Armaghan Infertility Clinic



Armaghan Infertility Treatment Center, with the cooperation of a group of experienced doctors and personnel and using advanced operating rooms, ultrasound and laboratory equipment, has been able to take a special place in the treatment of infertility in the country and the world, and welcomes infertile couples from all over the country and other countries every year.

ART and andrology laboratories
Operation and recovery and hospitalization rooms
Super specialized infertility treatment and counseling clinic

We do our best to provide diagnostic and treatment services so that you can get the best possible results and experience a new joy in life.

Our goal is to rely on our valuable resources, namely: experienced and expert human resources, advanced medical equipment and modern information technologies, to provide safe and high-quality specialist medical services in accordance with national and international standards. We provide a pleasant environment while adhering to the patient’s legal charter in order to preserve human dignity and thus play an effective and constructive role in maintaining and improving the health of the society and the future generation.

In order to research the missions of Armaghan Surgery Center, we have defined our goals based on the axes of the clinical governance system as follows:

*Providing highly specialized medical services to patients using experienced and expert staff, advanced medical equipment and new information and communication technologies without wasting time and additional costs.

*Placing the principle of patient-centeredness and providing a calm, safe and enjoyable environment for the satisfaction of clients and laying the groundwork for them to achieve a healthy life

*Accelerating the recovery of patients

*Compliance with the patient’s legal charter and respect for human dignity

*Paying attention to human resources as the most valuable capital of the hospital and motivating them to participate in improving the level of service to patients

*Continuous improvement of the quality level of services provided by updating the standards

*Knowledge-oriented and improving the competence of employees through continuous training of human resources at all levels

*Benefiting from the support of insurance organizations and imposing the minimum cost on the patient in return for using the maximum advanced equipment and facilities

*Increasing the level of satisfaction of clients and employees

Medical Center Facilities

Surgery room




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