A patient who came from UK to Iran for Lipomatic with bbl surgery

I’m so happy to share my success story with you! I’m in my early 50s and lately being overweight had become a total nightmare for me. I had fat everywhere and despite following a strict diet and exercise regimen, I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. But all that changed when I came to Iran to undergo Lipomatic surgery to remove fat from my waist, abdomen and flanks. I also wanted a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) to enhance my curves and boost my confidence. I did it with the help of Iranian Surgery, a medical tourism website that arranged everything for me, from finding the best doctors and clinics to booking my hotel and transportation. They were very professional, friendly and supportive throughout my journey.

I was amazed by how skilled Iranian surgeons are. They performed the Lipomatic procedure with minimal pain and scarring, using a vibrating cannula that breaks down the fat tissue and suctions it out easily. They also transferred some of the fat to my buttocks, giving me a fuller and rounder shape. The results were fantastic! I could see the difference right away, and it only got better as the swelling went down. I love my new body and I feel more confident than ever!

Lipomatic in Iran was also very affordable compared to other countries and much cheaper than what I would have paid in the UK or the US. I also got to enjoy the beautiful sights and culture of Iran, which was an added bonus. I’m so glad I chose Iran for my cosmetic surgery, and I highly recommend Iranian Surgery to anyone who wants to have a safe, effective and satisfying experience.

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