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Razavi Hospital, affiliated to the holy shrine of Imam Reza Hazrat (PBUH), was opened in 2004 and next to his shrine, as the first step towards fulfilling a great dream of having a unique medical center to serve clients from inside and outside of Iran.

In 2015, the permission to establish the first unit and department of health tourists (IPD) in the country was officially granted to Razavi Hospital. Due to the extensive treatment coverage in Razavi Hospital, most of the specialized fields of this medical center are of interest to non-Iranians.

International Patient Unit (IPD) services

In this hospital, there are different departments that provide medical services in the best way and in accordance with international protocols.

At Razavi Hospital, we provide medical services at the highest level by using the best specialists, treatment departments, paraclinical departments, and diagnostic facilities

Advantages of visiting the infertility clinic in this hospital:

In case of request for hormone tests, color photo, spermogram, urologist consultation and psychological consultation by the doctor, they are all done in Razavi Hospital and there is no need to leave the hospital building.
Every infertile couple can choose their own doctor and all stages of infertility treatment (from the beginning to the end) are done by the same doctor.
In all stages of diagnosis and treatment, the client’s privacy is respected, and for this purpose, all necessary facilities are provided to guarantee the patient’s privacy.
All infertility treatments including therapy through medication, IUI, IVF, microinjection, gender determination (PGD), PRP and all necessary diagnostic procedures (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, PESA and TESE) are performed with the most advanced equipment and by help of the most experienced doctors and personnel.

Medical Center Facilities

Surgery room




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