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The super-specialized center for infertility treatment and reproductive health Mom has been designed based on the most successful international models and with the cooperation of the best Iranian specialists in an area of over 6500 square meters, so that we can proudly say that, all the services offered in the best treatment centers of Infertility and pregnancy health in America and Europe, are also provided to patients in the Mom clinic with international standards.
This clinical complex, which is working under the brand name of Mehr Mom Mihan, welcomes and provides services to a large number of Iranians as well as foreign patients.

In order to provide these services with global quality, it is necessary to consider some points that we have examined below:

One of the most important factors in creating client satisfaction and creating quality in the work process is comprehensiveness in providing services. This means that all the medical needs of the family will be met during the time of trying to get pregnant, during the treatment of infertility, and also when you are trying to maintain health during pregnancy in order to give birth to a healthy child. These type of center, which is the most successful pregnancy and infertility treatment center in the world, is called a One Stop Fertility Center. Mom center is also designed and built based on this model.

For this purpose, Mom Infertility Center has 16 highly specialized clinics, 5 fully equipped operating rooms, 30 beds, and a laboratory of 1500 meters for genetics, pathobiology and independent imaging.


Success Rate
The most important criteria for measuring the performance of all infertility treatment centers in the world is their success rate. Fertility rate is the ratio of the number of IVF procedures that lead to the birth of a baby to the total number of IVF procedures. Mom’s Infertility Center was designed and implemented following the example of the Colorado Infertility Center (CCRM), which has the highest fertility rate among all infertility centers in the world (65%). For this purpose, an extensive study has been conducted on the success factors and its components have been implemented with high sensitivity in the center, the most important of which are briefly stated below:

• Turning the embryology room into a class B clean room and the IVF surgery room into a class C clean room

• Using Hepa H14 and Active Carbon filters in the embryology and andrology laboratory air conditioners to remove suspended particles in the room air such as Volatile Organic Components (VOC), which are very harmful to for the health and quality of the embryos.

• Using the most up-to-date equipment in the departments of gynecology, andrology, operating room and radiology, which directly affects the success of IVF procedures.

• Using the latest equipment and Building Management System software to control incubator gases, pressure, humidity, and air temperature in embryology, andrology, and IVF operating rooms.

• Establishing a quality control and quality assurance system to minimize medical errors, correct problems, and standardize guidelines

• Providing the most up-to-date medical genetics services to identify the most suitable treatment and choose the right embryo to increase the probability of pregnancy and the quality of the fetus

• Providing services to the family based on psychological orientation (due to the vulnerability of the clients of these centers, mental health is one of the most important factors in increasing the percentage of pregnancy success, which is in every element of the treatment, from the way the building is designed to the behavioral training of the personnel.)


The Mom Infertility Center is proud for its treatment team consists of leading experts in the field of infertility treatment and pregnancy health in the country with a brilliant moral and scientific record.

This team continuously cooperates with each other in order to provide better services for ea

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