Tummy tuck in iran

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Tummy tuck in iran

Tummy tuck cost in Iran

Tummy tuck Iran

Are you having extra fat on your tummy ? You wants a sexy and flat tummy? Then are you wasting time when you can go for tummy tuck treatment which is available at iran. Now tummy tuck surgery in Iran is becoming famous due to efforts of good centres in our country by giving good results at a very reasonable prices. Now is the time that you can have treatment anywhere in Iran.
Tummy Tuck in Iran (commonly known as Abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that removes wrinkles from the abdomen and waist areas by dissolving the fat under the skin, and then lifting the abdomen muscles, depending on the latest techniques used in a tummy tuck.
Tummy tuck in Iran is the most popular plastic surgery in Iran because Iran has the best position in the field of cosmetic surgeries, especially tummy tuck surgery and liposuction and its efforts to be always the best in this field of the cosmetic surgeries, between the countries of east and west alike.
Iran is an attractive point for tourists from all over the world who were seeking treatment, and it takes the highest position of the health tourism.

Tummy tuck cost

How much does a tummy tuck cost in iran?

Is iran cheapest country for tummy tuck surgery?

Yes.Iran is the cheapest country for tummy tuck surgery with same quality that USA or UK.
The tummy tuck cost in Iran start from $1000 (For same area) and comes to $4,500 (Full liposuction + Tummy tuck ), it's not including the cost of anesthesia and other fees.

The Average cost of a Tummy Tuck in Iran is around $ 2200_3000. There are several options available if you choose to have a tummy tuck done in Iran.
On average, a the tummy tuck cost in Iran is 25_40% less than in Turkey, as stated above, the average tummy tuck cost Turkey is around $4000

Cost of tummy tuck in IRAN Per Treatment Region

Body AreaApproximate Lower End of Range of Lipo Surgical Cost ($)Approximate Upper End Range of Lipo Surgical Cost ($)
Abdomen, upper & lower10004,500
Abdomen, lower1,0004,300

Does Tummy Tuck cost  in Iran less than other countries?

Low prices are one of the most important features of tummy surgery in Iran. This is because the cost is less than 200 to 400 percent of the price of abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck) in Europe, while maintaining the same efficiencyThe cost of treatment in Iran is much lower than other discounts in the world.
For example, the abdominoplasty cost(Tummy Tuck) in Iran is half the tummy tuck cost Turkey and 200  percent less than the abdominoplasty cost in France or Germany , while maintaining the same performance and quality.

You can do your plastic surgery at the lowest possible cost in hospitals and beauty clinics in Iran.
The lowest tummy tuck cost in Iran is about $ 1,500, and the highest Tummy tuck cost in Iran is  $ 45,00.

Tummy tuck cost in different country

      The average of Tummy tuck cost in U.S A : $12000
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in UAE : $13000
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Mexico : $4300
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in India : $3500
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Thailand : $4300
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Brazil: $6200
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in France : $7700
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in UK : $6300
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Canada : $8500
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Germany : $12000
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Turkey : $4700
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in South korea : $ 6500
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Costa Rica : $4000
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Iraq : $4000
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Ghana : $3800
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in IRAN : $1700
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Russia : $11000
      The average of Tummy tuck cost in Ukraine : $4500

Types of tummy tuck in Iran

Tummy tuck surgery depends on modern techniques and models used in cosmetic surgeries, especially tummy tuck surgery, as well as it keeps up with the developments of technology and all the latest in the field of plastic surgery, which is done in the best worldwide cosmetic centers that contain the latest techniques used in tummy tuck surgery.

There are two types of tummy tuck in Iran, including:

Partial tummy tuck: commonly known as a mini abdominoplasty, is done on people whose a small amount of fat are located below the navel, in which the surgeon cuts the belly button, then, removes the excess fat, and it may take only two hours.
Complete tummy tuck: the fat is dissolved under the skin, then, suctioned, so full abdominoplasty is done by cuts the abdomen from hipbone to hipbone and contours the skin and muscle. It is done on people whose a large number of fat deposits are located all over the abdominal and waist.
The patient who performs Tummy tuck in Iran, will be under general anesthesia, to sleep during the operation, and the procedure will take an hour to five hours, according to the patient’s case and the amount of excess fat, and the patient may need to stay overnight in the hospital.

What happens during tummy tuck surgery?

A tummy tuck, medically known as an abdominoplasty, involves toning and sculpting your midsection. The procedure is entirely tailored to your needs and desired outcome. Tummy tuck surgery, performed under general anesthesia, can include:

  • Removing excess fat (liposuction)
  • Correcting separated muscles
  • Removing excess or loose skin

Tummy tucks most frequently involve a combination of the above.

Tummy tucks are ideal for smoothing out that dreaded muffin top, strengthening your abdominal wall, and flattening your stomach. The end result is a more toned, defined midsection, and of course, a dramatic boost in confidence.

Who is a good candidate for a tummy tuck surgery?

The best candidates for this procedure are people who are otherwise in good health. Many patients who choose to have a tummy tuck include women who have had multiple pregnancies or people who have lost a large amount of weight.

Tummy tucks eliminate the excess fat deposits and loose skin that make individuals feel self-conscious about their image.

Anyone who plans on getting pregnant or losing a significant amount of weight may be better off postponing a tummy tuck. Other considerations for anyone considering the procedure include potential scarring and a painful recuperation.


Do you have to be a BMI for tummy tuck?

شفط الدهون البطن
Possible tummy tuck complications Anyone considering getting a tummy tuck should be aware that this procedure isn’t a substitution for a healthy diet and exercise for weight loss. The results are permanent, but they can be affected by significant weight fluctuations after the surgery. Additionally, possible complications include: Pain and swelling: Your doctor will likely prescribe pain medication to manage your discomfort. You also might experience bruising and numbness during the first few weeks or months after the surgery. Rare complications: Risks include infections, blood clots and bleeding in the area of the incision. Scarring: Although everyone has some scarring in the incision area, if you don’t heal correctly, the scarring can be significant.

how is a tummy tuck done

A tummy tuck procedure typically lasts between 2 and 4 hours depending on the degree of your excess skin and fat and the technique used. The technique is chosen based on your needs and expectations, which the doctor will discuss with you. You may also be recommended to have a liposuction at the same time to get the most satisfactory outcome.

An incision is made to the abdomen from hip to hip, along the public area or the so-called bikini line. A circular incision is then made around the belly button to free it from the surrounding skin. After tightening muscles, removing excess fat and skin and pulling down the skin, a new hole is created in the right position for the belly button.

The incisions are finally stitched up with sutures and a dressing and sometimes a compression garment are applied and the excess fluid is drained.

Extended tummy tuck prices include liposuction and fall into the high-end of the cost range, with a price tag of $11,000 to $12,000. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, tummy tuck prices average $5,500. Typical charges include: Surgeon's fees.

What to do before a tummy tuck surgery?

In order to have a better operation and heal faster after the surgery follow these instructions:

  • Stop smoking a few weeks prior to the surgery, as smoking slows down healing.
  • Lose as much weight as possible (reach your ideal weight) before undergoing a tummy tuck surgery, as losing further weight after the operation will undermine the final result and may create a need for another surgery.
  • Shave and wax for 3 days the area to be cut, to reduce the possibility of infection.
  • Arrange your transportation beforehand.
  • Finish your important tasks before going for the surgery, as you will need to rest for a few days and take care of yourself during your recovery process.
  • Make sure there will be someone to help and take care of your for at least a couple of days after surgery.

After tummy tuck surgery post-operative and recovery instructions

  • You may have dressings and drains for removing excess liquid in place before being discharged from the hospital.
  • Depending on the type of surgery you’ve underwent, you will be able to go home after 1-3 days.
  • Your doctor may prescribe painkillers for you to be taken during the recovery time.
  • Most patients are up and walking from day one and will be able to get back to work within at most 6 weeks or less if your work isn’t too physically taxing.
  • You should not lift heavy objects for the first 6 weeks after surgery.
  • You should avoid having sex until 3 weeks after surgery and after that it should be gentle.
  • The final results will be achieved gradually and over a period of 6 months.
  • You should keep to a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain the results of your tummy tuck.

Risks and complications

Just like any other surgery, a tummy tuck may have some risks and complications which are often rare and temporary. Discussing your medical history with your doctor and following his/her instructions are very important in prevention possible risks and complications. Here are some possible side effects of an abdominoplasty:

  • Pain
  • Light Bleeding
  • Infection Blood clots
  • Scarring
  • Swelling
  • Numbness

Mini Abdominoplasty (mini tummy tuck)

Mini tummy tuck surgery is less invasive than traditional abdominoplasty. The mini tummy tuck, or partial abdominoplasty(,ini tummy tuck), is often an excellent option for people who have a small amount of abdominal skin to be removed and do not have a significantly protruding abdominal muscle wall. Individuals whose abdominal area is beginning to sag due to aging or who have slim abdomens that they wish to sculpt into a more desirable shape may find that a mini tummy tuck is ideal for them.


In a mini tummy tuck, muscles are tightened and excess skin is removed from below the belly button only. There will be incision in the lower abdomen but the belly button will not need repositioning.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Package In iran

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Tummy tuck in iran
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1Can you have lipo and tummy tuck at the same time?
A: The short answer is "Yes" and "No." Yes, You can get liposuction of other areas such as the love-handles, thighs, or chest at the same time as a tummy-tuck. ... You can get liposuction of the abdomen at the same time if a mini-tummy tuck is being done, and that is a very popular combination in our practice.
2What is the recovery time for tummy tuck and lipo?
Tummy tuck recovery also depends on the extent of the procedure. A modified tummy tuck has a shorter recovery time than a full abdominoplasty plus liposuction, which usually takes about two weeks to resume sedentary work and 3-4 weeks to return to other activities like exercise.
3Does a tummy tuck make your waist smaller?
Therefore, people are turning more and more to a tummy tuck to achieve what diet and regular exercise will not, and that is a trim waistline. ... Those benefits include some weight loss from the removal of excess skin and fat, a strengthening of the abdominal muscles, a flatter, firmer tummy, and a trim waist.
4Which is better liposuction or tummy tuck?
For most patients, a tummy tuck is the surest way to achieve this result. Liposuction is a wonderful tool for removing fat in areas of the body with tight skin, such as the hips, saddleback and flanks. ... In contrast, abdominoplasty removes not just the fat but also the extra skin and tightens up the muscles.
5re tummy tucks dangerous?
The risk of complications increased when tummy tucks were combined with other plastic surgery procedures, the researchers found. Among patients who had only a tummy tuck, 3.1 percent developed complications.
6How much weight can you lose with liposuction?
Right now, surgeons follow guidelines that set a maximum extraction limit of 5,000 milliliters of fat (11 pounds) for all patients, regardless of variations in weight or body fat status. But the new study suggests surgeons could use a patient's body mass index (BMI) to determine how much fat extraction is safe.
7How painful is a tummy tuck recovery?
Recovery from a tummy tuck procedure occurs over a period of six months or more. In the first couple of days, managing pain and avoiding complications is your top priority. The first week will be the worst, and you will still feel like you are recovering for about two to three weeks.
8Is liposuction safer than a tummy tuck?
For patients with excess fat or stubborn pockets of fat with good skin tone and a flat abdominal wall, liposuction is the best treatment. ... Women after pregnancy can still be good candidates for only liposuction but more commonly the skin and abdominal wall is permanently stretched and is best improved with a tummy tuck.
9How long is pain after tummy tuck?
You'll likely feel moderate pain, which will be controlled by pain medication. It's normal to have swelling in the surgical area for about six weeks. In some cases, swelling might take up to three months to resolve. Drains might be left in place for several days after surgery.
10Should you lose weight before a tummy tuck?
In fact, we typically recommend that potential Tummy Tuck patients wait at least 6 months after losing a significant amount of weight before getting the procedure. This is so that their weight can reach a stable baseline level. ... It's clear that you have to lose weight before a Tummy tuck.
11Is it OK to lose weight after tummy tuck?
The surgery does actually help patients to lose weight immediately and the results are actually long-term. However, you cannot opt to undergo tummy tuck as the only way to lose weight. ... People who are excessively overweight and not near the normal weight range cannot opt for tummy tuck for weight loss.
12What happens if you gain weight after a tummy tuck?
It can flatten and firm the abdominal region, but you must also maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. Minimal weight gain after a tummy tuck will not have a significant impact, but excessive weight gain will stretch the skin and stretch the abdominal muscles.
13Are tummy tuck results permanent?
Although tummy tuck surgery can provide long-lasting results, they are not permanent. Women who become pregnant after undergoing a tummy tuck risk re-stretching the abdominal muscles and skin. When this happens, a secondary procedure may be needed to help regain a more slender contour.
14What happens if you have a baby after a tummy tuck?
It is likely that the surgical procedure that helps flatten and tone the abdominal area during surgery will stretch somewhat and change during pregnancy; though perhaps not to the excess as prior to the tummy tuck. ... it is advised that you wait at least six months after surgery before getting pregnant.
15Why is my stomach still big after tummy tuck?
Your abdomen is more likely to protrude after your abdominal fascia has been stretched during pregnancy or after significant changes in your weight. A tummy tuck can remove loose, excess skin and fat, and tighten weak fascia. ... However, a tummy tuck won't correct stretch marks outside of this area.
16How long after a tummy tuck do you see results?
Immediately following a tummy tuck, loose, sagging skin should be gone, although some swelling will continue and gradually decrease over a period of several weeks. Most people can return to desk jobs within two weeks. For more physically demanding jobs, additional recovery time is necessary before returning to work.
17What are the side effects of having a tummy tuck?
Tummy tuck risks include: Anesthesia risks. Bleeding. Infection. Fluid accumulation (seroma) Poor wound healing. Skin loss. Numbness or other changes in skin sensation. Skin discoloration and/or prolonged swelling.
18Can a tummy tuck ruin pregnancy?
Medically speaking, a tummy tuck is a purely cosmetic procedure, so it does not affect a woman's ability to become pregnant. A healthy woman who is of child-bearing age should be able to get pregnant just as easily after a tummy tuck as she would before the surgery.
19Is a tummy tuck major surgery?
An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a major surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen
20Is tummy tuck surgery dangerous?
Abdominoplasty -- sometimes called "tummy tuck" -- has a higher risk of major complications than other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, reports a study in the November issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).


  1. sebastian says:

    i am from germany
    I performed tummy tuck and lipo three years ago in Istanbul
    I was not satisfied with my surgery in istanbul
    I heard Iran have good surgeons and hospitals.
    I want to do it again
    You can get information about the cost of tummy tuck in Iran

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Absolutely. tummy tuck was developed specifically for revision tummy tuck or liposuction. abdominoplasty in iran is highly effective at correcting unsatisfactory outcomes of previous body contouring surgeries. However, you must be evaluated by one of our surgeons in order to assess whether or not you are a candidate.
      please send your photo and medical ducument in what’s app
      thank you.

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      hello sebastian
      You can perform revision tummy tuck in Iran.
      I give you a general overview of revision tummy tuck:
      Is a tummy tuck revision right for me?

      Excess fat – Excess fat after a tummy tuck often occurs when insufficient or no liposuction was performed during your procedure. This is the easiest complication to correct since liposuction of the abdomen is easily performed.
      A poor quality scar – This may occur when the scar does not heal properly, usually due to inadequate closing techniques from a previous surgeon. Depending on the scar and the surrounding laxity of the skin surrounding the closed incision, a variety of methods can be employed to correct this unwanted blemish.
      A scar located too high – When a previous procedure was poorly planned, it often results in over-excision of abdominal skin. This in turn creates a scar that is visible above the waistband of pants or a bathing suit. Too much residual skin – Conversely, a surgeon may be too conservative and leave an excess of abdominal skin. While the result is likely an improvement upon the original contours, this will leave a patient dissatisfied with his or her abdominal appearance.
      An unattractive belly button – A belly button that has a poor shape or a visible scar or is otherwise unattractive should be corrected. While the rest of a patient’s stomach may appear lean and fit, this is virtually nullified if the belly button is disfigured in some way.
      Pseudobursa – This occurs when two layers of scar tissue become separated by fluid and is often noticeable as a bulge or fullness above the horizontal incision of the tummy tuck.

      please send your photo on what’s app

  2. samanta romez says:


    My weight is 113 kg and I have to do knee replacement next year.
    My doctor says you should lower your weight by 30 kg. ?????
    I wanted to know how much weight I can loose with abdominoplasty?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      maximum extraction limit of 5,000 milliliters of fat (11 pounds) for all people.
      We will never recommend liposuction before knee replacement, be sure to consult your doctor. The best way to lose weight for you is to get the right diet.

  3. farryshanza says:

    Hi !
    After having 2 kids i am left with wrinkly ,baggy and streachmarked belly . No diets/exersice will change it .
    The only way to get rid of the extra skin and some streatchmarks is plastic surgery (Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty).
    I want it done abroad,want it done here in iran .
    I looked at many many websites,and its very expensive in u.k (£5000-£6000).
    Anyone knows where to get it done cheaper ?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Tummy tuck ( liposuction and excision to remove fat, plus a large excision of skin )costs can range from $3,000 to $12,000 in the world, depending on factors such as your geographic location, the surgeon and the scope of the treatment involved in the surgery.
      In general, tummy tuck cost includes three major fees: the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia fee and the facility fee.
      The cost for tummy tuck surgery differs across the globe. It is the highest in USA where it costs $9950 and significantly lower overseas in countries like Brazil ($4500) and Poland ($4200) and iran around $3000.

  4. malkom godrigerz says:

    Can a tummy tuck be done under local anesthesia?

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      I know you have reservations about general anesthesia, but it makes sense to consult with a few different plastic surgeons and speak to them and their anesthesiologist. At a minimum, I would recommend you be given at least local anesthesia and intravenous sedation during plastic surgery. Patient comfort is one of the biggest concerns during plastic surgery procedures, and your mini tummy tuck surgery is no exception.
      Depending on the procedure (and the individual), you could be looking at one hour to a few hours elapsed time. I don’t know if you’d really want to be awake during this time.

  5. Muhammad says:

    Hi, iran surgery

    I am after some advice, my mother in law is seriously considering having a tummy tuck in tehran iran. She has been for a consultation this week out there. She goes on holiday every year there and feels it’s safe to do it. I am seriously worried about infection of tummy tuck and liposuction, complications etc and my mother in law decided to going alone to have it done in tehran.
    Please could anyone give me advice ?

  6. Harry says:

    i am from london Uk

    Do I need general anesthesia for my tummy tuck surgery?

  7. ashley says:

    Does an abdominoplasty occur with anesthesia?

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