How long after rhinoplasty can i get lip fillers?

How long after rhinoplasty can i get lip fillers?

How long after rhinoplasty can I get lip fillers?

Many people wish to have more than one facial cosmetic procedure done at the same time. This is understandable because time, cost and associated discomfort may be reduced if you can take care of more than one procedure in an efficient way. There are times when this approach is not ideal, however, and your facial surgeon may be able to tell you some good reasons why you want to wait to have lip injections.

After rhinoplasty surgery, you're going to be curious about what your new nose feels like, but it's not a good idea to touch it, push on it, or poke it. Not only will it probably hurt, but you risk misaligning the bones, reshaping the cartilage, or undoing your results in some way. Avoid strenuous activities, such as bicycle riding, jogging, weight lifting, or aerobic exercise, for 2 to 3 weeks or until your doctor says it is okay. Do not blow your nose for at least 1 week after surgery.

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Can I get lip filler while I am healing from your rhinoplasty surgery?

The answer is not.The reason is that swelling of surrounding tissue can easily spread to the lips as this is sensitive and reactive facial tissue located just under the nose. For the first few weeks after a Toronto nose job procedure, any addition of filler to your lips may be difficult to balance and administer accurately due to changing lip volume and contour. Even very subtle differences can create a big impact when it comes to an area like the lips. You should wait at least 6 weeks after a rhinoplasty to getting lip fillers.

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How long does nose swelling last after rhinoplasty?

After surgery, there will be some swelling. The swelling can take many months to resolve, although most people stop noticing it after a couple of months. People are usually back to performing most activities after a week and resuming all activities after two to four weeks.

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To minimize swelling, you may use cool, clean compresses or ice wrapped in a dry cloth. Apply these gently to your closed eyes four to six times a day for the first twenty four hours after rhinoplasty. Sleep with the head elevated for the first week after surgery.

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