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Tracheal Shave, Lip lift, Bbl and Hair Transplantation; Not just a cosmetic surgery but a journey to perfection.

The first time I chatted with Suzzane, her first words were like a magnet. She was so determined about what she wanted to finish that she had started years ago: Tracheal ShaveBbl and Hair Transplantation to complete her dysphoria. 

The communication and arrangments were easy and so smooth when a person knows what they want. Tracheal Shave, as you may know, is Shaving the Adam’s Apple cartilage, Bbl is injecting fat into the butt and hair transplantation is hair transplantation.

As a nation that supports the Trans Group, the Iranian Surgery team were eager to meet Suzanne from Hamburg, Germany. The visa application was easy as the Iranian Surgery Visa Team arranged everything for her. She got her visa issued at Shiraz International Airport, and in the early minutes of October 22, 2022, we met. Sama Zandi, my colleague, and I drove her to the hotel. Our Team Work drill is like this: Airport, hotel, rest, lab, blood test and check-ups, a big breakfast, Dr appointments, surgery dates and post-ops, tours, second appointments and departure. 

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In Suzanne’s case, her hair transplantation was the first step. After two sessions, she got a feminine hairline and full density transplantation with, quoting Suzanne, ”the artist”, Ayda Kiyani. Honestly, that smile you see on your patient’s face is worth working late hours.

Suzanne’s next dysphoria phase was face-feminization surgery: shaving Adam’s apple. With Dr Dastgerdi’s suggestion, she even wanted to benefit from a lip life. The Brazilian Butt lift also went well. 

After the seductive wore off and Suzanne rested well in her room at the hotel, we took her for the second appointment, and I saw how content she was. Suzanne, as the meaning of her name in Farsi, was bright and beaming all the time. She was happy with how she looked. She had arrived at a point that she was looking forward to. Shiraz was even pretty that day when we took her to visit the old private garden with pomegranate, persimmon and grape trees. As I told her from day one, her happiness was contagious. 

Suzanne wanted to share her experience as a trans with other people and was a very cooperative patient. She engaged in interviews, film-making, and photo shoots with the Iranian Surgery Media Team.

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As I mentioned, this was teamwork, well-organised, and well-played. As a result, our beloved Suzanne returned safe and sound to Hamburg, October 31, not only with her new looks but with her complete self.

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