your face?

Cosmetic nose surgery can dramatically change your appearance. It is common to feel dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose immediately after surgery. At this point, the nose is still quite swollen and it may take up to a year for your new nasal contour to fully refine.

How long is nose swollen after rhinoplasty?

Some temporary swelling or black-and-blue discoloration of your eyelids can occur for two to three weeks after nasal surgery. Swelling of the nose takes longer to resolve. Limiting your dietary sodium will help the swelling go away faster. Don’t put anything such as ice or cold packs on your nose after surgery

Will my nose tip drop after rhinoplasty?

Secondary dropping of the nasal tip ruins more results in rhinoplasty than any other feature of the operation. The result of rhinoplasty is usually satisfactory at the end of the operation, but four to six weeks later we unfortunately observe that the tip occasionally droops.

Will the tip of my nose get smaller after rhinoplasty?

Very thick skin in the nasal tip means you should never perform a rhinoplasty. No matter what you do to the cartilage, the tip will be bigger after surgery, not smaller!

Can I sleep on my side after rhinoplasty?

If you sleep on your side, your nose will swell closed on the “down” side. Sleeping on your back with your head slightly raised for the next week is best. … This prevents bruising of your eyes, lessens the swelling of your nose and face, and makes you more comfortable.

What age is best to get a nose job?

Ideally, girls should be at least 15 or 16 years old before having a procedure; boys should be at least 17 or 18. If combined with a septoplasty (straightening of the septum), this procedure can improve not only a patient’s self-confidence but also breathing.

Will a nose job make me more attractive?

Our team studied the effects imparted by rhinoplasty on the perception of facial beauty (i.e., that patients’ faces would appear more attractive after the operation). We wish to highlight that the surgery is performed only on the nose; however, the face as a whole ultimately looks more attractive.
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