Loose skin after liposuction thighs

Loose skin after liposuction thighs

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How to tighten loose skin on thighs?

Skin tightening thighs before and after

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes small but stubborn pockets of fat. It’s especially popular for the lower abdomen, flank area, upper arms, and thighs. The procedure is a great option for removing fat deposits that just won’t go away with diet and exercise. However, one common concern with liposuction is loose or sagging skin.

Because the surgery only removes fat and not skin, it is possible that your skin will sag after liposuction. Loose skin is a common problem after the surgery, but it’s temporary and fixable in many cases.

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Why does the skin become Saggy/loose after Liposuction?

Not everyone experiences sagging skin after liposuction. The surgery usually only removes a few pounds of fat, so some people see no difference in their skin tightness. Sometimes, though, even removal of a small amount of fat can cause some loose skin.

Loose skin after liposuction is similar to loose skin after weight loss. Typically, the faster you lose weight and the more weight you lose, the looser your skin will be. Liposuction removes fat all at once, so your skin doesn’t have a chance to shrink over time. Immediately after your surgery, you may be unhappy with the sagging skin. However, loose skin almost always shrinks up at least a little bit in the months or years following the procedure.

The severity of the sagging skin and the time it will take to bounce back depends on a variety of factors. The younger you are, the less likely you are to have a permanent issue with loose skin. The amount of fat removed can make a difference, too. If you’ve already lost a significant amount of weight before liposuction, you may already have some loose skin that could become more noticeable after the surgery. Genetics play a big role in your skin’s elasticity as well.

It’s not always possible to predict exactly how well your skin will react to the liposuction procedure. Your doctor will probably evaluate your skin elasticity to get a general idea, though. If your doctor thinks your skin might sag after the procedure, he or she can give you recommendations for how to tighten your skin up.

How to improve Skin Elasticity

. Minor loose skin will probably shrink up on its own, but there are also lifestyle changes and treatments you can try to boost your skin’s elasticity. Drinking water is one of the best things you can do to help your skin tighten up after liposuction. Water is great for skin elasticity and for the overall health and appearance of your skin.

. Strength training exercises that target the area with loose skin can be very helpful, too. The muscle you build up in the area will “fill in” the loose skin while also making you look fit and toned.

. Massages can improve your circulation, which will tighten up your skin over time. You should wait until your body has completely healed from the surgery to get a massage, though.

. You can try skin tightening creams, which claim to boost skin elasticity. People report mixed results about how effective these products are, but you could combine them with other treatments. Many have natural ingredients that are good for your skin, including aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A, C, and E. Avoid extremely hot showers and prolonged sun exposure, both of which are bad for skin elasticity and could counteract your other efforts to tighten up your skin.

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Professional Treatments for Loose Skin

If you’re very unhappy with your loose skin after your surgery, you can undergo other cosmetic treatments to fix the problem. One popular treatment is Intense Pulse Light skin tightening, a noninvasive procedure that treats your skin with radio frequency rays. This constricts the collagen and blood vessels, which tightens up your skin.

There are several cosmetic surgeries that can treat loose skin, too. If you had liposuction on your abdomen, you could undergo a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and tone up the area. Tummy tucks do have a fairly long recovery period, though. Most doctors will only recommend the procedure if you have a lot of loose skin. For just a little bit of sagging skin, undergoing another surgery might not be worth it.

If you had liposuction on your butt or thighs, you could have a buttock lift or a thigh lift, which are both similar to a tummy tuck. For your upper arms, you could undergo a brachioplasty, or arm lift. Brachioplasty increases your risk of lymphedema or excessive swelling, though.

Don’t panic if you notice some sagging skin right after your liposuction procedure. You’ll probably notice it start to tighten up after a few months, and there are lots of strategies for improving skin elasticity. If you do have a big problem with loose skin that doesn’t go away, you can discuss your options with your doctor.

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Does skin tighten after liposuction?

Liposuction removes fat all at once, so your skin doesn’t have a chance to shrink over time. Immediately after your surgery, you may be unhappy with the sagging skin. However, loose skin almost always shrinks up at least a little bit in the months or years following the procedure.

Can you tighten loose skin after pregnancy?

Tightening loose skin after pregnancy is all about promoting and maintaining elasticity. … In addition to keeping your skin elastic, drinking water helps your body burn calories and reduces water retention in your abdomen. All these things together can make the appearance of loose skin less noticeable.

Does loose skin after weight loss go away?

For people who have lost small to moderate amounts of weight, skin will likely retract on its own eventually and may be helped by natural remedies. However, individuals who have achieved major weight loss may need body-contouring surgery or other medical procedures to tighten or get rid of loose skin

What reduces swelling after liposuction?

After liposuction, the area will be wrapped to help reduce swelling, bruising, and pain. The wrap helps make the area a smooth shape and prevent blood from filling the area where fat was removed. Elastic bandages and tape, support hose, a special girdle, or another type of firm-fitting clothing may be used.

Can compression garments help loose skin?

Garments after surgery help speed the resolution of swelling. They are not proven to help skin tightening. The skin tightens based on a person’s inherent skin tone and skin elasticity. If your skin is loose, stretched out, and lax, no garment will help skin tightening

Will loose skin ever tighten?

How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss. … Because it is a living organ, your skin will slowly return to a shape that fits your new body. But since that process can take up to two years, here are steps you can take to make your skin tighten more quickly: Lose weight at a healthy pace.

Does childbirth make you loose?

After having a baby, it’s not unusual for women to feel their vagina is more loose or dry than usual, and have perineal pain or pain during sex. This page lists a few of the changes you might notice and tips on what you can do

Will skin shrink after losing weight?

If you lose a considerable amount of weight, you may have loose or excess skin once you have reached a normal, healthy weight. … Younger skin that is more elastic is able to snap back more effectively to its original shape. Older skin is less elastic and may not shrink back as well

How much does loose skin weigh after weight loss?

While it varies, mild weight loss (think: 20 pounds or less) typically doesn’t lead to excess skin, Zuckerman says. Weight loss of 40 to 50 pounds can as can massive weight loss of 100+ pounds.

How long are you swollen after lipo?

Will I see results right away? Liposuction can cause significant swelling. In some cases, this lasts a few months, and your final result will not be visible until then. The majority of swelling does improve after four weeks, though
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