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Ghadir Mother and Child Hospital in 2009 with 85 active beds on a land of 7 hectares and 10,000 square meters of infrastructure in one of the beautiful areas of Shiraz city, and has been built next to the gate of Qur’an. And in the same year, it was put into operation. In the shadow of God Almighty and in line with the continuation of the development of medical services and in order to provide suitable facilities for the esteemed clients, this center is making its services more diverse and specialized day by day. All for the hope of providing the best services to patients inside and outside the country as a unique treatment center.

This hospital includes facilities such as:
The largest infertility center in the south of the country, stem cells and transgene technology research center, women’s laparoscopic and general surgery center, pediatric orthopedic surgery, bariatric surgery, obstetrics and gynecology surgery, pediatric and neonatal surgery.


The following services are provided in this hospital:

1- Performing surgery on the fetus inside the uterus
2- Stomach, spleen, and gallbladder laparoscopic operations
3- Laparoscopy operations of obesity in the methods of bypass, sleeve, and gastric band
4- Laparoscopic colon colectomy procedures
5- All pediatric surgeries by the laparoscopic method
6- All urology procedures including kidney stone breaking, laparoscopy of kidneys, and kidney removal
7- All pediatric orthopedic procedures include birth defects
8- All types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries
9- Corrective or secondary surgeries
10- Physiological birth, water birth, caesarean section, natural birth
11- All types infertility treatments such as IVF

Ghadir Mother and Child Super Specialized Hospital aims to be the leader in providing new services in the country and region in the future, along with plans for increasing the quality and quantity of services.

Medical Center Facilities

Surgery room




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