This is Dewi’s story

Dewi is a fifty-four-year-old woman. She is originally from Indonesia, but she has been living in Australia for many years and she holds an Australian passport. Like all East Asian people, Indonesians have the so-called Asian nose style. The Asian nose usually lacks the cartilage or septum in the middle. That’s why, in East Asia, big noses are generally considered attractive and a sign of luck and good fortune. So, they like their noses to be bigger. Unlike Iranians who mostly prefer to have small noses. And because of her Indonesian origin, Dewi too had the same Asian nose. So, she wanted to come to Iran and “get an actual nose”. Apparently, they believe that, that flat and bridgeless thing in the middle of their face cannot be called a nose.

Dewi contacted us in January 2023 and said that she wanted to do a nose job. And that she didn’t like her nose and she was also thinking of doing eye surgery, probably Blepharoplasty. But she was not exactly sure what kind of surgery would be suitable for her and whether she should opt for a double or quad blepharoplasty.

She received detailed explanations from the consulting team of Iranian Surgery. Then, her photos were shown to the doctor to get his opinion on the best course of action. Considering the patient’s Asian nose style, the doctor’s plan was to harvest cartilage grafts from the patients’ ribs and use it to reconstruct the low or flat nose bridge. The doctor also suggested that she do blepharoplasty only for the two upper eyelids and said that her lower eyelids do not need blepharoplasty.

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The patient confirmed that she was okay with the doctors proposed course of action. She was informed about the Iranian Surgery rates and prices and said that she wanted a five-star hotel package. but there was a problem. Her Iranian friends in Australia had warned her about coming to Iran and so she had reservations.

But when she talked to us, we explained to her that there nothing to worry about. I even sent her a video to put her mind at ease and convince her that it is completely safe in Iran. Even a single woman can easily travel to Iran and contrary to what she might have had heard Iran and Iranian is very friendly and welcoming towards foreigners.

Finally, our team informed her that every year in April we have a price increase on all medical services, surgeries, hospitals, medicines, and tests. Therefore, she was advised to make her trip before that time. And on the other hand, spring is the best time of the year to travel to Shiraz because of the gorgeous weather and the way the whole city blooms and blossoms.

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So the patient agreed to travel to Iran in May. Everything was taken care of. Her hotel room was booked. VIP Hospital was arranged.

However, even though we had talked to the patient and assured her that Iran is a totally safe country, she still had her reservations about coming to Iran.

But eventually she made up her mind and decided to come.

She arrived at Shiraz International airport and upon arrival was greeted by the Iranian Surgery team along with an interpreter and a driver who took her straight to the hotel. she was also given a working SIM card.

it’s worth mentioning that her travel itinerary had been sent to her before coming to Iran. So, she knew exactly what to expect on every single day following her arrival.

She was told that immediately after her arrival, after a little rest, She was going to see the doctor (because her stay in Iran was short). Which happened as planned even though it was weekend and doctors do not work in Iran on Thursdays and Fridays.

After doing the standard examinations, the doctor let her know what operations were going to be done for her. The necessary photos for her upcoming nose and eye surgeries were taken. required tests were run and a heart checkup was done.

And she also visited the anesthesiologist to make sure there won’t be any problems during the operations.

So, on Thursday, all the pre-op steps were taken. and afterwards we took her shopping.

Since following the surgery she would probably need to stay in the hotel and rest for a few days and not leave the hotel. So we thought it might be a good idea to take her shopping so that she can buy anything that she would need during the first couple of days following the surgery. of course, she was given a bank card and didn’t have to worry about exchanging money.

And the Iranian Surgery team put together a sightseeing tour for the patient as a gift, which we decode to do on Friday, when the hospital was closed. Something to help put her mind at ease before the surgery.

On Friday morning, we took Dwei to Persepolis which is the ruins of a 2500-year-old city located 60km northeast of shiraz and every year attracts thousands of tourists from around the world.

We also took her to a place called Necropolis which is another famous ancient ruins site in the area. And then we treated her to a nice lunch and later ice-cream and finally we returned to the hotel. I told her everything she needed to know about attractions and hotspots accessible from the hotel and even send her photos and locations so that she would be able to visit them later at her convenience.

the next day, she was supposed to undergo surgery. Since this was her first time ever to have a surgery, she felt a bit tense. So, before getting to the hospital, we arranged a massage session for her at the hotel to help her relax. afterwards we took her to the hospital where she was given a large, very nice room on the top floor of the hospital which is the VIP section reserved for foreign patients.

We helped her get ready. We braided her hair. She changed her clothes in her room and got ready to go to the operating room.

The operation took a long time because there were two surgeries being done and the cartilage that had to be removed from her ribs made it even longer. Due to her age, it was difficult to find suitable cartilage in her body. Because after a certain age, cartilage starts to turn into bone. That’s why it took a while and the procedure took a little longer than usual.

After the operation was done, she was brought into the ward. and we were with her from that moment and even kept her company through the night. Because she had traveled alone, and we didn’t want her to feel lonely or even afraid.

The next morning, the doctor came to checked on her and said that everything was fine and that she could leave the hospital.

we took her back to the hotel. helped her settle in. Then we bought her all her medications and gave her detailed instructions on when and how to take them.

For 3 days after the surgery, she preferred to stay in her room and rest, although the doctor had said that she doesn’t have to. But because it was her first time being under anesthesia and the two consecutive operations required her to be under for longer than normal and it was also better not to expose her wounds to the sun, staying in for a couple of days wasn’t such a bad idea. Of course, in those three days, she did go out in the evenings, and I even accompanied her two times myself.

We went for a walk in a park nearby. she fed the cats in the park. There is a very beautiful park next to the hotel. The hotel is at a very convenient location and has access to some really good restaurants and cafes. So there are many options if one decides to go out to eat or simply walk around. On one of our walks, we talked about Iran. she said she didn’t expect Iranian people to be so modern in looks and lifestyle. She realized that life here is not that much different from other parts of the world and people are living their normal lives. Seeing all this, she managed to put her fears of being arrested by the police or harassed by strangers to rest.

So, from then on, she wasn’t afraid to go out alone anymore. She would go out on her own to the park and feed the cats. she went sightseeing a couple of times and she even decided to go to a hairdresser since she had found that hairdressers and hairstylists in Iran are quite good at what they do and the prices are very reasonable too.

So, you see, when patients come to Iran for medical purposes, they don’t have to just undergo the treatment and leave. They can do many other things in the process. Just like Dewi who got a new haircut, got her nails done and…

A week later, we took her to the doctor’s office. He removed the plaster on her nose and removed the stitches. And he told her that everything was normal. She was also very pleased with the shape of her nose.

Her eyes looked much younger now that the drooping of her eyes was gone and the bags under her eyes had disappeared. However, the doctor said that there is still some swelling which will start to go away in a month or two. He also told Dewi that the she would have to wait for at least 6 months before she can see the final results of her rhinoplasty and sometimes it can take even up to a year. That’s why she should be patient. but that didn’t stop her from showing how happy she was even with the initial results. Then the doctor gave her the necessary instructions regarding the medications and how to take care of her new nose.

We took pictures and videos. And then we got her medicines and took her back to the hotel. that night I went there myself to help and to make sure she wouldn’t pick up anything heavy. I helped her to pack his suitcase and then we took her to the airport, said our goodbyes and saw her off.

Now she says that she misses Iran very much. She says there are other places she wishes she had visited. and that she will certainly return to Iran either to have other cosmetic operations or just to visit the many and unique tourist attractions.

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