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The buuilding of “Saram Superspeciality Hospital” has 100 active beds and sections such as: therapeutic, educational, research and support, along with inpatient wards, operating rooms, maternity ward and various other departments. What distinguishes this hospital from other medical centers is the expertise, knowledge, taste and logic used in this complex in order to provide the best services to its clients and bring a pleasant environment. Also, in line with positive visual stimuli with the aim of creating a positive excitement and mood, landscapes inspired by nature such as waterfalls, flowing streams, flower planting and tree planting have been designed and built. The physical structure and building of the hospital itself, is designed in such a way that provides a cheerful environment with positive and pleasant energies for all colleagues for better service.

In addition, Sarem Hospital shows its commitment to high quality standards by obtaining the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate. The hospital management has announced its quality policy in the fields of safety, occupational health and environment as the most basic principles.

With diverse and specialized departments, Sarem Hospital tries to cover all the treatment needs of the clients. Specialized and super specialized clinics provide services to clients with various specialties such as gynecology and obstetrics, infertility, pediatrics and children, cardiovascular diseases, nutrition and skin, specialized breast surgeries and many more.

The different departments of the hospital consist of inpatient departments, specialized units for children and babies, equipped units for mothers and water births, VIP hospital departments, specialized departments such as genetics and paraclinical departments including pathobiology and IVF laboratories.

Among the other features of Sarem Hospital is the presence of research departments. With two active research institutes in the fields of cellular and molecular, genetics and fertility and infertility, this hospital promotes knowledge and research in the fields of medicine and health.

Sarem Hospital is a place where expertise, knowledge, taste and logic are combined to provide the best services to its clients, and for this reason, it can provide them with a pleasant environment. In Sarem Hospital, in addition to improving the quality of treatment and medical care, special attention has been paid to the growth and development of a positive and exciting spirit among clients.

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