Exercise after rhinoplasty

Exercise after rhinoplasty

How soon can I exercise after having a rhinoplasty?

One Month after having rhinoplasty, you can begin using weights and doing moderate exercises that include bending over, including yoga and abdominal exercises.

Patients should avoid overly exerting the chest muscles and intercostal muscles after costal cartilage and may resume activity as soon as 4 weeks after rhinoplasty.

Walking after rhinoplasty is great for a few reasons. It helps you avoid boredom, for one thing. It can also help keep you regular and can help reduce muscle soreness or weakness, which can result if you sit still for too long. Walking also gets your blood flowing, which helps reduce swelling.

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6 Months after having rhinoplasty, you can finally begin returning to your normal workout routines. Running and other high-intensity exercises are no longer off limits. It may actually taking longer than 6 months to see the final results of the procedure, even if you feel completely healed. Patients can continue to see changes in their noses for over a year. Because of this, I tell my patients to avoid contact sports, especially basketball. If you must return to sports before you are fully healed, I’d advise wearing a protective mask.


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