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January 20, 2019

Cosmetic Surgery

8 countries traveling for plastic surgery

On every continent, there is a country where people travel for some major cosmetic surgery. We are not talking about breasts in Beverly Hills. For example, it is known that pop stars and celebrities in Korea have “ideal faces”, where both females and even males have carried their eyelids, adding extra bridges to their noses, or shaving their jaw bones to make their faces look smaller.

In recent decades, standards of beauty seem to have transcended cultural and ethnic barriers. Women of all nationalities seem to want to have large breasts, long legs, large eyes, full lips, high bone bones, and perfect nose – no noise or very flat.

Whether you are with or against cosmetic surgery, the truth is that millions of people are traveling to spend thousands of dollars on these radical transformations. Here are nine countries that have a global reputation that makes everyone’s dreams come true.

  1. Brazil

As one of the most popular countries for cosmetic surgery, Brazilian girls are used to receiving breasts as a sweet sixteen birthday present. For travelers who go to Brazil to go under the knife, they are often treated like royalty. Brazilian clinics provide privacy and treatment without the stark provisions of friends and family. Although travelers should be warned that deaths occur and can occur due to surgery, please be careful.

How much price? Face-lift in the United States costs an average of $ 6,000, while in Brazil, it costs only $ 1,900.

  1. Iran

It is not uncommon to see women putting small white ribbons on their noses in Iran. Since the women who were creatures must be wearing school uniforms, the Iranians are known for their desire to achieve the “faces of dolls”. Medical programs in Iran are among the best programs in the world, so travelers in the Middle East often go to Iran. To lift the forehead, or to lift the abdomen, or work the nose easy. Customers also include men who want to look thinner and smaller.

How much price of cosmetic surgery? The cost of the nose job is about $ 800, while the tummy tuck is about $ 1,200 – $ 2,800. Face lift is about $ 1200 – $ 2,400, while the forehead lift can be up to $ 3,000.

  1. South Korea

It is very common in Korea that cosmetic surgery is no longer horrific. The national program “Let’s Beauty” often presents radical designs that are not fully recognizable. In the past decade, South Korea has become a hub for knife entry in Asia. The word on the street is, they do it well.

How much price? The nose job will be about $ 5,000 – $ 8,000. The jaw is fixed somewhere around $ 4,500 or more while shaving the jaw for $ 8,900. August surgeries cost $ 4,000 or more, hip surgery is about $ 4,600, and arm surgery is $ 2200. But of course, each clinic is different.

  1. Switzerland

Whether foreigners want to look younger or undergo post-accident cosmetic surgery, they flock to Switzerland to gain experience in aesthetic improvement. The main attraction here for medical tourism is that the Swiss really focus on art and discretion. Swiss doctors treat plastic surgery like calvin, so the results do not appear to be as clear as work done. Confidentiality is also part of respect for culture and careful attention to the needs of patients.

How much price? The face lifts work for $ 15,000 each, the breast augmentation costs $ 13,000, the tummy tuck also reaches $ 15,000, and the liposuction will be about $ 6,600.

  1. Poland

The rise in medical tourism in Poland is due to: Poland’s arrival in the European Union, an increase in the number of budget airlines destined for Polish cities and the price differential between cosmetic surgery prices in Poland and the less developed European countries. Thus, Europeans flock to Poland for a few reforms.

How much price? Breast augmentation costs $ 4,100, while the cost of a nose correction is $ 3,500, the cost of a tummy tuck costs about $ 3,800, while the butter is $ 5,700.

  1. China

Believe it or not, 2 million facial reconstruction surgeries are completed in China each year. This moves from the bones of the high cheekbones, the narrower jaw lines, and greater eyes to the good old nose functions. Cosmetic surgery in China is now in modern, well-equipped and licensed facilities, so prices are now higher than those in Western countries.

How much price? Double eyelid surgery will cost US $ 1,500 and the jaw reshaping will be around US $ 9,000, while the bone-forming jaw and bones cost $ 15,000. Beware: There are many underground beauty salons that perform surgery illegally and offer double eyelid surgery for $ 180.

  1. Hawaii

Eyelid surgery is actually a big deal in Hawaii. Those who think their eyes are too small, often want to cut their covers to create an extra cover or to remove the skin on the eyelid. There are other cosmetic surgery that are very popular in Hawaii, such as eyeliner and eyebrow tattoo.

How much price? Mother makers (including tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and possibly breast lift) cost $ 20,000 or more, and each eyebrow or eyebrow tattoo costs $ 150 each.

  1. South Africa

Do not think that safaris and rhinoplasty go together, but many of South Africa’s luxury spa resorts now offer cosmetic procedures followed by wildlife explorations and sparkling wine tours. Dental work and cheek effects are also common surgeries in this part of the world.

How much price? For a breast augmentation surgery, costing $ 3,600, and the renewal price is about $ 5,000, while liposuction is about $ 4,500.

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