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With 16 years of medical experience in the east of the country

Novin Center is a unique and leading specialist center in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in eastern Iran, located in the city of Mashhad. This center was established in 2006 with an area of 1,320 meters on 6 floors, with the efforts of Dr. Majid Raosti and Dr. Mahnaz Mansouri. The main purpose of establishing this center is to provide specialized and ultra-specialized fertility treatment services to infertile couples. Now, after more than a decade since the beginning of this center’s activity and many advances in the field of infertility treatment, repeated abortion, fetal health check before implantation and super specialized surgeries in the field of infertility treatment as well as high fertility rate, it has become one of the best Infertility treatment centers in the east of the country. Every year more than hundreds of infertile couples from different parts of the country and abroad come to this center for treatment and fulfillment of their dreams. We hope to be more diligent and successful in realizing more of your dreams.

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